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A kind of soft, mild, creamy cheese with a firm white skin.
  1. 'Soft cheeses such as Brie, feta, and Camembert may have bacteria that can cause infections.'
  2. 'Along the same lines, how about combining garlic, figs and Brie?'
  3. 'It's not as soft as Brie, not as sharp as Bleu, and not as hard as Parmesan.'
  4. 'The fastest growing varieties include Gorgonzola or Asiago, goat cheese or Brie.'
  5. 'Avoid soft cheeses such as Brie, feta, Camembert, blue-veined and Mexican-style.'
  6. 'French ham and Brie with butter and honey mustard is five fat-filled bites of pure bliss.'
  7. 'He was too busy stuffing a frozen hen with Brie, Rockford, goat cheese and spinach.'
  8. 'Limit sugar cookies, martinis, Brie and crackers, pumpkin pie à la mode, etc., to one small serving.'
  9. 'Add the reserved butter and Brie and mix until well combined, about two minutes.'
  10. 'If you go for the higher-fat cheeses, like Brie or cheddar, just eat smaller portions.'

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1. a region in NE France, between the Seine and the Marne. Brie [bree] /bri/ Spell Syllables noun

1. a salted, white, soft cheese, ripened with bacterial action, originating in Brie.

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"beauforts can be brie."


(Brie)Named after Brie in northern France, where it was originally made.