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Pleasantly windy.
  1. 'Buy charcoal to take advantage of campsite grills, and bring a warm layer for evenings that can drop to a breezy 60 degrees.'
  2. 'We were still dazed from a horribly early start, in spite of the breezy boat ride.'
  3. 'But bring a jacket because it does tend to get breezy up there after dark.'
  4. 'One of the problems the group faces is that the Waterloo region isn't very breezy.'
  5. 'We pass into the protected anchorage between two postcard-perfect islands, all white sand and breezy palms.'
  6. 'In the main restaurant you can choose to dine in the cosy formal room or on the breezy balcony.'
  7. 'I mean, it was slightly windy and breezy a moment ago.'
  8. 'Summers at Valley Forge are miserably hot and sticky - not at all like the breezy cool of the Kenyan highlands.'
  9. '‘There's great waves, quite ferocious,’ said Scott in admiration of it's breezy climate.'
  10. 'But little did I know that this breezy, autumn day was to change my life forever…'
Appearing relaxed, informal, and cheerily brisk.
  1. '‘Look at me, child,’ came a breezy reply, the voice lulling and gentle.'
  2. 'Still, this is bright and breezy entertainment.'
  3. 'Her tone was breezy and carefree, pushing him towards the office door.'
  4. 'If her phrasing seemed breezy before, it's almost effortless on the new disc.'
  5. 'But it is nicely breezy and quite enjoyable to watch, made so largely by the performances.'
  6. 'Francis, with her breezy assurance and fabulous social-baritone voice, co-hosted the show.'
  7. 'The documentary offers more information, but the commentary is so fun and so breezy that it is tough to dismiss.'
  8. 'And, for the most part, they sound as fresh and breezy as they ever did.'
  9. 'Still, the film exhilarates and has the breezy hipster tone that these filmmakers are gradually perfecting.'
  10. 'It's a sloppy production, including neither an index nor a table of contents, and after a while his breezy style grates.'
  11. 'He showed a breezy confidence on stage, yucking up the funny lines and situations of the pieces he sang.'


1. abounding in breezes; windy.

2. fresh; sprightly: His breezy manner was half his charm.

More examples(as adjective)

"everythings can be breezy in/at/on mornings."

"analysts can be breezy about affairs."

"days can be breezy."

"manners can be breezy."

"evenings can be breezy."

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