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Pieces of grain husk separated from flour after milling.
  1. as modifier 'our regular morning bran cereal'
  2. 'Foods that contain insoluble fibers are wheat bran, whole grain products and vegetables.'
  3. 'Whole-wheat flour, wheat bran, nuts and many vegetables are good sources of insoluble fiber.'
  4. 'They also know a thing or two about ferulic acid, a natural antioxidant that's abundant in rice and oat bran.'
  5. 'In a food processor, mix together the butter, sugar, flours and bran flakes until well combined.'
  6. 'His company has developed a fast, non-destructive technique to measure the amount of bran in flour.'
  7. 'The authors were unable to find any research that indicates the digestibility of the fiber fraction of the rice bran.'
  8. 'Refined white flour is what's left after the nutrient-packed germ and bran are milled out of the wheat kernel.'
  9. 'But cereals made with whole wheat, oats or bran are as healthful as they are convenient.'
  10. 'This is followed by a mixture of rice with bran, jaggery, coconut shreds and cardamom.'
  11. 'Wheat bran and the skins of fruits and vegetables are sources of insoluble fiber.'

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1. the partly ground husk of wheat or other grain, separated from flour meal by sifting. verb (used with object), branned, branning.

2. to soak or boil in bran water, as in the tanning of hides.

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"prices can be bran."

"sources can be bran."

"silos can be bran."

"sellings can be bran."

"rangings can be bran."

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Middle English: from Old French, of unknown origin.