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Threads of silk, cotton, or other material woven into a decorative band for edging or trimming garments.
  1. count noun 'fancy braids'
  2. 'He was around 12 years old, a mop of blond hair and dressed like a Harrods bellboy in red outfit and gold braid.'
  3. 'A set of cheap white hand towels can be made unique by the addition of colored ribbon or braid sewn approximately 3 inches from each end.'
  4. 'Although the origin of the word is unknown, an inkle is a coloured tape or braid similar to the braids produced in tablet weaving.'
  5. 'As charming as he is savvy, Abu Hattem cuts a dashing figure, invariably dressed in immaculate robes covered by a thin brown cloak edged with gold braid.'
  6. 'Names that fit us like oversized coats, trimmed in seed pearls, gold braid, and the hides of baby seals.'
  7. 'Alongside her on the top deck of the Antarctic survey ship HMS Endurance, stood the Duke of Edinburgh in the uniform of Admiral of the Fleet, encrusted with gold braid.'
  8. 'She wears all black, except for a cap edged in gold braid.'
  9. 'There was a vivid contrast between the splendour of the gold braid and decoration of the uniform and the jagged holes from the bullet which took Nelson's life.'
  10. 'No one but Michael Jackson wears knee breeches and gold braid anymore.'
  11. 'For festive occasions, unmarried women wear small red felt caps adorned with gold braid, and married women don large white hats with starched wings.'
A length of hair made up of three or more interlaced strands.
  1. 'She styled the remaining hair into four-strand braids and then unbraided the ends to create wavy strands.'
  2. 'I wore the dress, white tights, black ankle boots and had my hair in braids.'
  3. 'Her veil off, Shouket wore her hennaed hair in a long braid.'
  4. 'She has black curly hair pulled back into a braid with loose strands pinned back with those bobby pin things.'
  5. 'She had strawberry blonde hair in twin braids, and had the most beautiful smile he'd ever seen.'
  6. 'It is ideal for natural textures (in loose states, not in braids, twists or locks) or overprocessed hair.'
  7. 'Senegalese sisters, eager to weave braids into the hair of women and men, spill from the salons.'
  8. 'A pleasant breeze came in blew strands of hair our of my braid.'
  9. 'She was tall and skinny, with her blonde hair in two braids on either side of her head.'
  10. 'Lately I've been wearing my hair in millions of braids or I'll take them out and wear the afro God gave me.'
  11. 'a flexible copper braid'
  12. 'Join the monofilament to the braid with back to back uni or grinner knots.'
  13. 'However, Grams found the hymn's ribbons extremely amusing and braided the long red ribbons into braids.'
  14. 'Place on a lightly greased baking sheet and braid loosely (you can do any other shape, but braids are traditional and pretty).'
  15. 'Silverskin garlic, often referred to as soft-neck garlic, stores incredibly well and is the type used for making garlic braids.'


Interlace three or more strands of (hair or other flexible material) to form a length.
  1. 'She continued in my hair, and by closing my eyes, I could almost imagine it was my mother behind me, braiding my hair as I used to wear it when I was young.'
  2. 'Chinese men were forced to braid their long hair into a queue or ‘pigtail’.'
  3. 'I fastened the chain in the back and ran a brush through my hair quickly, braiding the hairs at my temple back, and leaving the rest down.'
  4. 'I opened the door and she was sitting on her bed, braiding her hair.'
  5. 'Nevertheless, when she tells her story, many years later to one of her grandchildren, the freed Dessa Rose recalls her mother braiding her hair and her love for Kaine, events that precede the escape adventure.'
  6. 'When Margaret tried to braid her own hair, loose strands always refused to be captured, and made a halo around her pale face.'
  7. 'Begin braiding the hair by placing the left section over the right, right section over the left.'
  8. 'The hair was braided from temple to the crown, and then styled in a crisscross pattern.'
  9. 'The chief biological function of hair is - well, I'm told that it's complicated, but surely the function is not served by braiding hair or dying hair.'
  10. 'For certain festivals, e.g. Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, the challah may be rounded rather than braided.'
Edge or trim (a garment) with braid.
  1. 'If he'd played in that game he would have had his lone cap, tasselled and braided with the gold S v E.'
(of a river or stream) flow into shallow interconnected channels divided by deposited earth or alluvium.
  1. 'As you drive west toward the coast, seeps and springs in the ravines form small braided waterfalls, full of their own monsoon song.'
  2. 'The river has an open, braided nature on the road side, and you fish towards the beech forest lining the far bank.'
  3. 'Poorly organized, immature conglomerates of the Mae Rim Formation probably represent alternating debris flows, sheet-flood, and braided channel deposits.'
  4. 'A few hours below Luwire, the river began braiding again.'
  5. 'We are about to destroy one of the great braided rivers of New Zealand - possibly even the world.'
  6. 'This succession is interpreted as the aggradational deposits of meandering and braided, sandy and pebbly fluvial channels over floodplain muds and silts.'
  7. 'Compound cross-stratification is inferred to represent downcurrent-accreting fluvial bars such as those observed in braided rivers.'
  8. 'The year began for us with a big campaign to protect New Zealand's largest braided river from proposals to take away 73 percent of its water for 60 kilometres.'
  9. 'Miall interpreted horizontally bedded sand as braided river deposits formed either as plane beds in shallow water or during flood stage when plane beds may develop under upper flow regime conditions.'
  10. 'Large braided rivers can have 20 or more channels at any one location.'

More definitions

verb (used with object)

1. to weave together strips or strands of; plait: to braid the hair.

2. to form by such weaving: to braid a rope.

3. to bind or confine (the hair) with a band, ribbon, etc.

4. to trim with braid, as a garment.


5. a braided length or plait, especially of hair.

6. a hair style formed by interweaving three or more strands of hair.

7. a narrow, ropelike band formed by plaiting or weaving together several strands of silk, cotton, or other material, used a


Old English bregdan ‘make a sudden movement’, also ‘interweave’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch breien (verb).