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Say something in a boastful manner.
  1. no object 'they were bragging about how easy it had been'
  2. 'He bragged that the course which he claimed to be one of the best in the country, was in good shape and no excuse would be given by any golfer for failing to perform well.'
  3. 'The younger bragged he was on eight tablets a day for angina, but the other in his late seventies swallowed 40 for various aches and pains!'
  4. 'We bragged that, unlike the chemists, any physicist could teach any undergraduate physics course.'
  5. 'They bragged that they would introduce ‘innovation, creativity and private sector expertise’.'
  6. 'As a great hunter he bragged about his nighttime sharp shooting.'
  7. 'The screenplay was written in nine whole days, bragged the credits.'
  8. 'For some of his prints he bragged to have used as many as 300 hundred blocks.'
  9. 'Never before, brags Hamill, ‘have so many poets spoken in a single chorus.’'
  10. 'I welched on Grandfather and I'd always bragged I never welched on anybody.'
  11. 'People bragged about their impeccable references and newly renovated websites that would maximize their client base.'


A gambling card game which is a simplified form of poker.
  1. 'At a game of three card brag at work once, I had a prial of threes (top hand) and my opponent had a prial of aces (next highest).'
  2. 'We used to listen to heavy metal music together, and he used to win all my pocket money playing 5 card brag.'
A boastful statement.
  1. 'Two months more of big brags and felonious facts.'
  2. 'Again, I was left wondering where the Tenerife Uncovered of bar-room brags was.'
  3. '‘Girls I would like to speak to you in my room,’ - mom interrupted Penny's brags and we went up to mom's room.'
  4. 'From the time Run-D.M.C. proclaimed themselves the ‘kings of rock,’ hip-hop's house has been built on a foundation of brags and boasts.'


Excellent; first-rate.
  1. 'I kind of like having an outcross pedigree to all of the big "brag" bulls so I guess I don't have any incentive falsify the registration papers.'


1. to use boastful language; boast: He bragged endlessly about his high score. verb (used with object), bragged, bragging.

2. to boast of: He bragged that he had won. noun

3. a boast or vaunt.

4. a thing to boast of.

5. a boaster.

6. an old English card game similar to poker. adjective

7. Archaic. unusually fine; first-rate.

More examples(as adjective)

"lives can be brag."


Middle English (as an adjective in the sense ‘boastful’): of unknown origin ( French braguer is recorded only later).