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A knot tied with two loops and two loose ends, used especially for tying shoelaces and decorative ribbons.
  1. 'I picked up a wide blue ribbon, wound it around the ponytail, and tied it in a bow.'
  2. 'I waited until the puppies were weaned then I tied red bows around their necks, put them in a box and headed to Mrs. Rooney's home.'
  3. 'Hanging on a branch of the biggest pine are my socks, neatly tied in a bow, waiting to be discovered.'
  4. 'Next cut a length of narrow holiday ribbon to tie in a bow for the top of the package.'
  5. 'I love the little cream silk ribbon tied in a bow on the door handle to my bathroom.'
  6. 'He looks very jaunty, hands on hips, his cap pushed back on his head and his cap ribbon tied in a bow.'
  7. 'Pat was wearing a black spandex, long sleeved shirt with a thin thread tied in a bow, slipped in between two tiny holes underneath the neckline.'
  8. 'Gather the ribbon ends (make sure all are equal in length) and tie in a bow.'
  9. 'She wore a light blue dress with a white apron, and a ribbon, tied in a bow to match the color of her dress, hung gracefully in her hair.'
  10. 'I also had on black three-inch heels with straps that criss-crossed around my ankle and tied in a bow in the back.'
  11. 'On it lay a single purple ribbon tied in a bow: a hairpiece for a little girl.'
  12. 'The crowd whooped and cheered when Sliwa bedecked the hood ornament of the mayor's Lincoln with a big yellow bow.'
  13. 'One girl wore a brash pink silk dress, decorated with a giant bow.'
  14. 'Though the present is beautifully wrapped with bows and ribbons and shiny paper it is filled with a scratchy sweater with reindeer on the front.'
  15. 'Stiff and wooden perhaps, but there are always tiny surprises in Goya's portraits - like the little red bow tied to the dog's back leg.'
  16. 'She may also be wearing a small yellow ring decorated with bows.'
  17. 'Montgomery also will put up as many as six Christmas trees and decorate them with bows, ornaments and small photo frames.'
  18. 'Those are now hung to dry in the woodshed until it is time to bring them indoors, and use them, decked with huge scarlet bows, as Christmas decorations.'
  19. 'Inside the entire palace was decorated in red bows and green holly.'
  20. 'Purchase Christmas cards, wrapping paper, tissue, bows, ribbon and decorations for next year while they are on sale now.'
  21. 'You could also ‘wrap’ your front door or window with a bow and ribbon, and some packing tape.'
A weapon for shooting arrows, typically made of a curved piece of wood joined at both ends by a taut string.
  1. 'They stood in the trenches, weapons unsheathed and arrows nocked on bows.'
  2. 'We will also include a selection of ranged weapons such as bows, crossbows and slings.'
  3. 'Boys practice shooting bows and arrows at the age of three.'
  4. 'It's impossible to slouch with a solid three inch bow at your back, and the sandals require short steps.'
  5. 'Apart from her loosely held bow, she does not look well-equipped for the hunt.'
  6. 'His followers had matchlocks, spears, swords, bows and arrows.'
  7. 'He takes a handmade bow, loops the wire around a hardwood stick, and proceeds to saw back and forth.'
  8. 'Dawn drew her bow, nocking an arrow after she strung it.'
  9. 'She went into the woods with her bow and arrows and quickly found her prey.'
  10. 'Yet he did not spy any bows or arrows, javelins, or other weapons that could strike at a distance.'
A long, partially curved rod with horsehair stretched along its length, used for playing the violin and other stringed instruments.
  1. 'When the electric is used, it's played with a violin bow, which results in a sound I'm sure we could use to communicate with whales.'
  2. 'The bows of the cellos, violins and double-basses seem to caress your heart strings and not those of their instruments.'
  3. 'Tenenbaum, who just happened to have her violin, lifted her bow and began to play.'
  4. 'She watched his downcast face, as he rested the fine horsehair of his bow on his knee.'
  5. 'Many great players have publicly stated that they would rather play on a duff instrument with a great bow than a great instrument with a bad bow.'
  6. 'The stealer of the show was definitely Peers when he played his guitar like an upside-down guitar with a violin bow.'
  7. 'Here is a picture of James aged six, clearly more interested in the violin bow than in the dance.'
  8. 'Red opened up the case, grabbed the little tin soup can and set it out near him; he then took out the old bow and violin and began to play.'
  9. 'Several cultures drink mare's milk; and horse hair is used for violin bows, mattresses and lining for clothes.'
  10. 'The wood was similar to an East Indian variety called pau brasil, which was then popular in Europe for making cabinets and violin bows.'
  11. 'Rapid bowing, slow bows and staccato to bowing are reviewed, and exercises for each are prescribed.'
A curved stroke forming part of a letter (e.g. b, p).
  1. 'The letter D develops gradually the uncial form ... by lengthening the upper stroke of the bow.'
  2. 'The letter "B," even in its early stages, begins to lose the upper bow.'
A metal ring forming the handle of a key or pair of scissors.
  1. 'It’s obvious that bow scissors are suitable for delicate work.'
  2. 'Yarns of lengths between 3 and 5 mm were sampled with fine point tweezers and spring bow scissors ... from thread ends in damaged areas.'
  3. 'This hearing aid device has a body that can be attached to an eyeglasses bow has a channel therein for acceptance of a flexible eyeglasses bow end piece.'
  4. 'A pair of eyeglasses includes an elongated lens unit, a pair of connectors, and a pair of elongated bows.'


Play (a stringed instrument or music) using a bow.
  1. 'the mind can concentrate on finger action without worrying about bowing'
  2. 'I could see they were impressed with my first piece as I bowed the last note.'


Bend the head or upper part of the body as a sign of respect, greeting, or shame.
  1. with object 'she knelt and bowed her head'
  2. 'From a field, the horses observe the Statue of Liberty, and, indeed, they bow down before it.'
  3. 'It was customary when they finished, to bow as a sign of respect to their master.'
  4. 'Haman was furious with Mordecai, because Mordecai refused to bow down before him to show his respect.'
  5. 'Roland kissed the hand of the priest and rose to his people, and bowed to them in respect.'
  6. 'The figure bowed to show respect to the man and then stood straight up again.'
  7. 'The Human quickly bowed, as a sign of respect and kindness.'
  8. 'Make way heathens, and bow to your celestial overlords!'
  9. 'He took one final, loving look at his father's serene face and bowed in most profound respect to the body on the bier.'
  10. 'On the screen, the little girl bows her head slightly to accept her trophy.'
  11. 'He said he's had fans bow down before him, and shrugged off the hardships of playing the physically demanding part.'
  12. '‘You honour me,’ Sothos replied, bowing his head. ‘'
  13. 'Drake's head rose from its resting place, I bowed to show my respect to my own creator.'
  14. 'In his small webbed hands he held Spitz's helmet which Pax gently accepted bowing his thanks.'
  15. 'He was genuinely pleased with this marriage and so Lydia could do nothing, but bow her thanks.'
  16. 'The big retailers have no plans to bow this criticism, however.'
  17. 'She took his hands, and they bowed their heads together.'
Bend with age or under pressure.
  1. with object 'the creepers were bowed down with flowers'
  2. 'I did put out a quiver-tip, which rocked back and forth like a blade of grass bowing and stooping before the wind.'
  3. 'If your walls are bowed, bumpy or imperfect, you might be able to achieve a better finish by stripping them bare.'
  4. 'the government has bowed to pressure from farmers to increase compensation'
  5. 'Coming into the Olympics, the British sprinters' heads were bowed by the weight of their accusers and they ran as if carrying the cares of the world.'
  6. 'The Government has bowed to pressure for an inquiry into the foot-and-mouth disease crisis and admitted lessons have to be learned.'
  7. 'But how many are there who can hear debt knocking at his door, with no end in sight; bowed by pain and sorrow in his family; and still do the right thing?'
  8. 'Only a day earlier, she had reluctantly bowed to pressure from senior Congress Party members to accept the job.'
  9. 'Ministers have bowed to pressure by weakening a series of expensive regulations after protests from cash-strapped home owners.'
  10. 'But last week Britain, too, bowed to the pressure.'
  11. 'There followed a prolonged period of discussion on the subject before John finally bowed to pressure from the floor and agreed to stay on for one more year.'
  12. 'Before the Constitution all other laws and legislation bow.'
  13. 'But bowing your head against dark forces will only help them spread.'
  14. 'As Westerners bow down before multiculturalism, we anesthetize ourselves into believing that anything goes.'
  15. 'This fractured city, crow-branch black, is bowed with armies, bent and hungry, fed with air and black bread.'
  16. 'If I can't get it out of you, by God, I will take off my hat and bow down and kiss the feet of the one that can do it better.'
  17. 'In the meantime, we can only bow to the scorn of the multitude, and await the judgment of posterity.'
  18. 'Hindu temples have been attacked several times by gangs of Muslim youths, and he said they were not going to be bowed by the repeated attacks.'
  19. 'Late this afternoon, the fire department bowed to that pressure.'
(of a new film or product) be premiered or launched.
  1. 'the Pentium III bowed in early 1999'


An act of bending the head or upper body as a sign of respect or greeting.
  1. 'Sir Robin, clean-cut and the soul of discretion, gives a brief head bow and addresses the Queen as ‘Your Majesty’.'
  2. 'Davis looked up and gave a signal of approval, and after a quick bow, the pair of messengers was gone.'
  3. 'Tyrielle went into a deep bow, his waist length hair touching the floor slightly.'
  4. 'Chavez replied with a smile and a mock bow, just before he grabbed Pen's hands, swept her off her feet and carried her up into the air, screaming.'
  5. 'Then she smiled nicely, took a little bow, blew a kiss, and gave just the briefest, politest, friendliest pump of a fist.'
  6. 'As the skyline took a descending bow, we felt the surge of power riding the carriage to the top.'
  7. 'Karajan modestly confines himself to initial bows and a last curtain embellished with bouquets.'
  8. 'They also saluted him with a deep 45-degree bow in his honor.'
  9. 'He gave her a mock bow and pulled out a set of car keys from his pocket, ‘whatever you say, m'lady.’'
  10. '‘Thank you, sire,’ she said in a bow before trailing after the two scouts in silence.'

More definitions

1. to bend the knee or body or incline the head, as in reverence, submission, salutation, recognition, or acknowledgment.

2. to yield; submit: to bow to the inevitable.

3. to bend or curve downward; stoop: the pines bowed low. verb (used with object)

4. to bend or incline (the knee, body, or head) in worship, submission, respect, civility, agreement, etc.: He bowed his head to the crowd.

5. to cause to submit; subdue; crush.

6. to cause to stoop or inclin

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"currencies can be bow in/at/on dates."

"ties can be bow."

"valleys can be bow."

"outs can be bow."

"waves can be bow."

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(bow)Old English boga ‘bend, bow, arch’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch boog and German Bogen, also to bow.


bow and scrape
make one's bow
take a bow