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Large in quantity; abundant.
  1. 'Stick to natural, home-grown, and chemical-free products and you'll have a bountiful supply of healthful food choices.'
  2. 'We have learned through science and technology how to turn the bountiful resources of the earth into vast quantities of goods, enough to provide for all if we share.'
  3. 'They contested one county final in that time but had such a rich and bountiful supply of under-age talent that the senior team were regarded as underachievers.'
  4. 'While Chicago is mainly known for its rich Blues history, its place in America's bountiful Jazz heritage is sadly overlooked.'
  5. 'Maybe it's not too much to say that our delight also makes us repent of the ways we fail to share our bountiful and abundant food when many are starving.'
  6. 'Macrae uses them as a bulk ingredient, suggesting that he finds himself in the fortunate position of having a bountiful local supply.'
  7. 'There's an embarrassingly bountiful supply of good food in the kitchen.'
  8. 'But the draw there for Evan was the rich and bountiful entertainment industry.'
  9. 'The man had been wading in a river known for its bountiful fish supply.'
  10. 'Breakfast was, like all the meals, a leisurely affair taken from an overflowing buffet of fresh fruits or bountiful sausages, eggs and yes, home-cured bacon!'
  11. 'this bountiful God has thought of everything'
  12. 'He took nourishment from press conferences, where he was notably generous, but not bountiful enough to promise a match.'


1. liberal in bestowing gifts, favors, or bounties; munificent; generous.

2. abundant; ample: a bountiful supply.

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"everythings can be bountiful in worlds."

"crops can be bountiful for rains."

"harvests can be bountiful."

"supplies can be bountiful."

"yields can be bountiful."

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Early 16th century: from bounty + -ful.