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Covered by trees or bushes; wooded.
  1. 'It was a bosky place with mossy roots and green arches.'
  2. 'And now is the time of year for mouthwateringly light, aromatic white wines whose delicate verdant, floral flavours echo the first bosky scents and blooms of spring.'
  3. 'It all looks so 1980s, a bosky equivalent of the red braces and conspicuous-consumption Porsches and Ferraris.'
  4. 'A splash of black tea on the plate whose fabulously bosky flavour is in inverse proportion to its thinness.'
  5. 'Cities - especially grand metropolises in the making - are not meant to be bosky dells.'
  6. 'Wesselmann's roughly 2-by-3-foot graphite drawing of an uninhabited, full-frontal Volkswagen in a bosky landscape, Drawing for Landscape #2, recalls the confident hand of Rivers.'
  7. 'And so, remembering my beloved's birthplace, the bosky county of Kent, I came up with this.'
  8. 'Just a short walk across the bosky gardens of Sultan Ahmet Square is the renowned Blue Mosque, enchanting in its elegant symmetry and exquisite colour.'
  9. 'The place is stuffed with verdant vistas, mountain views, bosky dells, bubbling brooks and limpid lakes.'


1. covered with bushes, shrubs, and small trees; woody.

2. shady.

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"woods can be bosky."

"laps can be bosky."

"gardens can be bosky."

"dells can be bosky."

"banks can be bosky."

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Late 16th century: from Middle English bosk, variant of bush.