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Not interesting; tedious.
  1. 'This year's awards seemed particularly tedious and boring.'
  2. 'He is a wooden, boring, uninspiring, unconvincing orator, who completely lacked the common touch or any real ability to communicate with voters.'
  3. 'In Good Company takes its time to build up, with Paul Weitz's firm directorial grip ensuring that it is slow without being tedious or boring.'
  4. 'And the most frustratingly time-consuming and boring job, one which I really loath, is shaving.'
  5. 'But it was the same monotonous boring routine each day.'
  6. 'These jobs tend to be boring, repetitive, or physically hard.'
  7. 'Tired of boring old beige or grey peripherals for your computer?'
  8. 'He becomes obnoxious, repetitive, boring, tedious.'
  9. 'Looking for a way out of your boring and tedious job?'
  10. 'Australia is perhaps only weeks away from elections for a new federal government, yet we see the usual lacklustre, boring politics.'


1. causing or marked by boredom: a boring discussion; to have a boring time.

More examples(as adjective)

"tradings can be boring with people."

"markets can be boring in/at/on todays."

"situations can be boring in itselfs."

"places can be boring in comparisons."

"people can be boring in pubs."

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