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Of boron.
  1. 'Glass-forming substances are usually silica, boric oxide, phosphorous pentoxide, or feldspars.'
  2. 'Liberal sprinklings of boric powder help too!'
  3. 'In order to effect this reduction, much of the sodium oxide added as a flux is replaced by boric oxide and some of the lime by alumina.'
  4. 'I've decided camping above ground level is a far more reliable option than the usual deterrents of boric powder and kerosene.'
  5. 'To prevent the anti-sap stain, we used to put wood through the boric bath.'
  6. 'Boric oxide acts as a glass former and as a flux.'


1. of or containing boron; boracic.

More examples(as adjective)

"solutions can be boric."

"acids can be boric."

"buffers can be boric."