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A stupid person.
  1. 'I stood there like a booby for five minutes solid.'
  2. 'But you do rather wonder whether she won't get tired of someone who is either a tongue-tied booby or a rapier-twitching ‘rattle’.'
  3. 'No boobies, but more black neckties than I ever hope to see outside of a Blues Brothers film festival or a big ska revival.'
A large tropical seabird of the gannet family, with brown, black, or white plumage and brightly coloured feet.
  1. 'The gannet is the largest member of the unfortunately-named booby family and the most common on the Atlantic coast.'
  2. 'Perched on the back of the large booby, the small finch then sucks its blood.'
  3. 'For example, blue-footed booby and osprey nestlings fought more when hungry, but great egrets, blue herons and swallow-tailed kites did not.'
  4. 'The Pacific seabirds called brown boobies lay two eggs but hardly ever fledge more than one chick.'
  5. 'Boobies that nest on the ground, the masked gannet and the brown booby, are also found on remote cays of the Great Barrier Reef.'
  6. 'Even the egrets and boobies had a role to play and were rewarded by fish chunks, tossed and caught in mid-air.'
  7. 'Galapagos Penguins have been observed foraging with boobies, terns, and shearwaters.'
  8. 'My nervous dance consists of much weight-shifting and hand gestures similar to the mating dance of the blue-footed booby.'
  9. 'You'll witness the same panoramas of life that Darwin once did as you trek through blue-footed booby colonies and watch huge tortoises roam a raw lava landscape.'
  10. 'Later that day, we visit Middle Island to gape at thousands of boobies and frigatebirds returning to their roostings.'


A woman's breast.
  1. 'Well it is, but on the upside, you see a lot of these farmers driving around in gold Cadillacs and hanging around chicks with big boobies.'
  2. 'They trusted my judgment that there would be sunshine and boobies, basically.'
  3. 'I always thought those boobies should be labelled as a health hazard (warning - can poke you in the eye!'
  4. 'They are my boobies and I will not, I repeat, I will not, show them to you!'
  5. 'It's nice to know girls like to sing about boobies as much as guys.'
  6. 'And so were her perky boobies poking through a deliciously thin white top.'
  7. 'In other words, expect to see boobies, and lots of them.'
  8. 'Instead, I get a bunch of overweight, smelly computer geeks while the dance co-op gets girls with big boobies and guys with long willies.'
  9. 'This movie slinks across the screen with its pert boobies pointed at you from the first frame.'

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1. a stupid person; dunce.

2. a gannet of the genus Sula, having a bright bill, bright feet, or both: some are endangered.

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"traps can be booby."

"bombs can be booby."

"parcels can be booby."

"devices can be booby."

"cars can be booby."

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(booby)1930s: alteration of dialect bubby (see boob).