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Any of the pieces of hard whitish tissue making up the skeleton in humans and other vertebrates.
  1. 'a shoulder bone'
  2. 'Bone marrow is a spongy tissue inside certain bones of the body that produces blood cells.'
  3. 'In addition to the embryos and eye, the fossil find includes portions of a snout plus jawbones, skull bones, cheekbones, and teeth.'
  4. 'They tried to give her a bone marrow transplant but her bones rejected every bone tissue that was given to her.'
  5. 'When the eardrum vibrates, tiny bones within the middle ear transmit the sound signals to the inner ear.'
  6. 'These lesions may affect any organ system but most commonly occur in the skin, mucous membranes, and bones.'
  7. 'The spine is made up of many small bones called vertebrae.'
  8. 'There are no fish bones in Norse archeological remains, Diamond concludes, for the simple reason that the Norse didn't eat fish.'
  9. 'It gets even smaller if the bone and tissue around it grow.'
  10. 'Xrays easily pick out surgical tools and hard tissues such as bones.'
  11. 'The fact is, broken bones, or fractures, are common in childhood and often happen when kids are playing or participating in sports.'
  12. 'He lowered his aching bones to the floor after a harder day's work than he'd ever done.'
  13. 'Sighing, he pulled his weary bones to their feet and decided coffee was the best option.'
  14. 'The prefectural police told reporters the remains contained the bones of two persons.'
  15. 'A mile to the south, in the glen of the Allt nan Uamh, the bones of prehistoric man were found in a series of caves.'
  16. 'Rampaging Christian knights and soldiers remove the bones of St John Chrysostom and St Gregory Nazianzen.'
  17. 'Just ahead, in the wider section of the pass, the dried bones and carcasses of men and pack animals lay strewn about.'
  18. 'We are still unburying the bones, the remains, of the people who got killed.'
  19. 'In centuries past, graves would be exhumed, and any bones remaining would be collected and buried deeper down, thereby allowing fresh graves on top.'
  20. 'dogs yelping over a bone'
  21. 'What they actually think happened is that some animal had the bone in his or her burrow and just now decided to toss it.'
  22. 'I got him a package of big beef bones as a present, and he's been snacking quite happily on them every afternoon for the past few days.'
  23. 'With the bones of the pork chops, the shiitake mushrooms, and some left-over chicken stock, I also made a hot & sour soup.'
  24. 'It's easy to fillet and the bones make good stock.'
The calcified material of which bones consist.
  1. 'Fine details carved in boxwood, bone, ivory, brass and ebony.'
  2. 'A cheaper and readily available material which is often passed off as ivory is bone.'
  3. 'Chinese dominoes are longer than Western ones and are divided into two types and were originally carved from bone or ivory with the indented pips made of ebony.'
  4. 'Bears resorb their bone material during hibernation, but they constantly form new bone material as well.'
  5. 'The material would be gradually replaced by healthy, newly grown bone and blood vessels.'
  6. 'Ornaments and utensils in precious metals, bronze, bone and horn had also been uncovered.'
  7. 'The hilt was made of fine bone and ivory, carved into the shape of a dragon.'
  8. '‘Jacks date back to ancient Rome, when they were carved from ivory or bone,’ she says.'
  9. 'This involves the use of ivory, bone, and pieces of wood to create geometric patterns.'
  10. 'This canoe-style knife measures 3.75 inches long, and has bone handles.'
  11. 'The earliest example of European poetry about a stranded whale is an Anglo-Saxon inscription on a whale bone casket of about 700 AD.'
  12. 'Mining activity has been a constant source of bone and ivory artifacts over the last several decades.'
  13. 'A stylish box made from bone and accented in brass – both exotic and elegant.'
  14. 'Farthingales sells corset supplies including bone casing tape for corset bones.'
  15. 'No one is certain when or how bones came to be used to divine the future, cast spells, or influence the outcome of events.'
The basic or essential framework of something.
  1. 'The bill sets out only the very bare bones of the framework on which the criteria for the process will be hung.'
  2. 'Under the new law, the government is given the task of issuing at least 12 regulations to put meat on the bones of the law.'
  3. 'As it turned out, it wasn't much, but it was enough to put a few scraps of meat on the bones of my suspicions.'

proper noun

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    1. Anatomy, Zoology. one of the structures composing the skeleton of a vertebrate. the hard connective tissue forming the substance of the skeleton of most vertebrates, composed of a collagen-rich organic matrix impregnated with calcium, phosphate, and other minerals.

    2. such a structure from an edible animal, usually with meat adhering to it, as an article of food: Pea soup should be made with a ham bone.

    3. any of various similarly hard or structural animal substances, as ivory or

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    "structures can be bone."

    "sizes can be bone."

    "pains can be bone."

    "ornaments can be bone."

    "meals can be bone."

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    Old English bān, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch been and German Bein.


    bone of contention
    close to (or near) the bone
    cut (or pare) something to the bone
    have a bone to pick with someone
    in one's bones
    make no bones about
    make old bones
    not have a — bone in one's body
    off (or on) the bone
    on the bones of one's arse
    point the bone at
    throw someone a bone
    to the bone
    to one's bones (or to the bone)