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A thing used to tie something or to fasten things together.
  1. 'The country was always an unstable equilibrium, artificially held together by the iron bonds of an authoritarian and brutal regime.'
  2. 'I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons.'
  3. 'Her bonds were ropes on the hands, but her feet were chained together.'
  4. 'Then she took a tangle of rope, tied all their legs together, and wove a long cord through those bonds.'
  5. 'Rocking back and forth, he tightened every muscle in his body in an effort to break the bonds from the ropes.'
  6. 'Glumly, Ichiro nodded as he struggled with his iron bonds even though he knew they had been done too skillfully to let him escape.'
  7. 'Two soldiers marched forward and restrained her with alloy bonds as three others came forward to take her suit.'
  8. 'Ropes tightened against bonds with the swell of the sea.'
  9. 'He flung himself against his bonds, and the chains scraped across the stone with a rattle.'
  10. 'He said stressed-out lawyers and Inuit communities share a common bond.'
  11. 'I think there's a special bond of friendship that crosses party lines.'
  12. 'The unskilled workers' contacts were with people whose common bonds were social rather than industrial in nature.'
  13. 'Conversations and bursts of laughter were tossed on the wind bringing them together in a common bond.'
  14. 'So the question becomes, do we want these rising powers to be tied to us by bonds of mutual economic interest and shared prosperity?'
  15. 'He added that he hoped the boy's death would help bind the community together in a shared bond of grief.'
  16. 'The strange bond that we recognise as the human-animal bond has long been a subject of fascination to those who are not animal lovers.'
  17. 'He thought this gesture was a harbinger of the good old days when the Hindu and Muslim communities shared a special bond.'
  18. 'People who trust one another share a bond of faith and understanding.'
  19. 'If fans are pleased with the music they hear, they can provide feedback to works in progress, and form an emotional bond with the artist.'
An agreement with legal force.
  1. 'A term of the peace bond was that Mr. R.L. not have any contact with C.T. except as supervised by the Society.'
  2. 'There, as in many states, a defendant has to post a bond in order to appeal a trial court judgement.'
  3. 'They locate the Boy, but things are complicated when they learn a circus owner has an immigration bond that grants him legal custody of the kid.'
  4. 'Arsonists are responsible for many bushfires in the state and many Australians are unhappy about the penalties, which include bonds or light prison sentences.'
  5. 'Their bond is purely legal, familial, and time bound.'
  6. 'In Korean American communities, the marriage bond has in some ways become stronger than filial piety.'
  7. 'It is logical because it is a legal bond, supposedly proof to the world that two people are in love, like a big advert.'
  8. 'In came moral obligation bonds, in came lenient judges and cops, in came the most extravagant state government in the nation.'
  9. 'At the time of the calls, the accused was on a common law peace bond and was to have no contact with the complainant.'
  10. 'The contract is to be found in the terms of the Trust Deed and of the bonds.'
  11. 'Wisconsin will sell its portion of the next 25 years of payments to investors as bonds.'
  12. 'Upon repayment of the bond, the tribes will then make annual payments to the state until 2030, when the compact expires.'
  13. 'But in that event, in payment in full of the liability under the bond, the bank will have received 100% of that liability.'
  14. 'There are no options under a payment bond except to pay on default by the principal.'
  15. 'The numbers do not reflect the fact that the company is claiming some $244,000 in principal payment on bonds posted on this project.'
  16. 'Besides the modest income banks will receive in coupon payments on the bonds, banks have no other source of cash flow.'
  17. 'Chiquita has recently cut dividend payments on its bonds and is negotiating a restructuring plan with its bond holders.'
  18. 'Can they afford the interest payments on its convertible bonds?'
  19. 'He said the first payment that could be ‘problematic’ was a $2bn payment on its bonds due early next year.'
  20. 'The issuing city, county, or state bets that the borrowed money can be invested to earn more than the interest rate that the bonds must pay.'
  21. 'It is apparent from correspondence that a number of investment products labelled bonds have performed in a manner which has surprised their owners.'
  22. 'If the money comes up short, the government tries to issue bonds and get people to buy them.'
  23. 'The government might issue new bonds to encourage a rise in interest rates in the bond market.'
  24. 'Governments and corporations issue bonds when they need to raise money.'
  25. 'If a government, company or financial institution wants to borrow some money, one of its options is to issue a bond.'
  26. 'And the interest rates on Japanese government bonds - already very low - could also fall further.'
  27. 'Artists and cartoonists worked diligently to produce dozens of posters to exhort people to buy bonds, go without meat, and enlist in the army.'
  28. 'Typically, the security will be a bond, note, or other debt instrument.'
  29. 'Expected return on a stock is analogous to the interest rate on a bond.'
  30. 'Sparkes says the insurance bond was something very close to the workers' hearts.'
  31. 'When loans and bonds are imperfect substitutes on the balance sheets of banks, a rise of the interest rate resulting in a liquidity squeeze may reduce the amount of bank loans.'
  32. 'Insurance company capital-protected guaranteed equity bonds are life insurance-based and pay an amount of the increase in a specified stock market index.'
  33. 'He says the insurance bond provides deserved protection for employees who put a lot into the company.'
  34. 'He had to put up his truck against the bail bond, but there was just no way he was going to let them keep Blair in jail while he found the killer.'
  35. 'I am 25 years old, and I underwrite bonds for a Bail Bonds company in Swartz Creek, Michigan.'
  36. 'A Columbia University graduate, Rodriguez fell into bail bonds when he was looking to augment his salary from his printing business.'
  37. 'In order to do so, Jasper had to post a lien bond in the amount of $40,031.38 as security.'
  38. 'He pleaded not guilty to one count each of fraud, conspiracy and making false statements, before he was released on $10 million bond.'
  39. 'There was always bail bonds and second chances.'
  40. 'To get the men out on bail, Immigration demanded bonds as high as $50,000 for some of the men.'
  41. 'Very rarely do you get a bond or bail if the death penalty is being sought.'
  42. 'This caused the Plaintiffs to bring a motion to release the lien upon posting a bond.'
A strong force of attraction holding atoms together in a molecule or crystal, resulting from the sharing or transfer of electrons.
  1. 'Less energy is required to melt a solid than is needed to break the bonds in the molecules.'
  2. 'When water is in the form of ice, the water molecules are moving very slowly and form strong bonds.'
  3. 'Opposing this tendency is the covalent bond holding the HCl molecule together.'
  4. 'Molecules have a definite structure, but the electron bonds that hold the atoms together are not rigid: they jiggle and wiggle and twist and stretch.'
  5. 'To complete an octet, each oxygen must share two electrons in a covalent bond.'
  6. 'For example, electrons in a covalent bond are assigned to the more electronegative atom.'
  7. 'At the heart of these intermolecular interactions are weak bonds between a hydrogen atom on one water molecule and an oxygen atom on another.'
  8. 'With the exception of hydrogen (blessed with a single electron), an atom cannot use all its electrons to form bonds.'
  9. 'In hydrolysis these two ions are forced into the bond between the large molecules.'
  10. 'To overcome the bonds that are present between the sodium and chloride ions and the bonds that are present between the water molecules, energy is needed.'
A pattern in which bricks are laid in order to ensure the strength of the resulting structure.
  1. 'Like conventional bricks, adobes are laid in a running bond - an overlapping pattern - then mortared in place with adobe mud.'
  2. 'The job requires a master mason to set the first course, grout bond beams, and install and tension the post-tension tendons.'
  3. 'The walls of the pool enclosure are running bond brick with a three-brick corbel at the top of the parapet wall.'


Join or be joined securely to something else, especially by means of an adhesive substance, heat, or pressure.
  1. no object 'this material will bond well to stainless steel rods'
  2. 'The parts are made by pouring a glue and powered metal particles into a mold, heating it up so that the glue bonds the powdered metal, and then melts away.'
  3. 'Granulflex is a hydrocolloid dressing with a thin polyurethane foam sheet bonded onto a semipermeable film.'
  4. 'Silicone adhesive will bond the frame permanently to the mirror.'
  5. 'As the sheets are rolled with high pressure and heat, they bond to each other except in the areas where the graphite sits.'
  6. 'Today, joining aluminum is mainly fusion, resistance welding, and bonding.'
  7. 'We bonded them with an adhesive that cannot ever be destroyed.'
  8. 'Is the lower heat able to effectively bond the metals, or is welding the only option?'
  9. 'When using adhesive to bond seams, don't insulate pipes while they are hot, and wait 36 hours before circulating hot water.'
  10. 'The first step is usually the application of a bond coat - simply applying the undiluted polymer bonding agent liberally to the surface of the existing material.'
  11. 'The first metal bonding adhesive was developed by Nicholas de Bruyne in 1941.'
  12. 'the failure to properly bond with their children'
  13. 'They do not have the time to socialise and bond with family members, neighbours and friends.'
  14. 'We all like people to treat us well, to acknowledge us, to talk to us, to bond with us.'
  15. 'The horses also help campers bond with your camp.'
  16. 'And while the rest of the world is doing away with cooking, Latinos see it as a key time to bond with families.'
  17. 'Here we see Harry - who once ran and hid from the relationship - actively create more opportunities to bond with Mary.'
  18. 'But victories over Turkey, Belgium, Sweden, Romania and Holland served as an adhesive, bonding the players as never before.'
  19. 'Quinn told her husband she was going away with William to have time to bond with him.'
  20. 'In addition to health benefits, it is argued that suckling provides the kind of skin to skin contact that babies need to bond with mothers.'
  21. 'You don't bond to others easily, but when you do it's long-lasting.'
  22. 'Paternity leave is defined as a period of leave from employment which enables fathers to bond with the mother and newborn child.'
  23. 'You expect to bond with your baby but do not really know what this means, it is hard to explain.'
Join or be joined by a chemical bond.
  1. 'Below this threshold, minerals occur as silicates, in that they are chemically bonded to silica.'
  2. 'According to this structure, every water molecule is bonded to the surface, rather than half of them.'
  3. 'The sodium is bonded to the hydroxide part of the compound with an ionic bond.'
  4. 'For example, companies bond an acetate or succinate molecule to Vitamin E to stabilize it.'
  5. 'Silicon and carbon are perfectly happy to bond on the molecular level.'
  6. 'So when a jam mixture cools, the chainlike pectin molecules bond to form a network, holding the sugar solution and fruit pulp in what appears to be a solid mass.'
  7. 'Scientists came up with the name because the compounds have many carbon atoms bonded to hydroxide groups.'
  8. 'Complex ions are ions that have a molecular structure consisting of a central atom bonded to other atoms by coordinate covalent bonds.'
  9. 'The result are bond angles of approximately 120° for the three atoms bonded to each of the alkene carbons.'
  10. 'This destruction of molecules allows the free oxygen atoms to bond with other oxygen molecules and form more ozone.'
Lay (bricks) in an overlapping pattern so as to form a strong structure.
  1. 'The projecting bastions are drum-shaped, built of stone laced with horizontal bonding courses of red tile.'
  2. 'An ingenious pattern of brickwork bonding was adopted to ensure satisfactory composite action.'
Place (dutiable goods) in bond.
  1. 'Both States had huge, irresponsible tax cuts which they paid for in part by bonding and borrowing.'
  2. 'I speak specifically of lenders, bonding companies, etc.'
  3. 'Joint guarantee provided by several bonding companies are allowed.'

More definitions

1. something that binds, fastens, confines, or holds together.

2. a cord, rope, band, or ligament.

3. something that binds a person or persons to a certain circumstance or line of behavior: the bond of matrimony.

4. something, as an agreement or friendship, that unites individuals or peoples into a group; covenant: the bond between nations.

5. binding security; firm assurance: My word is my bond.

6. a sealed instrument under which a person, corporation, or government guarante

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"stgs can be bond into shares."

"samurais can be bond at organizations."

"people can be bond with players."

"people can be bond in services."

"marks can be bond in/at/on weeks."

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(bond)Middle English: variant of band.


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