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An unexpected and surprising event, especially an unpleasant one.
  1. 'Bosses dropped a bombshell on employees just weeks before Christmas, announcing the company would shut because it was trading at a loss.'
  2. 'A month later, bosses dropped a bombshell by announcing that the factory was too old and would have to close, with the loss of 500 jobs.'
  3. 'Then Dave dropped a bombshell - he quit calling and started seeing another girl.'
  4. 'The publication in November 2001 triggered the anticipated bombshell.'
  5. 'These recommendations are not bombshells; they are mostly common sense.'
  6. 'The Yorkshire captain has dropped a bombshell by announcing his retirement from first class cricket.'
  7. 'I move on to the projections that were released as something of a bombshell last week.'
  8. 'Almost as soon as the train departed, the conductor dropped a bombshell.'
  9. 'Last Wednesday the Minister for Social Development and Employment dropped a bombshell on the horizon.'
  10. 'So you can imagine their shock when just minutes after their daughter Harriet was born doctors dropped a bombshell.'
A very attractive woman.
  1. 'The hockey star seemed a little overprotective of his blonde bombshell, going so far as to give an autograph seeker the evil eye and a few choice words.'
  2. 'Rhos of course, wore only black, being the blonde bombshell she was.'
  3. 'She is the object of their often distracted attentions, a blonde bombshell and all-around American girl.'
  4. 'Later on, photographers caught up with her again, and the blonde bombshell loudly declared, ‘I love New York!’'
  5. 'It's the blonde bombshell's battle for big bucks.'
  6. 'Naomi smiled and the blonde bombshell snootily followed her, without giving a backward glance.'
  7. 'One of them looked up at the approaching sight of the blonde bombshell in a short skirt and black leather jacket wrapped tight around her very arousing figure.'
  8. 'While keeping an eye on Marilyn Monroe (whom Sinatra had put up at one of his LA pads), Jacobs is propositioned by the the blonde bombshell.'
  9. 'The blonde bombshell picked up the wriggling puppy and folded him under her arm.'
  10. 'Her treatment of the role was Marilyn Monroe to the core, except Louise has a far better voice than the blonde bombshell.'
An artillery shell.
  1. 'V-Day went past this year leaving a huge hangover of love, friendship, sentiment and a few bullets and bombshells as well, that spilled all over the city screens.'

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1. a bomb.

2. something or someone having a sudden and sensational effect: The news of his resignation was a bombshell.

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"abuses can be bombshells."