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A bar that slides into a socket to fasten a door or window.
  1. 'Crossing to the door, she threw the top and bottom bolts, lifted the door latch and shoved against the heavy oak door.'
  2. 'We quickly unload cases, leave them with our bags and personal belongings in the store room and lock the door with the sliding bolt and padlock.'
  3. 'The footsteps retreated quickly from inside her cell, the door clanging shut and the bolt scraped across the metal, signaling the door was locked.'
  4. 'There are old people in the town who are frightened and have three or four bolts on the door.'
  5. 'I was only awakened by the sound of someone fiddling with the bolt on the door.'
  6. 'The bolt noisily slid away, and they opened the door.'
  7. 'He reached through the hole in the door and slid the bolt on the inside.'
  8. 'The large sash windows of his 100-year-old home were fitted with bolts, and a mortise lock and a spy hole were fitted in his front door.'
  9. 'To reduce the risk of wandering, put a slide bolt high on every door that leads to the outside or to a stairwell, or use a deadbolt that requires a key.'
  10. 'The bolt on the door squeaked open and the knob turned.'
  11. 'Use only non-corrosive nails, bolts and screws to prevent staining.'
  12. 'The protesters refused to disperse, and apparently some started throwing metal bolts and blocks of wood at the police.'
  13. 'A good toolbox has lots of trays designed to hold all those odd bits of hardware, such as screws and bolts, washers, nuts, and nails.'
  14. 'Titanium can be joined to itself or dissimilar metals with titanium bolts or with cadmium-plated steel bolts.'
  15. 'The vet put a series of metal splints and bolts in place.'
  16. 'The remaining bolts which held the rail to the metal stakes creaked and groaned with the strain.'
  17. 'It is much simpler to loosen the two bolts and change machines instead.'
  18. 'It took workers 53,000 hours and 27,000 bolts and rivets to put it back together.'
  19. 'At one stage in his career he had metal plates in both knees, 28 screws in his legs and a bolt in his left wrist.'
  20. 'As a child, Gail had undergone treatment that involved having metal bolts and screws inserted through her skull and spine.'
  21. 'I worked the bolt, feeling the mechanism glide smoothly and lock into place with a well-machined snick.'
  22. 'He slid the bolt back on top of his rifle allowing the first bullet to rest in the chamber.'
  23. 'Then he slid the bolt home, engaged the chamber by sliding a metal lever forward, and propped the weapon on the window ledge.'
  24. 'I store my ammo locked up separately from my weapons, I have trigger locks, and keep the bolts or firing pins out of my guns when stored.'
  25. 'He pulled back the bolt of the rifle with a sharp snap to ready it.'
  26. 'He moved a hand guardedly down toward the bolt on his rifle.'
  27. 'Inserting the next magazine, I was confounded when the bolt merely slid over the top round.'
  28. 'Determined not to let it ruin my trip, I ended up getting really good at using my left hand for climbing, and hammering in bolts and pitons.'
  29. 'The climb was a simple lead to a bolt where we set up a tope rope.'
A short, heavy arrow shot from a crossbow.
  1. 'A goose miraculously survived when two bolts fired from a crossbow went through its neck.'
  2. 'I slow motion I saw the crossbow bolt hit her in the chest, sinking in.'
  3. 'The bolt left the crossbow with amazing velocity, striking the target with near-perfect accuracy.'
  4. 'He let the bolt of the crossbow go without a second thought.'
  5. 'He was hit with a bolt from the crossbow and then struck a number of times across the back of the head.'
  6. 'A crossbow bolt and a ball of flame shot into the guards at the gate.'
  7. 'I rubbed the thin, pale scar on my arm where the crossbow bolt had grazed me.'
  8. 'Jonathan pulled out the shaft of the crossbow bolt, leaving the tip still embedded.'
  9. 'Crossbow bolts and arrows passed like clouds across the face of the sun.'
  10. 'Once Richard had been felled by a bolt from a crossbow, Philip began to enjoy success on the battlefield.'
A jagged white flash of lightning.
  1. 'Neighbours looked on in horror as a bolt of lightning hit the rear of a block of flats.'
  2. 'Suddenly, out of the sky, a bolt of lightning flashed down at the travelers.'
  3. 'A bolt of lightning hit his house earlier this month and damaged most of the electrical equipment inside.'
  4. 'A lightning bolt struck outside the window, shedding some light on the empty bed before him.'
  5. 'She saw a flash of blue as a bolt of lightning struck the awning outside the shop.'
  6. 'The heritage railway is now faced with the task of replacing all of the electrical items in the station, which were frazzled by the bolt of lightning.'
  7. 'The boy was doing homework on his computer when a bolt of lightning struck him on the back.'
  8. 'A small bolt of lightning flashes, and the thunder follows soon after.'
  9. 'A bolt of lightning flashed across the horizon and lit the sky.'
  10. 'Some of the more spectacular and scary displays of lightning feature forked lightning bolts.'


Fasten (a door or window) with a bar that slides into a socket.
  1. 'The man came back for a second time and they pushed him out again and bolted the door.'
  2. 'Despite the lack of room, the crew forced everyone down below and then bolted the hatch.'
  3. '‘Wait, I must search the house,’ said the old man, and left, bolting the door behind him.'
  4. 'Chains are wrapped across the inside of his door and all the windows are bolted shut.'
  5. 'In a panic, my father bolted the door and shut all the windows.'
  6. 'As she stood in the room, all was silent, except for the quiet breathing from everyone, and the sound of the door being bolted shut.'
  7. 'He watched as guards locked and bolted the heavy door to the strongroom where the cargo from the wreck had been stacked.'
  8. 'He did not hear the quiet motion of the door being bolted.'
  9. 'That night, she made sure to double check the locks on all the windows and bolt the door.'
  10. 'He managed to get his colleague to go into the back room and bolt the door, so that she was safe, and then, while the robber was not looking, triggered the call for the police.'
  11. 'As soon as I closed the door behind myself, there was a resounding clunk, as the door was bolted shut.'
  12. 'the lid was bolted down'
  13. 'We also wanted to make it cyclone proof, so John came up with a unique fixing system to bolt the panel to the slab.'
  14. 'When police arrived they found that they had stolen the internal cash machine, which had been bolted to the floor.'
  15. 'He had wanted to bolt it onto a lamppost, but council planning officers refused permission.'
  16. 'With the bike upside down, clamp the top of the seatpost into a large bench vise that is bolted to a very secure workbench.'
  17. 'Four headlamps would never really take off until Audi bolted them to the front of their Quattro rally car in 1980.'
  18. 'Some car companies have been bolting them on for years.'
  19. 'The track was bolted to the ceiling.'
  20. 'The scissors component was added, the platform was bolted on.'
  21. 'Instead of bolting the binding to the top of the ski, the binding is attached through the middle of the ski from the sides.'
  22. 'The frame is securely bolted to the workshop floor.'

More definitions

1. a movable bar or rod that when slid into a socket fastens a door, gate, etc.

2. the part of a lock that is shot from and drawn back into the case, as by the action of the key.

3. any of several types of strong fastening rods, pins, or screws, usually threaded to receive a nut.

4. a sudden dash, run, flight, or escape.

5. a sudden desertion from a meeting, political party, social movement, etc.

6. a length of woven goods, especially as it comes on a roll from the loom.

7. a roll of

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(bolt)Old English, ‘arrow’, of unknown origin; related to Dutch bout and German Bolzen ‘arrow, bolt for a door’.


a bolt from (or out of) the blue
bolt upright
have shot one's bolt