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Not genuine or true (used in a disapproving manner when deception has been attempted)
  1. 'Genuine refugees should then be welcomed and supported while the bogus are sent back.'
  2. 'And we exposed him as being prepared to offer help to an apparent bogus asylum seeker.'
  3. 'Conmen are attempting to make people cough up bogus traffic fines after they return from trips abroad.'
  4. 'Elderly people are being warned to beware of bogus callers following an attempted burglary in Sutton.'
  5. 'A pensioner has been conned into handing over his life savings to bogus workmen.'
  6. 'We filter all the e-mails in the evening to verify whether any bogus votes are cast.'
  7. 'A bogus bailiff is conning youngsters out of their hard earned pocket money, it was claimed today.'
  8. 'She used four fictitious names on bogus loan applications to her company and pocketed the proceeds.'
  9. 'The government has already begun a crackdown on bogus foreign language courses and sham marriages.'
  10. 'John Sweeney, in a TV documentary to be shown tonight, says the figures are bogus.'


1. not genuine; counterfeit; spurious; sham. noun

2. Printing, Journalism. matter set, by union requirement, by a compositor and later discarded, duplicating the text of an advertisement for which a plate has been supplied or type set by another publisher.

More examples(as adjective)

"names can be bogus to people."

"disputes can be bogus from starts."

"schemes can be bogus."

"claims can be bogus."

"seekers can be bogus."

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Late 18th century (originally US, denoting a machine for making counterfeit money): of unknown origin.