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A score of one stroke over par at a hole.
  1. 'She fell three behind after 10 holes before Bob Mucha wobbled to three bogeys and a double bogey over the final six holes.'
  2. 'Stuart Appleby struggled on the home stretch, registering three bogeys in four holes before an out-of-bounds drive on the last cost him three points.'
  3. 'When you're trying to break 100 for the first time, a bogey is a great score, and it should be your goal.'
  4. 'But a bogey on that hole meant all I needed on the par - 4 18th was a 5 and I would break 90.'
  5. 'Having had a poor run of three bogeys in four holes from the seventh, she had the consolation of a strong finish.'
  6. 'His round included two birdies, four bogeys, a double-bogey and a triple-bogey.'
  7. 'He played an inconsistent round comprising six birdies, two bogeys and a double bogey.'
  8. 'Three bogeys in four holes from the ninth saw him subside to five-under-par for the tournament, which is where he finished.'
  9. 'McGinley had been in touch with the leaders since day one but two bogeys and a double bogey in four holes proved his undoing.'
  10. 'But his round fell apart when he carded a double bogey on the 15th and a bogey on the final hole.'
  11. 'with a handicap of 17, Jones receives an allowance against bogey of 13 strokes'


Play (a hole) in one stroke over par.
  1. 'Evans, who missed out on last year's play-off by bogeying the final hole at Muirfield, took full advantage of his favourable early start to finish with a level par 71.'
  2. 'She bogeyed her third hole of the day, then birdied seven of her final 13 holes.'


An act of swimming or bathing.

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    1. Golf. a score of one stroke over par on a hole. par1 (def 3).

    2. bogy1 (defs 1–3).

    3. Also, bogy, bogie. Military. an unidentified aircraft or missile, especially one detected as a blip on a radar screen.

    4. bogie1 . verb (used with object), bogeyed, bogeying.

    5. Golf. to make a bogey on (a hole): Arnold Palmer bogeyed the 18th hole.

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    "birdies can be bogeys."

    "putts can be bogeys."

    "people can be bogeys."

    "pars can be bogeys."

    "nos can be bogeys."

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    (bogey)Mid 19th century: from Dharuk bu-gi ‘to swim’.