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The physical structure, including the bones, flesh, and organs, of a person or an animal.
  1. 'Their physical bodies and ethical convictions were put to the test on a daily basis.'
  2. 'It most often affects the brain and liver, but it can hurt all organs of the body.'
  3. 'The western medical model tells us that the body consists of organ and hormonal systems.'
  4. 'The dry period is an important opportunity for the animal to recharge her body reserves prior to calving.'
  5. 'We're basically conditioning our physical bodies to run with our spirits when we cast away the mundane and fly into the world of ritual.'
  6. 'It can also occur as a normal response to a low body temperature caused by exposure to the cold.'
  7. 'This network has been borrowed many times in the course of evolution to build new structures in animal bodies.'
  8. 'This type of lung cancer grows more quickly and is more likely to spread to other organs in the body.'
  9. 'Forensic anthropology is primarily concerned with identifying bodies through examining their bones and any flesh that remains.'
  10. 'The only reason dragons could kill these creatures was because they do have physical bodies, and that body can be slain.'
  11. 'the blow almost severed his head from his body'
  12. 'Soon, we were all laughing until we collapsed on the sun warmed wood of the old dock, limbs and bodies piled haphazardly on each other.'
  13. 'Small rodents with cylindrical bodies and short limbs, adapted for burrow-living.'
  14. 'This almost always involves shooting the offender in the trunk of the body!'
  15. 'They are in fact hacked apart: heads without bodies, horses without legs and hooves and dismembered riders.'
  16. 'Her arms suddenly locked his limbs to her body, and she pointed a gun straight at his temple.'
  17. 'The entire body and limbs were covered with a thick fine hair or wool curling tightly to the skin.'
  18. 'Occasionally heads sit oddly on their bodies, and swollen limbs meet their trunks awkwardly.'
  19. 'The three continued to entangle themselves, and at times appeared literally as a pile of limbs and bodies constantly churning.'
  20. 'In order to make her man happy, the mermaid has false limbs attached to her body which render her unable to swim.'
  21. 'There were bodies that were broken and burnt; bodies with missing limbs.'
  22. 'I realized today that, all week, I've been referring to the dead I've seen as bodies and corpses.'
  23. 'The blood from the dead vampires had been washed away and the bodies were no where to be seen.'
  24. 'Last March, near the south coast of England town of Eastbourne, a body washed ashore.'
  25. 'He emphasizes that their dead bodies, their corpses, will fall in the wilderness.'
  26. 'They ran over the dead grass, now strewn with dead bodies and corpses.'
  27. 'Her body washed up on a beach 20 miles away from Nazare last Saturday and a funeral was held last Wednesday.'
  28. 'One of the bodies washed on to the shore was that of Arthur Ball.'
  29. 'He wraps her in a sheet like a corpse and carries her body to the abandoned abbey near the manor.'
  30. 'Behind him, she hopped from corpse to corpse, looting the bodies.'
  31. 'Rhea untangled herself from the arms of the headless body and pushed the corpse aside.'
  32. 'we're together in body and spirit'
  33. 'Very much there in body and spirit will be the security services from all over the world.'
  34. 'It must be utilised to indulge in something that is good for body, mind and spirit.'
  35. 'Holistic health care is a perfect technique for the nourishment of mind, body and spirit.'
  36. 'The prolonged suffering of the Irish peasantry had broken the survivors in body and spirit.'
  37. 'Shouldn't they be allowed to legally tie themselves together as well as in spirit and body?'
  38. 'She is ready in body, mind and soul for the moment her meteorologists tell her the time is right.'
  39. 'The teachings show that our spirit and body are infinitely connected to all the things around us.'
  40. 'It taught me how to work always to bring mind and body and spirit together and the beauty of music.'
  41. 'We offer ourselves to you in body, mind and spirit - for your service and the service of our country.'
  42. 'I watched his friends carry him up Wembley Way, determined he should get there in body if not in spirit.'
  43. 'Finally we might be able to explore our thoughts, our desires, our bodies, and be open about it too.'
  44. 'a motherly body'
The main section of a motor vehicle or aircraft.
  1. 'the body of the aircraft was filled with smoke'
  2. 'I saw a portion of the engine and the wing separate from the main body of the aircraft.'
  3. 'The designs in question were designs for spare parts for cars, including body panels.'
  4. 'One car has a little bit different style body than the other car.'
  5. 'However, within the Faraday cage of a Peugeot 307 car body, it doesn't perform.'
The main or central part of something, especially a building or text.
  1. 'Most fossil crinoids have the main visceral body raised above the sea floor by a stem, also called a stalk or column.'
  2. 'The main body is made from silk and then the mosquito nets are pleated and ruched over the top.'
  3. 'In many cases more detailed descriptions are to be found in the body of the text.'
  4. 'An online version of the print article may include only the text from the body of the article.'
  5. 'As indicated in the main body of the text Schedule 4 of the Competition Act 1998 is to be repealed.'
  6. 'But you can't tackle that without bringing people into the body of the main culture.'
  7. 'The board apologised for the error, but added the instructions were correct further on in the main body of the text.'
  8. 'Does the main body of text immediately follow the title, or does it begin on the next page?'
  9. 'If it is possible to include the appropriate text in the body of the e-mail message itself, great.'
  10. 'The main body of the house had been gutted, but the pavilions remained intact.'
  11. 'put your name, address, and daytime phone number in the email's body'
  12. 'Although the body of your email takes second place to its colorful and exciting subject line, you should still spend a significant amount of effort writing and working on it.'
  13. 'No attachments need to be opened to start the virus spreading, only the email itself - the code is embedded in the body of the email.'
  14. 'Submit your materials as plain text (ASCII) or in rich text format in the body of an e-mail message.'
A large amount or collection of something.
  1. 'large bodies of seawater'
  2. 'With Horace the body of criticism is a veritable totem pole whose foundation goes back to ancient times.'
  3. 'There are some which have a general and almost constant operation upon the collective bodies of society.'
  4. 'The collection of such large bodies of data limits the social and biological variables that can be recorded.'
  5. 'Anyway if you regard the body of work on the album ignoring the College Dropout theme this album is way ahead of the pack.'
  6. 'However, a healthy body of evidence would appear to contradict my assertion.'
  7. 'The Troumassee river once existed as a significant body of water with an abundance of aquatic life.'
  8. 'It's clear that it would a strategic body of water to block, but why is it apparently so easy to do it?'
  9. 'These are examples of a growing body of research that suggests humans have an affinity towards nature.'
  10. 'We will face the shadow side of American power by examining the growing body of evidence for cover-up and complicity.'
  11. 'I admit I respect his body of work but every now and then I'll send him an e-mail just to wind him up.'
  12. 'international bodies of experts'
  13. 'Disputes arise from time to time between state education authorities and religious bodies because of the desire of the latter to have their own schools within the state system.'
  14. 'Once upon a time you could negotiate but now it seems some sort of ruling body covers all the cars at Don Muang.'
  15. 'And I even think that it is only from a body of good followers that good leaders are likely to arise.'
  16. 'He holds positions in five public bodies and organisations, and owns a flat in Sha Tin held under his wife's name.'
  17. 'Most medical bodies apart from the BMA are underresourced and naive when it comes to public relations.'
  18. 'A major distinguishing characteristic of advisory bodies is their independence.'
  19. 'Affinity groups form the basic decision-making bodies of mass actions.'
  20. 'Meanwhile, the two main farm bodies are to meet with the banks and finance companies to discuss the impact of the severe weather on farmers.'
  21. 'Public bodies, apart from the council, which support them do so on the basis they will continue as community groups.'
  22. 'The principal bodies will be examined in Chapter 5, with a particular focus on the main treaty-monitoring bodies.'
A material object.
  1. 'The laws predict the mutual force between all bodies of mass, but they cannot explain that force.'
  2. 'At this point Aristotle observes that substances - material bodies - are in a sense composite.'
  3. 'Apples fall to the ground; so do material objects and unsupported bodies.'
A full or substantial quality of flavour in wine.
  1. 'They describe the teas in terms of light, medium, and full body as well as in terms of taste.'
  2. 'But it's the structure and body of this wine that really make it stand out.'
  3. 'Hallmarks of quality are fullness of body, balance of acidity, and persistence of flavour.'
  4. 'The wine itself is rather fuller in body and more alcoholic than Chianti, reflecting its warmer production zone.'
  5. 'It will also remove a great deal of the fullness and the body from the hair giving it a sleeker look.'
A woman's close-fitting stretch garment for the upper body, fastening at the crotch.
    (in pottery) a clay used for making the main part of ceramic ware, as distinct from a glaze.
    1. 'The ceramics section has dealt with processes for clay body formulation for various uses.'


    Give material form to something abstract.
    1. 'Looking out over the city I could contain it all, contain it and body it forth.'
    2. 'This amounts to reading lines - not bodying them forth, as Actors do, but simply intoning them.'
    3. 'In the novel or drama, the writer is able not only to enact his visions of life in the imagination, but, by bodying them forth in external words and acts, to possess them for reflection.'
    4. 'Actors body it forth, personify, animate, amplify, isolate and expand gestures, emotions, exclamations, revelations and silences.'
    5. 'The men and cows, the hens, horses and sheep are of the selfsame order as those which the American school boy draws upon his slate, but there is abundant evidence of close observation, of a humor far keener and broader than the power of expression which bodies it forth.'
    6. 'In the triple pun, ` And there, the Matter ends,’ the fictive ` I’ experiences a new death by losing his soul as well as his identity in the depths of despair, the curtain is rung down on the bad dream along with all the legal theatricalities that bodied it forth, and the poem destroys itself in a tour de force.'
    7. 'Matter exists only spiritually and to represent some idea, and body it forth.'
    8. 'But the experience of writing about and depicting these dramatic incidents is at least as important as their origins, because the novelist bodies them forth, comments upon them, reacts to them; he learns for them and gives them both form and meaning, rather like, in a simpler way, expressing words in anger sometimes relives feelings and sometimes exacerbates them.'
    Build the bodywork of (a motor vehicle)
    1. 'Meanwhile, the 10,000 hp, jet powered, saloon bodied car, Fireforce will make a return appearance at the base.'
    2. 'This was a most notable motorcar and was the first fibreglass bodied car.'
    3. 'Last week I wrote about a wicker bodied car made in Europe in 1924.'
    4. 'There was a wicker bodied car made in Europe in 1924.'
    5. 'The Vanquish and DB9 are sports coupés of roughly the same size, both aluminium bodied and powered by the same 5.9 litre V12 engine.'
    6. 'It is a hand-built fiberglass bodied proof-of-concept car, designed to signal DC's intended production methods.'

    More definitions

    1. the physical structure and material substance of an animal or plant, living or dead.

    2. a corpse; carcass.

    3. the trunk or main mass of a thing: the body of a tree.

    4. Anatomy, Zoology. the physical structure of a human being or animal, not including the head, limbs, and tail; trunk; torso.

    5. Architecture. the principal mass of a building.

    6. the section of a vehicle, usually in the shape of a box, cylindrical container, or platform, in or on which passengers or

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    Old English bodig, of unknown origin.


    body and soul
    in a body
    keep body and soul together