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Having a body or trunk, typically of a specified kind.
  1. in combination 'crayfish are heavy bodied crustaceans'
  2. 'They claim no one has refused to buy a wide-bodied motor home on the grounds of noncompliance with the regulations.'
  3. 'This bulldog was thinner and rangier, longer legged and longer bodied than its predecessor.'
  4. 'In riots, these could be thrown back at the security forces, so the rubber-bodied grenade was produced.'
  5. 'Standing out amid the other vehicles was the metallic-gray-bodied four-seater.'
  6. 'It works well on hard-bodied lures.'
Of wine, having the specified quality of flavour.
  1. 'The champagne was light bodied, fruity, and generally delicious.'
  2. 'If not available, any well-bodied red wine is good.'
  3. 'Don't rule out some of the fuller bodied reds as barbecue partners.'


1. having a body of a specific kind (used in combination): a flat-bodied fish; a wide-bodied car.

More examples(as adjective)

"jets can be bodied."

"people can be bodied."

"wagglers can be bodied."

"styles can be bodied."

"models can be bodied."

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