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A shed at the edge of a river or lake used for housing boats.
  1. 'Pupils of St Peter's are likely to encounter drug users wherever they wander, be it down to the boathouse by the river or crossing Clifton Road.'
  2. 'Fourth, marinas that were more exposed or only protected by low sea walls got hit the hardest, and that boat lifts and boathouses do not provide storm protection.'
  3. 'Similarly, they have no difficulty in distinguishing a houseboat from a boathouse or a horse race from a racehorse.'
  4. 'And they throw in four boats and two boathouses.'
  5. 'The surrounding area has a man-made lake, surrounded by huge boathouses and houses.'
  6. 'In May of 1998, Mr. Levy met with the MacRaes and asked permission to store his boat in their boathouse.'
  7. 'Another problem that it is planned to deal with is that caused by boat trailers creating major traffic congestion near the boathouse in the summer season.'
  8. 'We went in search of more drink in the boathouses along the river and although I just meant to have one pint of Guinness I was feeling surprisingly perky and started to enjoy myself.'
  9. 'The Riverside Hotel made a substantial investment in getting the boats ready as the previous boathouse and oars had been destroyed by arsonists.'
  10. 'Now, here are the keys to the front and back doors, the shed, and the boathouse.'

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1. a building or shed, usually built partly over water, for sheltering a boat or boats.

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"hotels can be boathouses."