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Having a blue tinge; slightly blue.
  1. 'A nice mass of purple, red and bluish flowers were ready to leave the florist's place.'
  2. 'She will always have a blueish tinge and she gets a little bit breathless.'
  3. 'On his forehead resides a swollen, bluish bruise that is most likely throbbing painfully.'
  4. 'He hid them behind his back, clutching both wrists with slightly bluish fingers.'
  5. 'Her hair drifted around her face in the soft, chilly breeze, almost purple in the bluish night.'
  6. 'I could see him clearly through his luminous bluish mist, his blue eyes watching me with worry.'
  7. 'He has no hair of any kind anywhere and his shirtless chest shows that his skin has a bluish tinge to it!'
  8. 'Also, the curtains themselves are not completely opaque, so that the light shows through as two slightly blueish areas against the blackness.'
  9. 'Some New Zealand lichen dyes produced other colours like bluish purples.'
  10. 'It was a pair of Pyjamas, typical pale faded blue and blueish white stripes.'


1. somewhat blue.

More examples(as adjective)

"lights can be bluish."

"whites can be bluish."

"stars can be bluish."

"smokes can be bluish."

"greys can be bluish."

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