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    (of a vehicle or its engine) provided with a turbocharger.
    1. 'Like many blown cars it makes rapid progress but in a series of surges.'
    2. 'If you run a turbo or blown car, you need an intercooler for best performance.'


      1. inflated; swollen; expanded: a blown stomach.

      2. destroyed, melted, inoperative, misshapen, ruined, or spoiled: to replace a blown fuse; to dispose of blown canned goods.

      3. being out of breath.

      4. flyblown.

      5. formed by blowing: blown glass.

      6. Automotive Slang. (of an engine) supercharged. (of a cylinder) destroyed or severely damaged under mechanical stress.

      More examples(as adjective)

      "people can be blown off roofs."

      "soldiers can be blown to bits."

      "bottles can be blown on premises."

      "ups can be blown."

      "ways can be blown."

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