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Definitions and examples


(of wind) move creating an air current.
  1. 'Her thoughts were interrupted by a small gust of wind blowing across her face.'
  2. 'When strong wind blows to create waves and ripples, when it rains hard or when sheets of snow land on the lake-surface.'
  3. 'It was mid autumn and the leaves were already starting to swirl around me as a harsher wind blew, creating almost a curtain of color each time the breeze came.'
  4. 'Around midnight, the wind began blowing and woke me up.'
  5. 'Thankfully, no steady breeze was blowing, so no wind chill was created.'
  6. 'A cool gust of wind blew through the canyon, dispersing the bad smell.'
  7. 'There was a pause between them as a gust of wind blew by.'
  8. 'She wrapped her arms around her as a gust of wind blew by raising Beta's hair up into the air and rustling through the dark foliage of the hedge behind us.'
  9. 'Changes in weather patterns can create high-level winds blowing opposite to those near the ocean.'
  10. 'Another breeze of wind blew past them, unusually cold for this time of the year.'
  11. 'a gust of wind blew a cloud of smoke into his face'
  12. 'During the celebrations, an ominous gust of wind blew desert sand over the assembled dignitaries.'
  13. 'His hair was blown by the wind and his grey eyes were smiling a little.'
  14. 'Was that a dog rolling on the pavement or a newspaper blown by the wind?'
  15. 'We are here, we're going to disappear so quickly, like a puff of milkweed pod blown by the wind.'
  16. 'Monday's eruption occurred just before sunset; the ash cloud was blown by the wind toward the west, away from the most heavily populated areas.'
  17. 'It is believed a gust of wind blew her gown into the engine.'
  18. 'Her long, cellar-black hair was blown by the wind across her exquisitely beautiful face.'
  19. 'Wind gusts can blow the rotting trees down, posing a serious enough danger that the city removes them for reasons of liability.'
  20. 'He didn't want to allow what might be his only chance to be with her fritter away like paper blown by the wind.'
  21. 'The road is straighter than the track of a rain drop blown by high wind.'
  22. 'it was so windy that the tent nearly blew away'
  23. 'Looking through his sorcerous eyes, he watched as the magical flux appeared, and then blew away, like smoke on a breeze.'
  24. 'After I hung up the phone I sat outside a little bit and watched the leaves blow on the trees.'
  25. 'She puts in long hours there and she's a smoker herself, but she describes working behind a bar as like having smoke constantly blown in your face, hour after hour.'
  26. 'She made her way into one of the two bedrooms, finding a large four poster, lacy curtains of the canopy blowing gently in the breeze of the air conditioner.'
  27. 'Flames leapt high in the sky and smoke blew across Castleton at the height of the blaze.'
  28. 'These issues aside, it is also very unpleasant to have foul-smelling smoke blowing into your face when you are trying to enjoy for example, a meal.'
  29. 'She was keen, going round to the far side of the barbecue, heading for the only available space… the gap in the circle where all the smoke and ashes blew.'
  30. 'In the distance were clouds rising from chimneys, as wiry as the lines of smoke blowing from Vesa's roll-ups.'
  31. 'For the last few months we have had to use the main entrance and had to push our way past the smokers on the steps besides having smoke blown at us.'
  32. 'Luckily, the smoke was blowing away from Halifax Road.'
  33. 'I'd better blow'
  34. 'He blew town but later turned himself in to police in Muskegon.'
  35. 'The duo plan to blow town the next morning, but until then, they have to pretend as if nothing's changed.'
(of a person) expel air through pursed lips.
  1. 'he blew on his tea to cool it'
  2. 'She gently blew on the wound, trying to make it stop burning, but the gesture wasn't helping any.'
  3. 'I blew hard on my gloved hands and rubbed them together as I sat down on the bench next to him.'
  4. 'Josh blew on the canteen of hot tea he'd smuggled from his home into the Café and sighed as the steam began to warm his frozen fingers.'
  5. 'He then blew on it lightly to give it the appearance of life.'
  6. 'Don't blow too hard in her ear: Admit it, some kid at school told you girls love this.'
  7. 'He watched her as she softly blew on the wound and it took a lot of him not to lean forward and kiss her.'
  8. 'Bring her face into close proximity with his lips; she gently blew on the cut.'
  9. 'He blew as hard as he could and both of the sentries woke up in alarm and climbed out of their tents.'
  10. 'The harder you blow or the smaller the hole, the shriller the whistle.'
  11. 'She then looked up at her friend while she gently blew on the candle.'
  12. 'She inhaled and blew a stream of smoke in Ethan's direction.'
  13. 'He took a long puff of his cigar then sighed, blowing a steady stream of smoke.'
  14. 'He blew air into it like a musical instrument; He created nine visible doors, while the tenth one was kept concealed.'
  15. 'They blew clouds of fishy breath our way and rumbled like elephants.'
  16. 'She played with her breath, blowing it into the air to make small clouds of fog and watch them fade away.'
  17. 'Baranza began to walk toward him, chuckling under his breath, and Brigg blew a stream of smoke from his mouth before removing the cigarette.'
  18. 'But no… he had to blow that cigar smoke in my face for ten minutes, didn't he?'
  19. 'They all huddled around low benches, looking excited and blowing puffs of icy breath.'
  20. 'I look out the window of the front porch, drawing a deep breath, blowing it onto the window.'
  21. 'I used to enjoy blowing smoke rings in idle moments.'
  22. 'Uncle Albert was soon puffing and blowing'
  23. 'The only sound was coming from Drake, his breath blowing hard from his lungs with every push up.'
  24. 'Both were blowing hard as assistant coach, aged 42 and retired from competitive football for 10 years, beat them to the line.'
  25. 'The hounds are blowing hard and dripping with sweat, but they are utterly delighted with themselves.'
  26. 'Taylor wasn't the only Scottish forward puffing and blowing towards the end of the game, and when it came to tempo there was only one team dictating it.'
  27. 'an exhausted, blown horse'
  28. 'After French cuirassiers and lancers had counter-attacked, Ponsonby was dead and a sad remnant on blown horses limped back to be of no further use to an exasperated Wellington.'
  29. 'He changed horses five times, each time dropping off a blown horse and throwing himself into the next one that was saddled.'
  30. 'the umpire blew his whistle'
  31. 'The whistle is to be blown only in the event of emergencies and must be visibly worn at all times while on the premises.'
  32. 'Wallace blew his shrilly whistle and dismissed the team, who tiredly made their way to the locker room.'
  33. 'Dayton opened his mouth to continue conversation, but to my delight, Mr. Burner blew his over pitched whistle.'
  34. 'They both know that victory is essential and neither of them throw in the towel until the final whistle has been blown so I wouldn't take my eyes off this game for a second.'
  35. 'When the whistle blew for half time the antagonists bowed to each other and went off to drink in the same pub (admittedly in separate bars).'
  36. 'Kevin admitted to being choked with pride when the final whistle blew and TV viewers across the world saw the Ireland manager punching the air with joy.'
  37. 'Seconds later the final whistle blew and it was all over.'
  38. 'A computer generated voice comes to life as klaxons sound and whistles blow.'
  39. 'It had been 40 years since the company closed the railway, but now there was again an echo in the wilderness, as the whistle blew once more.'
  40. 'As the final whistle blew, the crowd erupted in jubilation.'
  41. 'Long after the final whistle had blown at their semi-final, the sound of drums beating and fans chanting could be heard outside the stadium.'
  42. 'The ball was kicked out and the final whistle blew.'
  43. 'It was quiet from midnight to 6 a.m., but then it was like in the cartoons when the factory whistle blows, they just started crashing.'
  44. 'Whistles blown, air horns sounding, as we swept past the most fashionable addresses in London.'
  45. 'angry motorists blew their horns'
  46. 'Jack said as the horn blew signaling the five-minute warning for the shipmates loved ones.'
  47. 'They came streaming over the front line east from Kunduz in a cloud of dust at about 2pm local time, their vehicle lights on and horns blowing.'
  48. 'There was suddenly the sound of someone blowing a horn of some kind.'
  49. 'The victory here seemed as if Swaziland had just won the World Cup with motorists blowing their car horns in wild jubilation.'
  50. 'And all that motor vehicle horn blowing that's so much fun when you're in the car?'
  51. 'it took him maybe five choruses to warm up, but then he could really blow'
  52. 'While they aren't short of improvisational talent, they're not a blowing band in the usual sense of the word.'
  53. 'What has not escaped their attention amongst all the jazz blowing and beat sampling is the need for melody, musical hooks and the ability to make the essence of the tunes stick in the mind.'
  54. 'But because of all this, the record companies got kinda afraid, and we weren't really allowed to blow.'
  55. 'You've got to be spontaneous, that's all I know, like jazz, just blow as long and as deep as you can.'
  56. 'Downtown Jewish jazz artists are coming out of the closet, blowing contemporary twists on klezmer riffs for enthusiastic audiences.'
  57. 'Leaving the rainbow-coloured wonderland of hand blown glass, I am one more happy customer in search of my own white rabbit.'
  58. 'Note 1: There is a glass factory in Provence where you can watch the workers blow the molten glass straight from the furnace.'
  59. 'In order to mold glass into a meaningful shape, the artisan must blow through a tube into molten glass.'
  60. 'She has been blowing glass for 35 years, becoming one of America's finest living artists.'
  61. 'The jug in Plate XI is blown cristallo glass infused with fragmented bits of gold leaf and submerged random streaks of amethyst glass.'
  62. 'Then we had a go at making our own rather less exquisite glassware, blowing down long tubes into molten glass until we nearly passed out.'
  63. 'There are special kits and tools for blowing eggs that make the process easier and safer for children and adults alike.'
  64. 'Since I was a kid we used to blow eggs and then dye them.'
  65. 'They blew eggs from the shells then filled the shells with custard.'
  66. 'A little further south, in Cunningham Islet, a pod of Beluga whales blow and laze on the surface of the sea.'
  67. 'If you are downwind when the whales blow, there is no mistaking the content of their gargantuan diet.'
  68. 'Biologists can hear blue whales blow at the surface from several miles away, often before they can see them.'
(of an explosion or explosive device) displace violently or send flying.
  1. 'The first time, it blew us apart violently, and Sasaki was injured further.'
  2. 'I'll have you know young man that I was barely able to get away before your infernal machine blew everything sky high.'
  3. 'The blast from the bomb had blown out all the windows but my mother had pulled the covers over us.'
  4. 'Everyone assumed that the force of the explosion had blown their clothes off.'
  5. 'I mean more than smashed; looks like an explosion blew it apart, but there's no scorch marks or any evidence of explosives.'
  6. 'And it also has some really awesome sequences of robots getting blown apart by flying arrows.'
  7. 'Gold-bearing rock is blown apart by high explosives and small groups of miners then move in to drill at the face.'
  8. 'The late-night explosion blew debris on to a busy avenue, collapsing floors and starting a fire that burned for two hours.'
  9. 'A police spokesman confirmed that the woman's boot had been blown off by a firework and that she had suffered burns to her foot.'
  10. 'I was at the door onto the balcony and I heard a big explosion which blew me back into the room.'
  11. 'a rear tyre had blown'
  12. 'The tyre blew at the end of the straight and that was the end of my race.'
  13. 'Suddenly the van started swerving, a tire blew, and my mom lost control.'
  14. 'This results in a smashing encounter with a stranded SUV, its tires blown out by a barbed wire trap.'
  15. 'The driver, of Kennington Park, London, said he had managed to steer his car onto the hard shoulder when his tyre blew.'
  16. 'Then, suddenly his back tyre blows and he grinds to a halt.'
  17. 'So I'm 12 miles from home, with no spare tubes, a blown tyre, and no way of fixing it.'
  18. 'Travelling into London on the elevated section of the M4, over the Chiswick Roundabout, a tyre blew.'
  19. 'Twelve miles later, a tyre blew and the lorry careered off the road and into a tree.'
  20. 'The only damage was the blown tire and one broken hydraulic line (from hitting the mud).'
  21. 'Julia's dad was driving and suddenly one of the front tires blew.'
  22. 'I crossed the road to Grand Central Station at 3pm, not 5pm, when the steam pipe blew.'
  23. 'I get a call from Building management at around 6:30pm last night and they tell me that a pipe blew and my locker downstairs was being flooded.'
  24. 'If a $4 cylinder head gasket blows, it costs the customer $1,000 in engine repairs.'
  25. with object 'the floodlights blew a fuse'
  26. 'The strike shorted all the electrics and blew all the fuses.'
  27. 'I called the electricity board but once the lights went out I knew the circuit had blown itself out and the area was safe.'
  28. 'A shower of sparks and the sound of electrical circuits blowing was her only reward.'
  29. 'I don't actually recommend doing this, because it may well be overloading the header and blowing one of those is a great way to ruin your afternoon and maybe your motherboard.'
Spend recklessly.
  1. 'Either way I've still got no reason to blow my cash on that overly expensive paper weight.'
  2. 'It’s OK to spend some of it on yourself, but don’t blow it all on a boat or a trip that you really can’t afford.'
  3. 'As I said in my Budget speech, normally these Governments get accused of blowing the Budget and spending.'
Completely bungle (an opportunity)
  1. 'they blew a 4–2 lead'
  2. 'He and his club will get their opportunity to blow some more hot air in defence of the charges on March 24.'
  3. 'He blows another great scoring opportunity, with his touch and nerve deserting him as soon as the Milan goal hoves into view.'
  4. 'Our big opportunity had been blown by a bunch of tight-lipped, upright folks who wanted to mind their own business.'
  5. 'a man whose cover was blown'
  6. 'Now that its cover has been blown, we are assured there was nothing sinister about it.'
  7. 'The more people believed the headmaster, the less likely his cover was to be blown.'
  8. 'Ava knew her cover would be blown in a matter of days.'
  9. 'But where are the media, now that her cover has been blown?'
  10. 'I wish I could write to them, but then my cover would surely be blown.'
  11. 'He admits there have been moments when his cover has almost been blown.'
  12. 'I reminded him while we exchanged numbers that he couldn't call me this weekend or my cover might be blown.'
  13. 'His cover would be blown if he did something as foolish as that.'
  14. 'If she spoke one word out of turn, his cover would be blown, big time.'
  15. 'My cover would be completely blown if you did that.'
  1. with clause 'I'm blowed if I want to see him again'
  2. '‘I was blowed if I was going to faint in front of that lot,’ said Therese, whose sex made her something of a rarity in the men only world of food despite her outstanding curriculum vitae.'
  3. 'And blow me if I didn't find my saviour in perhaps the least original comic book movie there has ever been.'
  4. 'There is only one small problem, he'll be blowed if he can find it!'
  5. 'I've not unpacked, and I'm blowed if I'm doing that now.'
  6. 'I'm sure there's an answer to this question, but I'll be blowed if I can work it out.'
  7. 'Apples be blowed - five flat whites a day and you'll keep the doctor away and if not, at least you'll be set up for the day.'
  8. 'That is important research, and I am blowed if I can see how that would be allowed.'
  9. 'But now I've been short listed again, and I'll be blowed if I change my tune this time around - twenty grand is much too tempting.'
  10. 'I'm blowed if I'm going to fix their mistakes for them - life's too short.'
  11. 'And I'll be blowed if the blue-suited First Lady didn't look like she'd had the same makeup artist set loose on her.'
Perform fellatio on (a man).
    Be extremely bad or unwelcome.
    1. 'As bad as most of the film is, the ending really blows.'
    2. 'The card you buy now will almost certainly be replaced as soon as you pull it off the shelves, and unless you have deep pockets, this really blows.'
    3. 'Yeah, the administration at this school blows.'
    4. 'The audio is the original mono, and, well, it blows.'
    (of flies) lay eggs in or on (something).
    1. 'Flies blew eggs right thru the treated bags and on the treated meat.'
    2. 'The practice of mulesing involves the removal of a sheath of skin from around the breech of the sheep, to prevent the wet wool from becoming fly blown.'

    More definitions

    1. a sudden, hard stroke with a hand, fist, or weapon: a blow to the head.

    2. a sudden shock, calamity, reversal, etc.: His wife's death was a terrible blow to him.

    3. a sudden attack or drastic action: The invaders struck a blow to the south. Idioms

    4. at one blow, with a single act: He became wealthy and famous at one blow. Also, at a blow.

    5. come to blows, to begin to fight, especially to engage in physical combat: They came to blows over the referee's ruling.

    6. st

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    "spores can be blow by winds."

    "people can be blow out of proportions."

    "spores can be blow."

    "people can be blow."