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A large irregular patch or unsightly mark on the skin or another surface.
  1. 'By the time I was done, I had ink blotches on my skin, and my hands and wrists were cramped.'
  2. 'Her skin had an uncanny translucence relieved by large dark blotches where nurses had tried to find a vein and she had bled under the surface.'
  3. 'His lip was curled in a snarl, and angry blotches of red stained his cheekbones.'
  4. 'Frankie's first indication of the condition was the appearance of red blotches and flaking skin on his chest, forehead and scalp.'
  5. 'Who knew that one day our vain quest for a sunburn would come back to haunt us in the form of panicking every time we see an unfamiliar blotch on our skin?'
  6. 'Sunlight breached the canopy only in patches, golden blotches on the forest floor.'
  7. 'I changed into a pair of faded jeans and a dark green tank top with red paint-like blotches on it.'
  8. 'Its back is dark with small, irregular, light blotches.'
  9. 'Why do some of my apples have corky, brown blotches on the surface?'
  10. 'Men often seek to have unsightly hair or skin blotches removed.'


Cover with blotches.
  1. 'Joan felt her neck beginning to blotch and was grateful for her turtleneck.'
  2. 'A red stain spread quickly from one shoulder, blotching the pale yellow blouse she wore.'
  3. 'I felt heat blotching along my face, noticing that uncomfortable feeling whenever I was around Jon.'
  4. 'Raina opened her eyes, still seeing faint red and black dots blotching her vision.'
  5. 'If you are happier using a liquid liner rather than a pencil, this has a fabulous brush that delivers just the right amount of colour without blotching.'
  6. 'Neon ooze blotched the frilled fabric and streaked her hair, and blood stained the edges of cuts in the material, though the cuts in the underlying flesh had long since closed.'
  7. '‘I thought you loved me,’ she whispered, her tears blotching the ink on the paper into little blue snowflakes.'
  8. 'My breathing was shallow and I felt faint as the tears blotched my face.'

More definitions

1. a large, irregular spot or blot.

2. Plant Pathology. a diseased, discolored spot or area on a plant. a disease so characterized, usually accompanied by cankers and lesions.

3. a skin eruption; blemish. verb (used with object)

4. to mark with blotches; blot, spot, or blur: The floor of the forest was blotched with cool, dark moss. adjective

5. Textiles. of or relating to blotch printing, or to the colored ground produced by this process.

More examples(as adjective)

"trouserses can be blotched with crimsons."

"nows can be blotched with rusts."

"fronts can be blotched with dampnesses."

"faces can be blotched with patches."

"faces can be blotched with cryings."

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(blotch)Early 17th century (as a verb): partly an alteration of obsolete plotch in the same sense (of unknown origin), influenced by blot; partly a blend of blot and botch.