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(of an electronic device) emit a short low-pitched noise.
  1. 'You'd be at a party, and there would be a lava lamp blooping away, and a record playing (a ‘record’ was a primitive compact disc that operated by static electricity).'
  2. 'Alongside picked acoustic guitar, occasional keyboard blooping and a drum machine, his boy-next-door growl hammers it home.'
  3. 'He swung his bar-code reader like some kind of ray gun, the tiny machine bleeping and blooping as it scanned bar codes printed and pasted across the counter in front of him.'
Make a mistake.
  1. 'I guess we blooped together as I have some very similar shots.'
  2. 'I blooped and I'm so ashamed.'
  3. 'But this is essentially the bit where you blooped up.'
Hit (a ball) weakly or make (a hit) that lands just beyond the reach of the infielders.
  1. 'Jenkins broke up the no-hit bid with one out in the seventh when he blooped a double that barely stayed fair down the left-field line.'
  2. 'The time and work paid off when LaRue blooped a single into short center field.'
  3. 'Oliver then blooped a fly ball into short center field.'


A short low-pitched noise emitted by an electronic device.
  1. 'Response is a return to the synth sounds of the '80s, toying with all the bleeps, bloops and digitally modified voices that were our soundtrack for arcades and roller rinks.'
  2. 'Instrumental experiments with strings, bells, glitches and bloops also mesh with late-night folk, and fusion never felt so smooth.'
  3. 'I was raised on flashing lights and sounds effects that ranged from bloops all the way to bleeps.'
  4. 'He pulls out the original drum track, throws in a turgid approximation of the live drums with a drum machine and a stiff boom-kick, adds some bloops, bleeps, and squiggles (because, hey, it's a remix), and cashes his paycheck.'
  5. 'I'm banned from anywhere for life, and my computer shuts down with a bloop.'
  6. 'Rumours of him communicating in bleeps, bloops and squelches are greatly exaggerated.'
  7. 'Of all the beeps and bloops in your home, you're still likely able to pick out your telephone.'
  8. 'Everything turns to love and good feeling good, this album's bleeps, bloops, and 70's funk sounds get all your parts moving and swaying.'
  9. 'One part loopy, dissonant, wrenching guitars, one part playful synth bleeps and bloops, one part punky, four on the floor drumming and shouted female vocals all generously sprinkled with raw disco energy and a refreshing sense of humour.'
  10. 'Today the bleeps, bloops, and blats just sound quaint.'
A mistake.
  1. 'In the midst of editing my website I think I made a bloop and can't fix it.'
  2. 'Although I never use it to make projects it has been great fixing up my bloops.'
  3. 'Maybe they want to see if I can make all the little bloops and dollops around my edges look even.'
  1. as modifier 'a bloop single'
  2. 'A bloop single, with two outs in the ninth inning, had determined the outcome.'
  3. 'In theory, pulling in the fences would cut down on the area that outfielders have to cover, thereby reducing the number of bloop hits that fall in.'

More definitions

1. to ruin; botch: to bloop an easy catch.

2. to hit a blooper in baseball. noun

3. a clumsy mistake.

4. blooper (def 3).

More examples(as adjective)

"singles can be bloop."

"triples can be bloop."

"people can be bloop."


1920s: imitative.