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(of the eyes) inflamed or tinged with blood, typically as a result of tiredness.
  1. 'Addicts roam the streets with bloodshot eyes, wild hair and cupped palms.'
  2. 'I can see their kind, bloodshot eyes, their rumpled hair, their stubbly chins.'
  3. 'If you are reading this for the first time through bloodshot eyes on Thursday then the outlook is good.'
  4. 'A quick look into her bloodshot eyes with their dilated pupils confirms my suspicions.'
  5. 'He had blurred vision for much of the first half and was left with a bloodshot eye and bruising to his face.'
  6. 'His eyes were slightly bloodshot and she could tell bags were forming under his eyes from lack of sleep.'
  7. 'Another symptom is seeing a halo around a light, or having a painful bloodshot eye.'
  8. 'She lifted her head and revealed her bloodshot eyes and her tearstained cheeks.'
  9. 'His eyes were bloodshot and his teeth were stained a light yellow, due to months of not cleaning them.'
  10. 'She said the inspector suffered a bruised cheek and a bloodshot eye.'


1. (of the eyes) red because of dilated blood vessels.

More examples(as adjective)

"eyes can be bloodshot from dusts."

"eyes can be bloodshot."

"skies can be bloodshot."

"saws can be bloodshot."

"marblingses can be bloodshot."

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