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Covered, smeared, or running with blood.
  1. 'Psyke turned around, amusement covering his bloody face.'
  2. 'The youth took his bloody arm and covered his eyes.'
  3. 'Sarah slowly stood up, her face covered in bloody scars.'
  4. 'She looked around, only a few men remained, bloody and covered in ash from the burning supply trucks and carriers.'
  5. 'Elephants are typically covered in bloody wounds and rope burns when released from the crush after three to six days.'
  6. 'He was currently lying on the elevator floor in the fetal position, his hand covering his bloody mass of a nose.'
  7. 'It surely seemed like the form of a man but it was completely naked, bloody and covered with mud.'
  8. 'It was then did I really look at him; his body was bloody, so covered with the rouge substance that I could not make head or tail of his face.'
  9. 'He was covered in bloody stab marks.'
  10. 'Dave tumbled off of the sofa, hand covering a bloody wound.'
  11. 'a bloody discharge'
  12. 'At eight months George developed a bloody discharge and the eye problem returned, together with a clear mucous discharge from the right ear.'
  13. 'She had dust and dirt on her clothes, and a bloody smear on her cheek but she was alive.'
  14. 'This is true for patients with bloody discharges and for those with clear or serous discharges.'
  15. 'A nipple discharge that is dark or bloody or that happens without squeezing should be checked by the doctor.'
  16. 'There may be difficult breathing and a one sided bloody nasal discharge.'
  17. 'He bent down, gathered a handful of straw from the floor and wiped off the bloody smear.'
  18. 'My right hand slipped off his tan pants, leaving a bloody smear.'
  19. 'And instead of sore fingers and bloody smears, the only sign of the test area is a small round ‘target’ ring that disappears in a few minutes.'
  20. 'This may cause bloody discharge from the nipple.'
  21. 'What about bloody nipple discharge during pregnancy?'
Involving or characterized by bloodshed or cruelty.
  1. 'the bloody tyrannies of Europe'
  2. 'More emotive tags: military coups, a bloody war of secession and ethnic cleansing.'
  3. 'Ever since its inception, the country has known little but bloody coups and brutal dictators.'
  4. 'Although it had once been a prosperous nation, it began to spiral downward after Samuel Doe's bloody coup in 1980.'
  5. 'We are bound together in this bloody conflict where the body counts have to break double digits to really get our attention anymore.'
  6. 'Chilly formality at the top covered bloody conflict in areas contested by the armies of the two parties, as the one sought to continue its expansion, the other to halt it.'
  7. 'The 13 were sentenced to death for leading a bloody coup in 1983 in which the Bishop and four of his Cabinet members were killed.'
  8. 'To topple the government of my country in a bloody coup.'
  9. 'Allende was overthrown in a bloody coup led by General Pinochet on 11 September 1973.'
  10. 'And almost two decades later, he launched a failed and bloody coup to oust the dictator from power.'
  11. 'Not since the bloody coup attempts against president Corazon Aquino in 1987 and 1989 have soldiers been so visible in the capital.'


Cover or stain with blood.
  1. 'Cure takes these ideas and adds the innocence of a child-like amnesiac behind them, an amnesiac who walks through a trail of death without ever bloodying his own hands.'
  2. 'After each story, he laughed about the good-natured fun they had shared bloodying each others faces.'
  3. 'He hit the floor again, this time, bloodying his knuckles from the impact.'
  4. 'Men duke it out with each other, bloodying each other up, until one taps out.'
  5. 'The violence bloodying our streets was the result.'
  6. 'He gave Tim a quick jab to the face, bloodying his lip.'
  7. 'She slapped him on his wounded cheek, bloodying her hand.'
  8. 'Then the miracle play jerks to life. A chop strikes home, straight to the skull, a head is bloodied.'
  9. 'Michael reared back and struck the radio dial with an anguished roar, bloodying his knuckles with the punch.'
  10. 'Tim doesn't think he'd be able to take the doctor's expression at that, not without bloodying his knuckles against the man's nose.'


Used to express anger, annoyance, or shock, or simply for emphasis.
  1. as exclamation 'bloody Hell!—what was that?'
  2. 'It's pretty dark, it's bloody cold, there's thick ice that hasn't melted despite being in the sun all day, and this bird decides to try to attract a mate.'
  3. 'A beautiful bright and sunny morning - but bloody cold.'
  4. 'If it got anywhere near the bush it would be a bloody miracle.'
  5. 'It'd be a bloody miracle if someone else was snapped and I wasn't.'
  6. 'I managed £23,000 this week which is a bloody miracle.'
  7. 'Adam and I rendezvoused in the city so we could go and buy a heater, because it's been so bloody cold over the past few weeks in Sydney.'
  8. 'In comparison to Glasgow, its bloody cold here.'
  9. 'When suddenly I realised that my car had been broken into… outside my bloody flat!'
  10. 'It's too bloody cold outside, my bed is simply the most lovely and cosy place on Earth, and I don't really feel like going back to work tomorrow.'
  11. 'It was a bloody cold weekend, but the place was warm.'
Unpleasant or perverse.


    1. stained or covered with blood: a bloody handkerchief.

    2. bleeding: a bloody nose.

    3. characterized by bloodshed: bloody battle; a bloody rule.

    4. inclined to bloodshed; bloodthirsty: a bloody dictator.

    5. of, relating to, or resembling blood; containing or composed of blood: bloody tissue.

    6. Slang. (used as an intensifier): a bloody shame; a bloody nuisance. verb (used with object), bloodied, bloodying.

    7. to stain or smear with blood.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "people can be bloodied in/at/on feet."

    "people can be bloodied on people."

    "people can be bloodied."

    "faces can be bloodied."

    "sides can be bloodied."

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    (bloody)Mid 17th century: from bloody. The use of bloody to add emphasis to an expression is of uncertain origin, but is thought to have a connection with the ‘bloods’ (aristocratic rowdies) of the late 17th and early 18th centuries; hence the phrase bloody drunk (= as drunk as a blood) meant ‘very drunk indeed’. After the mid 18th century until quite recently bloody used as a swear word was regarded as unprintable, probably from the mistaken belief that it implied a blasphemous reference to the blood o


    bloody (or bloodied) but unbowed