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Having blood or a temperament of a specified kind.
  1. 'The people on the street have to be able to understand the emotions that were unleashed in this country by those acts of cold - blooded murder.'
  2. '‘A pure blooded one of the Folk,’ she shook her head and muttered as an aside into her lavish robes.'
  3. 'Cold-blooded murder, armed hijackings, burglary, robbery and assault are rife.'
  4. 'And besides, any red-blooded male wanted to watch a girl shower.'
  5. 'As for the enemy soldiers, they were either harmless boobies or cold-blooded psychopaths.'
  6. 'Usually, the elementals would be strong blooded youngsters.'
  7. 'She flipped her visor down and scanned on infrared, the only reading she picked up were from some cold-blooded bugs… dozens of them.'
  8. 'It was the wrong place for a sophisticated noble blooded young Italian like himself to be.'
(of horses or cattle) of good pedigree.
  1. 'The blooded pilgrim stock of horses and cattle, brought to Montana at great expense, could not survive the endless days of low temperatures.'
  2. 'Lank in body, slender in limb, full of spirit, they reminded one of blooded horses.'


1. having blood of a specified kind (used in combination): warm-blooded animals.

2. (of horses, cattle, etc.) derived from ancestors of good blood; having a good pedigree.

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"murders can be blooded."

"games can be blooded."

"drives can be blooded."

"sevenses can be blooded."

"prints can be blooded."

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