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A man.
  1. 'If it had got one of the old blokes with heart trouble, it could have killed them.'
  2. 'Well there you are at the bar ordering your fifth vodka and you get chatting to this fit bloke.'
  3. 'There was one bloke in Limerick with two tickets and he was hoping to get another two.'
  4. 'Women dress up for men, but blokes hardly ever merchandise themselves for us gals.'
  5. 'Eventually, one bloke told me to try spinners, which are shiny pieces of metal with hooks on the end.'
  6. 'They are both nice blokes and it should be a good year (if I can find places to store all my stuff).'
  7. 'I had to cut him off, he was a nice bloke and everything, but I had understood him the first time.'
  8. 'We had a great night at the dance last night one bloke even approached us and said that in his opinion we were the stars of the tango!'
  9. 'This was much helped by a nice bloke who kept coming up to me and telling me how great the music was, and asking me to dance.'
  10. 'Then he sees some healthy looking young bloke putting on his flight socks.'
  11. 'He was a funny bloke and we were about the only people round here that he spoke to.'
  12. 'Very little we do these days is for us, unless we want to feel good so we can pull some bloke!'
  13. 'Deep down, he's a nice bloke, despite his best efforts to shield that fact from the world.'
  14. 'Both the brother and his partner are nice enough blokes so I'm sure we can work something out.'
  15. 'At last, we were ready, handing over a sizeable deposit to the muscular and tanned board hire bloke.'
  16. 'I just thought the bloke dancing along in his computer chair was quite funny.'
  17. 'She hired some old Greek bloke to knock one up for her, which he did in record time.'
  18. 'Which is a real shame for us, because he's an excellent manager and an all-round good bloke.'
  19. 'As a normal, relaxed, laid back bloke, I find the whole phenomenon just really odd.'
  20. 'I don't know too much about him, but he seemed like an important man and a good bloke.'
  21. 'I did get a drunken phone call last night at 3am from some Scouse bloke looking for Dave.'

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1. man; fellow; guy.

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"slaters can be blokes."

"people can be blokes."


(bloke)Mid 19th century: from Shelta.