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The action or fact of blocking or obstructing someone or something.
  1. 'Yesterday he said health bosses were right to push ahead with the reforms and accused those opposing the plans of blocking better care for the people of the city.'
  2. 'Angry people tend to feel that they are morally right, that any blocking or changing of their plans is an unbearable indignity and that they should NOT have to suffer this way.'
  3. 'A number of the nonviolent protests included the temporary blocking of roads.'
  4. 'Does regeneration mean the effective blocking of the roads - those life giving arteries - with the inevitable thrombosis and deadly infarct?'
  5. 'The measures against these persons include blocking of funds, financial assets and other types of property, denial of access to financial services, and others.'
  6. 'The proposals would also involve closing part of Frenches Road and blocking Fairhaven Road's junction with the A23.'
  7. 'The delayed Airport flyover work has resulted in blocking of drains, leading to inundation of water, she added.'
  8. 'Green must become stronger at the point of attack and do a better job of blocking down in the run game.'
  9. 'Remember, they don't have much to complement him in the way of a running game or blocking.'
  10. 'Instead, he gained a little weight to help his blocking and has turned himself into a versatile, valuable player.'
  11. 'For the team to win more regularly, it must improve its run blocking and ability to run the ball.'
  12. 'He needs to improve his blocking and become more consistent catching the ball.'
  13. 'He will become a more complete player when his blocking improves in the running game.'
  14. 'He excelled at cricket, learning the same techniques of blocking and sweeping to the boundary that serve him so well in interviews.'
  15. 'The match started well for the Newbridge men with their reception of service and blocking doing well against a very strong attacking side.'
  16. 'He needs to work on his rebounding - shot blocking doesn't seem to be a part of his game - and ballhandling around the basket.'
  17. 'They understand the technical aspects of the game, the blocking, tackling, ball carrying, throwing, catching and coverage.'
The sudden halting of the flow of thought or speech, as a symptom of schizophrenia or other mental disorder.
  1. 'Imagine if your memory did not undergo transience or blocking.'
  2. 'Sometimes it is a way of blocking out painful memories.'
  3. 'One of the most common and worrying memory failures is name blocking - being unable to retrieve the names of familiar people.'
  4. 'As for normal people like myself, I will just have to go to bed now, while trying to recall my blocking in my sleep.'
The grouping or treatment of things (e.g. shades of colour) in blocks.
  1. 'Time spent blocking in a system call does not count against the process, because the scheduler is free to schedule other processes during this time.'
  2. 'This blocking is a major problem and could have been solved with the repositioning of actors.'
  3. 'While singing with lovely tone, her ragged entries and distracting blocking added humour but lost novelty quickly.'
  4. 'I took her to our rehearsal and spent a week of blocking with video camcorder.'
  5. 'It's a memory which, although I can no longer remember a single word of the script, or any of the blocking, has stayed crystal clear in my mind ever since.'
  6. 'Director James Robinson provides only the most rudimentary blocking, often, as in the muddled party scene, to the detriment of the drama.'
  7. 'This and her blocking treat the house-left side of the audience as if they don't exist.'
  8. 'They helped me with my blocking, took the time to test me on my lines and, at the end of the evening, helped escort me to bed.'
  9. 'I did manage to do it, with some creative acting from the other members of the cast, some blocking and some clever us of props!'
  10. 'Just finished learning blocking for my first scene ever.'

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1. a number of small pieces of wood for filling interstices, or for spacing, joining, or reinforcing members.

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"reforms can be blocking."

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"roads can be blocking."

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