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A large solid piece of hard material, especially rock, stone, or wood, typically with flat surfaces on each side.
  1. 'Common building materials are concrete blocks and bricks.'
  2. 'Now it resembled a low fortress wall with blocks of stone evenly cut and dressed, and white lines to guide devotees on moonless nights.'
  3. 'In their traditional form, glass blocks are set like bricks or concrete blocks - one block at a time in slow, carefully constructed rows.'
  4. 'Its walls are made of solid stone blocks weighing over sixty tons each.'
  5. 'We waited two more months, saving enough to purchase 1,500 concrete blocks for the basement walls.'
  6. 'The upper guide had a steel roller at the back of the saw with hard maple side blocks.'
  7. 'All the features, including stone blocks, wooden and steel doors and even the ironmongery, were hand-carved by the company's craft experts.'
  8. 'Alex indicated a small, wooden block embedded in the stone floor.'
  9. 'Other materials for terraces include bricks, rocks, concrete blocks, and similar masonry materials.'
  10. 'You're going to need a paved surface, concrete blocks, Tarmac even, so the delivery vehicles can get to the shops by the river.'
  11. 'a chopping block'
  12. 'She took out a large knife from the cutting block and sliced a piece of cheese, promptly eating one.'
  13. 'The easiest way to shape thin chocolate curls is to shave them directly from a block of chocolate, using a swivel vegetable peeler or sharp knife.'
  14. 'I felt like I'd just discovered a block of my favourite chocolate in the fridge just when I was feeling peckish.'
  15. 'The ice cream came in blocks about six inches square.'
  16. 'They couldn't have been simpler, just a block of vanilla ice cream in a glass and then fill with either coke or lemonade.'
  17. 'I dropped a block of bittersweet chocolate on a cutting board.'
  18. 'It's at home, but the only time I've only ever used it has been for melting blocks of chocolate to make sauces.'
  19. 'To make the curls, pull a vegetable peeler across the block of cheese.'
  20. 'It is made by placing a well-chilled block of ice cream on a base of sponge cake, masking it with uncooked meringue, and then baking it in a hot oven.'
  21. 'In Chapter 2 we likened Mark's gospel to a block of chocolate which can easily be broken up into separate pieces.'
  22. 'When you are ready to serve, cut the caramel block into your desired portion sizes and indulge.'
  23. 'a sketching block'
  24. 'A large conference table and whiteboard occupied one side of the room; the other side was filled with desks, notebooks and drawing blocks.'
  25. 'I had my notes, a block of standard A4 lined refill paper for my essays and a sketchbook for art.'
  26. 'Jackson jetted out of his blocks'
  27. 'In 1984 at the Olympic Games, I was no better than fifth when I stepped on the blocks.'
  28. 'Mayo roared out of the blocks and built up a commanding lead.'
  29. 'Starting at the 10th hole on the final day, he shot out of the blocks, birdying the 11th and 12th.'
  30. 'So, as the women mounted the blocks for the start of the 50 meter free final, there was a certain amount of tension in the air.'
  31. 'So he mounted the blocks in his resplendent blue trunks and did a massive belly flop on the starters gun.'
  32. 'It was the perfect way to shrug of the frustrations of the 100m, where he was sluggish out of the blocks, but more particularly the long jump which followed the sprint.'
  33. 'If our athletes feel disillusioned from the outset how on earth are they going to beat their peers when they step up to the blocks at the Olympics?'
  34. 'The excitement was almost palpable as Michael stepped on the blocks on Day One for his first race, the 200 meter individual medley.'
  35. 'In every game, the pattern has been the same: The starting lineup gets out of the blocks well and quickly assumes a double-digit lead.'
  36. 'I'm trying to focus and not to false start, fall at the line or basically walk instead of run out of the blocks as I sometimes do because any of these things could happen.'
  37. 'For multi-color printing several blocks had to be carved - one for each color.'
  38. 'He has a predilection for wallpaper and wrapping paper, to which he applies repetitive motifs using stamps made from cut and engraved blocks of wood dipped in printer's ink or paint.'
  39. 'Pistons for internal combustion engines are hard anodized to minimize the amount of thermal expansion in relation to possible thermal expansion of the engine block.'
  40. 'For example, an automobile engine block is normally cast iron except for some which might be cast aluminum.'
  41. 'Water doesn't compress and the piston in effect hits a wall, bending or breaking a con rod and possibly shattering the engine block.'
  42. 'It doesn't, however, have an aluminum engine block.'
  43. 'A few chunks of twisted metal will identify the delivery vehicles, especially if the bombers forgot to file off serial numbers on the engine block.'
  44. 'Cables, gantries and all manner of unrecognisable machinery hamper navigation, although as time passes an exposed engine block allows me to make a bit more sense of the scene.'
  45. 'These are bolted to the engine block and sealed with the aforementioned head gasket.'
  46. 'The cylinder block has cast-in iron liners, and a one-piece aluminum crankshaft carrier with ferrous-carbon bearing cap inserts.'
  47. 'To fully inspect for damage, all components above the cylinder block were removed except for six of the 16 cylinder heads, one of the two charge air coolers and the engine controls.'
  48. 'There was an expensive shriek of metal being crushed and the steam roller rose almost a full eight inches before the engine block shattered.'
A large single building subdivided into separate rooms, flats, or offices.
  1. 'The church still stands, now surrounded by office buildings and blocks of flats, and looking rather small among its neighbours.'
  2. 'Whether you opt for a single flat or whole block, though, choosing where to buy can require some careful research.'
  3. 'Now the firm has drawn up a new scheme for two seven-storey blocks of flats and a three-storey shopping and office complex.'
  4. 'Nests have been known on railway bridges only a few feet below the tracks, in buildings near office blocks and on balconies of blocks of flats'
  5. 'I was disturbed that 2 office blocks and a block of flats have sprung up on what were empty spaces in a nearby town since I last went past a month ago.'
  6. 'In contrast, most British residential blocks of flats were built by local authorities in the 1950s - 70s.'
  7. 'The library building will be ripped down and replaced with a block of 29 sheltered accommodation flats and a new ground floor library.'
  8. 'The scheme, which includes terraced homes and three-storey blocks of flats, has already been given permission in principle.'
  9. 'On the north, the block contains a wooden staircase to the gallery and terrace, and bath- and shower-rooms.'
  10. 'A five-storey block incorporating offices and flats will now go ahead following the decision by councillors last week.'
  11. 'a shower block'
  12. 'And then the area surrounding that, right from the edge of the stable block into the Botanic Gardens, has now been created into a very large roof space.'
  13. 'A women's centre and an urban prayer garden complete the Cathedral block.'
  14. 'Block E is the smallest block and is located along the Eastern boundary, adjacent to the rear of the Courthouse.'
  15. 'A new roof and heating system are among the priorities, as are upgraded toilet and shower blocks.'
  16. 'A new roof and boilers are needed, along with new toilet and shower blocks.'
  17. 'Meters have been re-connected in shower blocks.'
  18. 'They walked inside the front entrance together and then went their separate ways to form rooms about two school blocks apart.'
  19. 'The College has been granted planning permission to develop student housing blocks on their grounds.'
  20. 'she went for a run round the block'
  21. 'Some drive around the block rather than making a left turn.'
  22. 'I drove around the block, swung across the road in what I thought was impeccable style, and was just moving into position by the pavement, when a police car drew up beside me.'
  23. 'The long lines snaked around the block in both directions.'
  24. 'ours was the ugliest house on the block'
  25. 'The Trust owns about 70 percent of four blocks in that area.'
  26. 'At the same time in DC, three intimidating looking black guys pulled up in front of a big house on a tree-lined block in a suburban neighborhood.'
  27. 'In particular, there is concern over several blocks along Fifth and Forbes Avenues in the center of town.'
  28. 'On the block where I lived, I remember seeing a young woman hunched over in pain, weeping hysterically.'
  29. 'Long lines of cars, taxis and buses coiled around city blocks and suburban streets.'
  30. 'As a result, he photographed and described street blocks and individual houses.'
  31. 'As she shoved the note back into her book, the sound of several storm doors could be heard along the block as some of the late kids ran to catch the bus.'
  32. 'Just down the street from me, for example, there's a block with several boarded-up houses on it.'
  33. 'One of the residents said the area's council blocks had been transformed since the project started.'
  34. 'And the water can enter the system from an area three, four blocks, a mile away.'
  35. 'I took this photo this morning on a street a couple of blocks from my house.'
  36. 'A few arrests were made when protesters tried to break through barricades set up within two blocks of the Garden along the march route.'
  37. 'She sat sullenly the last three blocks, tension mounting within her.'
  38. 'They walked up the four blocks to the coffee house.'
  39. 'I'm pretty sure you can obtain all those things within 2 or 3 blocks along Melrose Blvd. in Hollywood.'
  40. 'I would never backpack or turn a somersault or jump to the ground from even the most modest height or run the length of half a block.'
  41. 'Although the distance to the pool was only about the length of a short block, my feet felt as though they were about to fall off because they were so cold.'
  42. 'Interior hallways run nearly the length of a city block, and could have resembled an endless, generic motel corridor.'
  43. 'Nora was walking down the street a couple of blocks away from my house.'
A large quantity or allocation of things regarded as a unit.
  1. 'final examinations will be taken in a block at the end of the course'
  2. 'All of the participants completed both blocks with the order of completion counterbalanced across participants.'
  3. 'Braille music uses the same system of raised dots on paper as standard Braille, with the top four dots in a block of six giving the note and the bottom two indicating its duration.'
  4. 'Each participant completed three blocks of 120 trials, one for each of the difficulty levels.'
  5. 'A block of 55,500 Petrol shares was sold at 14.31 and another 129,500 shares at 14.32.'
  6. 'Each subject completed 10 blocks of 10 practice trials.'
  7. 'These items were added as a block to the entire questionnaire.'
  8. 'The surgical suite allocates Dr Jones two eight-hour blocks per week to complete his elective cases.'
  9. 'Maybe you type the same blocks of text into your email messages thirty times a day.'
  10. 'Text messaging, which allows blocks of text up to 160 characters long to be sent, has been a huge success with 50 million being sent in Britain alone every day.'
  11. 'The method is well suited for use in a microprocessor-based modem operating on blocks of data.'
An obstacle to the normal progress or functioning of something.
  1. 'an emotional block'
  2. 'It goes to reinforce my jaded view that the media are a block to reasoned public debate, the open society, and education.'
  3. 'A high-profile civil case would mean lurid newspaper headlines and act as a block to any possibility of restarting a television career.'
  4. 'It had just become too expensive (and was becoming a block to ‘free’ trade).'
  5. 'The result was ‘a writing block which went on for a long time, and I am sure it was because I was afraid to say what I wanted, what mattered to me’.'
  6. 'The public system as a whole is seen as a block to that market.'
  7. 'The writing block that plagued him for years has started to lift.'
  8. 'If you break the rules of existence, there's usually a block to progress until you have connected things.'
  9. 'He's not quick enough to defeat blocks in the run game to pursue backside running plays and is a liability in coverage.'
  10. 'He's a good athlete who has the ability to get downfield and make blocks.'
  11. 'Dilger doesn't hesitate to sell out on a block downfield or on the line.'
  12. 'A lot of this is developed on the playground where no real fouls are called and the shooters must alter their shot to avoid a block.'
  13. 'Wand has long arms, but he doesn't use them to his advantage to gain leverage and maintain blocks.'
  14. 'He was the bulldozer for college football's most punishing running attack, with the pancake block being his trademark.'
  15. 'This also limits his ability to make downfield blocks on linebackers.'
  16. 'Moss, meanwhile, began running out every pattern, even when he was a decoy, and he started throwing blocks downfield.'
  17. 'When it comes to communicating the importance of a movement, a block, a play, or a game, Davis has few equals.'
  18. 'Lunge, parry, head block… all the movements of sword fighting were familiar to her.'
  19. 'Make sure you have a jack that will lift the trailer (with horses inside) or a wheel block to pull one trailer tire onto to get the other one off the ground.'
  20. 'Exactly half of his deliveries were on a good length, and while he banged 18 in short, another 11 were pitched well up in the blockhole.'
A flat area of something, especially a solid area of colour.
  1. 'The ink of the fixing agent is subsequently overprinted on the above block of colour in the required image.'
  2. 'It would look silly to draw the character as is; the background would be drawn too, and the character would be surrounded by a block of solid color.'
  3. 'This image has four blocks of colour – dark green, burgundy, dark blue and light cyan – used to adjust the colour settings of a computer monitor.'
  4. 'During 1878 the town of Eurelia was surveyed and the first blocks of land sold on 10 October 1878 for $5. each.'
  5. 'His scheme collapsed and he and his family settled on a block of land south west of Clare.'
  6. 'The preamble talks about how approximately 87,000 acres of confiscated land was divided into blocks.'
  7. 'Those business people have now been subdividing the land, and selling blocks for housing and commercial developments.'
  8. 'The business was being used to sell country homes and blocks of land throughout New South Wales.'
A pulley or system of pulleys mounted in a case.
  1. 'It was here that he was awarded £17,000 by the government for the patent of his mechanical ships blocks.'
  2. 'A block which moves downward is attached to a string which is wrapped around the pulley.'

More definitions

1. a solid mass of wood, stone, etc., usually with one or more flat or approximately flat faces.

2. a hollow masonry building unit of cement, terra cotta, etc.: a wall made of concrete blocks.

3. one of a set of cube-shaped pieces of wood, plastic, or the like, used as a child's toy in building.

4. a mold or piece on which something is shaped or kept in shape: a hat block.

5. a piece of wood used in the art of making woodcuts or wood engravings.

6. Printing. the base on which a

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