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Complete; utter (used to express annoyance or contempt)
  1. 'What better tribute to the blithering indecision that has made us the nation we are today?'
  2. 'I was sure he thought I was a blithering idiot or worse.'
  3. 'Not that he's a blithering idiot or anything but he tends to be forgetful, a lot.'
  4. 'Following that moment of blithering mayhem, she had punched the car into drive after shoving the key mercilessly into its sheath.'
  5. 'Then what am I paying you for you blithering idiot?'
  6. 'Who was the blithering idiot that came up with that one?'
  7. 'Now our guys are dying everyday because of a blithering miscalculation on your part.'
  8. 'And he is free to be a blithering moron, because there is no law against being a blithering moron.'
  9. 'It is blithering nonsense to suggest that customers are being ripped off by thousands of pounds a minute.'
  10. 'It is to my eternal shame that I am absent-minded and occasionally a blithering idiot.'


1. to talk foolishly; blather: He's blithering about some problem of his.

More examples(as adjective)

"idiots can be blithering."

"hecks can be blithering."


(blither)Late 19th century: from blither + -ing.