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A small bubble on the skin filled with serum and caused by friction, burning, or other damage.
  1. 'Over the next three days the blisters developed into ulcers.'
  2. 'To prevent blisters friction should be reduced and the skin kept dry.'
  3. 'What that means is his skin blisters from the slightest friction.'
  4. 'After the area is warmed the skin will be discoloured and will blister, these blisters should not be broken, but covered with a sterile covering.'
  5. 'Other symptoms could include swollen glands, red eyes, sore throat, diarrhea, and a rash that looks like blisters or bruises.'
  6. 'These look like blisters, ulcers, or chapped areas.'
  7. 'Call the doctor if your baby has a rash with blisters or bumps.'
  8. 'Some chemicals make the area blister and cause the wart to fall off.'
  9. 'There may also be redness around the blister, and the skin may feel hot and painful.'
  10. 'Closely monitor your feet before and after exercise for any signs of potential damage, such as blisters, which can lead to ulcers if left untreated.'
  11. 'check for cracks and blisters in sheet roofing felt'
  12. 'If not enough time is allowed, the wallpaper may continue to expand on the wall causing bubbles or blisters.'
  13. 'Their problems did not resolve immediately and some boards blistered using other company's ink.'
  14. 'It was spherical and snooker-ball sized with deep U-grooves over its surface so that the ridges between became blisters.'
  15. 'While a person is feeling the tread, the entire tire should also be inspected for such safety-related damage as cuts, cracks, blisters, or bulges.'
  16. 'Many were found to be developing internal cracks and big blisters.'
  17. 'A physician was called, who soon after his arrival applied a blister to the throat and let another pint of blood.'
An annoying person.


    Form blisters on the skin or other surface.
    1. 'he had blistered feet'
    2. 'This surface film can blister or peel if the wood is wetted or if inside water vapor moves through the house wall and wood siding because of the absence of a vapor barrier.'
    3. '‘It has got progressively worse and now when I cry my face burns and begins to blister,’ she said.'
    4. 'They will puff up and the skin will blister slightly.'
    5. 'Soon everything was on fire and she watched helplessly as her skin blistered and burned.'
    6. 'Meanwhile preheat the grill, place the peppers skin side up on a sheet of foil, on a grill tray, and heat under the grill for 5-10 mins, until the skin is charred and blistered.'
    7. 'The skin of victims of mustard gas blistered, the eyes became very sore and they began to vomit.'
    8. 'Use thicker-fleshed chiles, such as poblanos, and allow their skin to blacken and blister without burning through the flesh.'
    9. 'The pavement was hot and full of small stones, and his stocking feet began to blister.'
    10. 'I could feel the skin there beginning to blister.'
    11. 'My feet were beginning to blister, and my joints ached, but finally, tired and weary, I reached the final step.'
    12. 'I have had several blistered fingers and throbbing arms from the evil socket.'
    13. 'The prosthesis rubs and pulls on my leg, blistering the skin.'
    14. 'He was also suffering from bites that had severely blistered both of his legs.'
    15. 'I should have learned after blistering my hands so badly in Banbury.'
    16. 'However, many of those who complain about vivisection in the make-up industry would be the first to sue a cosmetic firm if their animal-testing-free mascara blistered their skin.'
    17. 'This thing around my neck is searing and blistering my skin black and cutting off circulation to my brain and life-giving oxygen to my lungs.'
    18. 'I climbed them, swinging from one to another, blistering my hands and straining my muscles, all the while feeling like the surface was not getting any nearer.'
    19. 'The disease, which blisters the mouths and hooves of livestock, cannot be transmitted to humans, presenting no health risk to people eating the meat or drinking the milk of the infected cows.'
    20. 'His parents first began to notice something was wrong when he was six months old after he badly blistered his fingers on a hot potato chip.'

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    1. a thin vesicle on the skin, containing watery matter or serum, as from a burn or other injury.

    2. any similar swelling, as an air bubble in a coat of paint.

    3. a relatively large bubble occurring in glass during blowing.

    4. Military. a transparent bulge or dome on the fuselage of an airplane, usually for mounting a gun.

    5. Photography. a bubble of air formed where the emulsion has separated from the base of a film, as because of defective processing.

    6. a dome or skylight on a buil

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    "feet can be blistered."

    "skins can be blistered."

    "heels can be blistered."

    "paints can be blistered."

    "tyreses can be blistered."

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    (blister)Middle English: perhaps from Old French blestre ‘swelling, pimple’.