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Definitions and examples


Used to express annoyance.
  1. as submodifier 'I'll sign off however I blinking well like'
  2. 'We're still nowhere near knowing who the blinking flip the guy actually is.'
  3. 'The real problem is I don't want to be a blinking teacher at all, despite the fact that I like the children.'
  4. 'This rhetoric could only reassure if you were a blinking idiot and hadn't seen any news coverage of the current situation at all.'
  5. 'And a whole blinking decade later, it might be possible to wonder what you were on at the time.'
  6. 'We have no blinking idea how to program that yet.'
  7. 'It's still happening - it's a blinking nightmare.'
  8. 'What the blinking blazes was going on with all those votes?'
  9. 'I look back at the passengers, some of whom are blinking trying to work out what his issue is.'


1. (used as an intensifier): He's a blinking idiot.

More examples(as adjective)

"lights can be blinking."

"warning lights can be blinking."

"universities can be blinking."

"people/places/organizations can be blinking."

"eyes can be blinking."

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