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(of a horse) wearing blinkers.
  1. 'A tonga resembles a huge wooden box, balanced on two sturdy wheels, drawn by a single blinkered horse.'
  2. 'The stable-bound horse, ribs protruding, eyes blinkered, stamped its hooves on the wooden floor.'
  3. 'I was amazed at the totally blinkered attitudes of the individuals who see no legitimate reason to own a gun in Britain.'
  4. 'I think he is a man of limited intelligence, considerable low cunning, self-esteem born of blinkered privilege and a mean spirit.'
  5. 'The arts have continually suffered from negative, blinkered attitudes.'
  6. 'This is the more lamentable as the title of the book suggests a less blinkered approach.'
  7. 'If attitudes to sexual equality in 2002 are as blinkered and ignorant as they were in 1974 then we have learned nothing and this battle can never be won.'
  8. 'But it is not a blinkered and insular type of independence.'
  9. 'He really will get a shock if he keeps thinking in such a blinkered, narrow way.'
  10. 'It is no wonder with this blinkered attitude that the Capital of Culture bid was a non-starter.'


1. narrow-minded and subjective; unwilling to understand another viewpoint.

2. having blinkers on; fitted with blinkers.

More examples(as adjective)

"strategies can be blinkered."

"politicses can be blinkered."

"ideologueses can be blinkered."

"developments can be blinkered."

"dashes can be blinkered."

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