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A direction in which a person has a poor view of approaching traffic or danger.
  1. 'We went round the blind side and came in low, at 100 ft.'
  2. 'Pateley left-back Dan Carrington was fortunate to escape with a clear handball in his own area but it was on the blind side of referee Brian Beecroft who had an outstanding game throughout.'
  3. 'From Brennan's puck out, Waterford went back on the attack and Paul Flynn was lucky to be awarded a free in possession after he had fouled the ball on the blind side of referee, Tom McIntyre.'
  4. 'Veteran defender John Swales was lucky to escape as he blatantly handled to deny Constantine a clear run at goal but fortunately for him it was on the blind side of referee Mr Haslam, who had an excellent game.'
  5. 'Horsforth's frustration was clear to see and striker Connolly was fortunate to get away with a spiteful kick at John Mutton on the blind side of the referee.'
  6. 'With seconds remaining Philips exploited space on the blind side from a scrum on the French 10-metre line.'
  7. 'Ilkley regained possession but some of the worst examples of poor passing and a knock on allowed Heath to attack the blind side from the scrum.'
  8. 'In a complete reversal of form Keighley were now well in control and Brodleians lead was reduced to a single point when a neat blind side break by scrum half Scott Amos opened the way for wingman Chris Watts to sprint to the line.'


Hit or attack (someone) on their blind side.
  1. 'Just as he was coming in close, he blindsided him with a fierce punch.'
  2. 'One of the man's comrades had snuck up on me and blindsided me with his rifle.'
  3. 'Suddenly, a white minivan blindsided him, causing a ‘fender vault’ that tossed the man three feet into the air, still holding one briefcase.'
  4. 'The guy blindsided me and for a time I went shaky in the legs.'
  5. 'And if you ever blindside me like that again, I'll have your head.'
  6. 'Then, late in the week, linebacker Ira Davis blindsides cornerback Jason David at his locker because Davis thinks David is seeing his girlfriend.'
  7. 'He blindsided the frantic princess, lifting her over his shoulder as he continued his race with the darts that were now heading in their direction.'
  8. '‘We were completely blindsided off the road,’ said an unidentified man who was hurt on Wednesday morning.'
  9. 'The second attacker came from the left this time, blindsiding the girl with a roughly placed fist to her temple.'
  10. 'we got blindsided by our own government'
  11. 'He could have told him that he was embarrassing him and all Republicans for blindsiding him.'
  12. 'I honestly don't understand it and won't until the same thing blindsides me.'
  13. 'So, she's completely blindsided when he's arrested, dragged into a military court and accused of murdering nine people.'
  14. 'The second act, at 25 minutes, which blindsided me to a degree, is an exercise in unconventional reconciliation and takes place in the hung-over wake of the previous night's revelations.'
  15. 'If Mr. O'Neill felt that material got to the president that blindsided him, he should have inquired within his own department.'
  16. 'Raise your hand if you were blindsided by that revelation.'
  17. 'Rather, he was blindsided because he did not expect the danger to come from small fringe elements but from places like the old Soviet Union and from China.'
  18. 'I think that would be a good first step to resolving this (whichever direction it may go) and you won't be blindsiding her with the breakup.'
  19. 'Houston Mayor Bill White said city officials were blindsided by FEMA's order.'
  20. 'I don't know why I'm starting to cry, struggling to breathe, as if I'm completely blindsided.'

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1. Sports. to tackle, hit, or attack (an opponent) from the blind side: The quarterback was blindsided and had the ball knocked out of his hand.

2. Informal. to attack critically where a person is vulnerable, uninformed, etc.: The president was blindsided by the press on the latest tax bill.

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