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(of light) very bright and likely to dazzle or cause temporary blindness.
  1. figurative 'a blinding flash of inspiration'
  2. 'The sun was blinding as it reflected off the sheer surface of the hill.'
  3. 'Their cursed digital cameras flared out those blinding blue and green lights throughout the concert.'
  4. 'She tried to squeeze her eyes closed, the light blinding to the sight, as she rolled over onto her side, to try and return to sleeping.'
  5. 'Suddenly a light pierced through and she shielded her eyes from the sudden blinding glow.'
  6. 'A sudden blinding, flashing, light filled the room, and I had to squeeze my eyes shut momentarily in order to shield my eyes.'
  7. 'He opened his blue-green eyes and looked into the most blinding light he had ever seen.'
  8. 'Photographers following Diana and Dodi claimed they saw a blinding flash of light as Diana's car entered the underpass where it went out of control.'
  9. 'The sky was white, a stark, blinding white that pooled down on grass and made it look pale - icy, almost.'
  10. 'He suddenly missed the hellish heat and the blinding sun of Orlando.'
  11. 'As soon as Pearl, Ben and I walk in, we are met by loud rap and blinding, colorful lights coming from the ceiling.'
  12. 'Sideways, blinding rain mixed with seawater blew in sheets, toppling roadside signs for hotels and gas stations.'
  13. 'Suddenly, the field turned a blinding white, and vanished, leaving nothing there.'
  14. 'Sideways, blinding rain blew in sheets, toppling roadside signs for hotels and gas stations.'
  15. 'Just as the man turned, another blinding explosion rocked Lans' world.'
  16. 'We raced almost everyday over the bright blinding green hills with scattered trees here and there.'
  17. 'Conditions on Australia's east coast were vastly improved yesterday from the blinding rain that greeted the 57 starters a day earlier.'
  18. 'As teenagers though, the beach suddenly and wonderfully enlarges, like the first blinding moments of the nascent universe.'
  19. 'Covering my eyes from the blinding rain, I shivered and bent down looking for the sign.'
  20. 'In a blinding rain storm, Cole arrives at the warehouse to witness Vincenzo berate his son.'
  21. 'With more than a mile to go, Nicole saw the headlights of a car coming towards her out of the blinding rain.'
  22. 'I've got a blinding headache'
  23. 'A hand went up and blinding pain in my nose made me stop.'
  24. 'A swollen jaw and blinding pain made worse by gentle breezes on the cheek indicate a trip to the dentist is necessary.'
  25. 'The colors are blinding, the fast cuts almost nauseating.'
  26. 'Suddenly all of her senses were screaming warning, but it was too late to react as a blinding pain shot from the crown of her cranium to the soles of her feet.'
  27. 'Their eyes meet for one blinding, uniting moment, and he sees her finally, not reflected, not invisible, but her, at last and only, her.'
  28. 'There was a shocking, blinding ache in my arm but I ignored it, dashing to Vik's side.'
  29. 'Then suddenly he felt a blinding hit at the base of his skull, which sent him back into a black abyss.'
  30. '‘Find me something else to take that will get rid of the blinding pain, and I'll happily stop taking it,’ she said sharply.'
  31. 'Never in Queensland's political history has one bottle of wine caused such a blinding headache.'
  32. 'She stayed standing, though her leg throbbed with blinding pain.'
(of an action) remarkably skilful and exciting.
  1. 'A first-half spectator, he made three blinding saves in the second-half that kept his side in the contest as Addingham struggled to raise their game and cohesion.'
  2. 'It was yet a young storm, and had not released its initial onslaught of blinding lightning, crashing thunder or pouring rain.'
  3. 'With trainer John Dunlop and jockey Pat Eddery in such blinding form, it would be unwise to overlook their joint claims with Silver Grey Lady in the Arena Racing Oaks Trial.'
  4. 'Some days he is blinding, and destroys top class defences, but other times he is the quietest player on the pitch and would be better off staying at home.'
  5. 'For a while all that Alaina could see was blinding blue and purple spots that clouded her vision from taking in her surroundings.'
  6. 'Stardust drove through the rain at a blinding speed, the rain pelting off Kristine's face, stinging her cheeks.'
  7. 'Hayden took another blinding catch in the gully to send Craig White on his way for 13 and give McGrath his third wicket.'
  8. 'We change our tastes and opinions with the same blinding speed that TV can make you famous or the press turn on idols they once loved.'
  9. 'He had such blinding speed that no ball was truly out of reach.'
  10. 'Henderson earned his corn with a blinding save from Terriers dangerman Chris Brandon as City clung precariously to their lead.'


The process of covering a newly made road with grit to fill cracks.
  1. 'The latest technical development of Kirchner is the paver-integrated Gritter, which places the chipping for blinding of the road directly behind the paving screed in one process and improves the quality of the road significantly.'
  2. 'Formation appears to have deteriorated after rain and was not properly cleared out after blinding.'
  3. 'The workshop storeroom floors have a 75mm slab made of lime, hemp and sand mixed with water above a gravel blinding.'
  4. 'The invert of the 4100 Level was graded with a gravel blinding layer (Roktek).'


1. a layer of sand or fine gravel for filling the gaps in the surfaces of a road or pavement, as one of crushed and compacted stone.

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"flashes can be blinding."

"lights can be blinding."

"rains can be blinding."

"headaches can be blinding."

"whites can be blinding."

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