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Mix (a substance) with another substance so that they combine together.
  1. 'add the grated cheese and blend well'
  2. 'Campbell makes a popular drink he calls the Mocha Eclipse, which blends hot chocolate, espresso, whipped cream and foam from cappuccino.'
  3. 'In 1949 the wineries were expanded by the government, who, for reasons of economy, blended grape wine with water, fermented cereals, and colouring.'
  4. 'The advantage of the system is that the feed ingredients are blended together, providing the cow with a nutritionally balanced diet in every bite.'
  5. 'Skin-smoothing banana and coconut are blended with sea salt to exfoliate and revitalize body skin.'
  6. 'It engages hands and arms, wrists and shoulders to fold and blend those ingredients.'
  7. 'The ice cream was blended with honey, saffron and pistachio - refreshing and milky.'
  8. 'The Halogen Lamp with Wooden Arm is great as it blends both wood and steel, making it a sure bet to match your office.'
  9. 'Fresh ingredients and drink mixes can be used to blend frozen fruit smoothies, coffee drinks and house signature drinks.'
  10. 'The four herbs are blended together and then brought to boiling point for ten minutes.'
  11. 'Designers are also offering an exciting array of styles that include embroidery as well as blending materials such as canvas with metals and exotic woods and leathers.'
  12. 'Like wine, chocolate is often blended from various beans, which of course can vary.'
  13. 'Its various grades can be used as stand-alone products or can be blended with other transparent polymers.'
  14. 'He would then create a dram by blending several different whiskies together to achieve the drinker's own bespoke spirit.'
  15. 'Traditional aged and blended whiskey isn't the only spirit Ireland is known for.'
  16. 'In 1997, for example, Japan imported 32 million l (8.4 million gal) of bulk wine for bottling or blending into domestic brands.'
  17. 'Aged for a minimum of three years and blended to produce consistent taste from year to year, Canadian whisky is usually very light in taste compared to Scotch or bourbon.'
  18. 'Herbal medicines and tonics called jamu are both home blended and mass produced.'
  19. 'Other kinds of coal and manufactured fuels are also delivered directly to the site from a variety of sources and some of this is blended with the larger products of the mine coal.'
  20. 'These 3 aromas identify the three types of whiskies that when blended together result in the fifth glass.'
  21. 'There are two basic sorts of American whiskies: straight and blended.'
  22. 'I blend basic information for the novice with some scientific gardening for the more experienced'
  23. 'It is always a pleasure to find a work that blends a true sense of art with solid scientific information.'
  24. 'Creativity, sharp-edged humor and a profound sadness blended together in the spirited march that rolled down Broadway.'
  25. 'This would be part of a general move towards blending physiological information with the anatomical information provided by traditional, diagnostic images.'
  26. 'But most of this is flawlessly blended with advertising and product promotion.'
  27. 'A good ethnographic or art historical photograph blends technique and composition with information and context.'
  28. 'The collages blended abstract shapes with strange visual effects and, here and there, the odd familiar outline.'
  29. 'If anything, he managed to take the basic emotional core of this guitar sound and blend it seamlessly with subtle, haunting digital effects.'
  30. 'The central virtue of the monograph and the article in Crop Science is that the authors blend their mysticism with basic knowledge of plant breeding.'
  31. 'The film is the best example of blending really abstract content with a strong emotional core.'
  32. 'But it takes a blending of the romantic and the practical that is unique to my mother to spontaneously arrive at such a conclusion.'
  33. 'blend and smudge the darker colours under the bottom lashes'
  34. 'I saw her face in the reflection as I blended the purple to peach.'
  35. 'The absence of any pigment produces white, and all pigments blended together produces black.'
  36. 'Even novel things such as shading the patterns and blending the colours can be done to some extent by mixing one or more of the powders together.'
  37. 'Two years ago the Gazette was allowed to exclusively reveal the revolutionary design of the proposed new buildings, set back into the hillside with undulating grass roofs to blend with the surroundings.'
  38. 'Also featured there is a display panel in the corporate blue of the university's logo, plus green and lilac to blend with the furnishing.'
  39. 'Then of course there is the completely imaginative theme of science fiction where completely impossible situations carefully blend with topics of general interest.'
  40. 'Deputy Higgins said it that it was absolutely ridiculous that when such major renewal works are under way that the new structure should not be re-aligned to blend with the existing street scape.'
  41. 'The new museum graphics had to complement the existing and blend with the Spanish Colonial architecture.'
  42. 'The solar units are environmentally friendly and can now be installed on your roof to blend with the architecture of your house.'
  43. 'Wisely, Patrick realized that if Christianity were to be accepted, it had to blend with native Irish traditions.'
  44. 'A bright, fresh sound was produced by the sopranos, the men blended well together and, in all, the choir made a rich sound characterised by clear diction.'
  45. 'Head teacher Mrs Sue Bennett said that it had been designed to resemble an Essex farm barn, so it would blend with the school's rural setting.'
  46. 'Here, again, tourist facilities had been built to blend with the trees.'
  47. 'she would have to employ a permanent bodyguard in the house, someone who would blend in'
  48. 'They've found it's possible to construct pools that are more about building with nature and blending into the natural land scape.'
  49. 'Being with the older kids helped me to blend in and pick up attributes of normal behaviour that might somehow hide my eccentricities.'
  50. 'The post office wants new blood and new ideas but also to blend in with the older, more established customers.'
  51. 'Morina had helped dress Desiree in a servant's outfit, so she would appear to blend in.'
  52. 'The point this season is the nautical influences blending into some of this season's trends.'
  53. 'When the teams finally set up camp, they construct a shelter that blends into the scenery and build handmade weapons and tools.'
  54. 'If it was in its natural habitat it would have blended in nicely; sat in a tree on a dull day in suburban Surrey it stood out like a sore thumb.'
  55. 'In your experience, interviewing them, who do you think fared better in terms of acculturating and blending into Australian society?'
  56. 'She uses the garden to show clients how works of art can blend into natural settings.'
  57. 'Like all white and single backpackers, Scot arrives in India with the idea of travelling without blending in.'


A mixture of different substances or other things.
  1. 'Ontario offers a cultural blend you'll find nowhere else on earth'
  2. 'Although the perfume contains no whisky, the blend of ingredients is chosen to recreate the traditional smoky and peaty smells of island malts such as Talisker and Laphroaig.'
  3. 'Or try Body Balance, a blend of balance poses combined with flowing guided movements, yoga and meditation.'
  4. 'She named her 4-year-old firm Alloy Design and Technology because an alloy is a blend of different materials.'
  5. 'This trio of New Zealanders will play a blend of original compositions and jazz favourites.'
  6. 'A synergistic blend of healing substances, according to ayurveda, delivers a holistic benefit that is greater than the sum of its parts.'
  7. 'It's looking very handsome out back, all sweeping lawns backed by a soft mixed hedge perhaps ten feet high, composed of a good blend of native trees and bushes.'
  8. 'For example, blends for flavored milk or ice cream mix are created by combining the weighed ingredients and testing for butterfat and solids prior to pasteurization.'
  9. 'Recently, scientists have been able to encapsulate pharmaceutical-grade olive oil in a blend with vitamins, minerals and herbals.'
  10. 'It's also available in blends combining standardized extract with powdered or liquid chaste tree berries.'
  11. 'A more complex and effective mix is to use a blend of lemon juice and rose water in fresh butter.'
  12. 'Make up small quantities of your blends so they don't have to stand for too long before being used.'
  13. 'If we don't choose the pups that work like the latest Champion, we are not selecting the right genetic blend from the many possible combinations.'
  14. 'For example, you can find blends of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and so on.'
  15. 'Some will be kept in reserve for future blends and some will enter the blend immediately.'
  16. 'A #2 blend has lubricating qualities that make it oily and smelly.'
  17. 'An inspired blend of four different lavenders on a base of rosemary and thyme, it will make all your linens smell as good as sheets hung out to dry on a warm summer's day.'
  18. 'Floating in your fruity red, there's a blend of citrus fruit juices and a dash of blackcurrant.'
  19. 'In the New World such a process is likely to involve the assembly of blends of various different quality levels and character.'
  20. 'The sparkling wine, Sula Brut, is made out of a blend of three different grape varieties; a creamy, light nectar.'
  21. 'You will get the best out of your tomatoes if you fertilise them regularly either with manure or a good quality granular blend.'
  22. 'At B.R. Guest restaurants, Renzi listed a terrific wine from the Languedoc called Cirrus - a blend of five different grapes.'
  23. 'But Scalito is a different kind of onomastic blend: an epithet combining elements of two names to suggest a resemblance of one named person to the other.'
  24. 'An early example is the word motorcade, formed as a blend of motor and cavalcade, which created a new suffix - cade that has been used in words like aerocade, aquacade and even camelcade and tractorcade.'

More definitions

1. to mix smoothly and inseparably together: to blend the ingredients in a recipe.

2. to mix (various sorts or grades) in order to obtain a particular kind or quality: Blend a little red paint with the blue paint.

3. to prepare by such mixture: This tea is blended by mixing chamomile with pekoe.

4. to pronounce (an utterance) as a combined sequence of sounds. verb (used without object), blended or blent, blending.

5. to mix o

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"items can be blended."

"whiskies can be blended."

"rates can be blended."

"crudes can be blended."

"values can be blended."

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(blend)Middle English: probably of Scandinavian origin and related to Old Norse blanda ‘to mix’.