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A small mark or flaw which spoils the appearance of something.
  1. 'Its flaws are like blemishes on the surface of a pearl: you wish they weren't there so that you could enjoy a perfect treasure.'
  2. 'A blemish even gives the appearance of a nail on the extended digit.'
  3. 'There were no scars or blemishes around it, just a little black mark in the shape of an ankh.'
  4. '‘Sexy’ leaves no room for stretch marks, cellulite, fat, blemishes or imperfection.'
  5. 'It smooths away the appearance of fine lines and blemishes, and can be used on bare skin or over foundation.'
  6. 'Trim off tough or discolored bottoms of mushroom stems and any bruised spots or blemishes.'
  7. 'I've already had a patch of cancer removed, and other blemishes have appeared that soon will need attention.'
  8. 'I can point out where flaws and blemishes have been removed as well as body alterations made.'
  9. 'We've taken out freckles, birthmarks, scars, blemishes, excess fat, and body hair.'
  10. 'Everything is solidly constructed with no marks, blemishes or mistakes, which adds to the high quality of the unit.'
  11. 'the offences were an uncharacteristic blemish on an otherwise clean record'
  12. 'Harris writes well about the South because she knows the region; its ways and its blemishes and its peculiar charms are as familiar as her own reflection.'
  13. 'None of the parties is without fault or blemish of one kind or another.'
  14. 'I'm neither a human being nor an animal, I'm just an affront, a disgrace, a blemish that has to be hidden.'
  15. 'For it is only such a remnant that can transcend any blemishes that taint any one institution and it is only such a remnant that can remain pure because it consists only of purity.'
  16. 'He'll heal a few wounds while not taking away the main blemish that rests on him that he's tainted by association with Kohl.'
  17. 'Von Trier's admirers may even sense a powerful streak of autobiography in a central character who sees human nature with all its blemishes and failings and yet continually hopes for the best.'
  18. 'This at a time when the political press was treating every blemish in Gore's moral complexion as if it were a cancerous tumor.'
  19. 'To start a new picture, one without the many blemishes of an alcoholic and his children, their minds tainted with a streak of hate.'
  20. 'So those air forces were allowed to continue to do things which it must be said in cold blood were a moral blemish, a moral blot perhaps on the conduct of the Allies.'
  21. 'Celtic's easy, 5-1 victory at Parkhead in October was an uncharacteristic blemish on Kilmarnock's recent record in the fixture.'


Spoil the appearance or quality of (something)
  1. 'his reign as world champion has been blemished by controversy'
  2. 'The bloody history written in the territory of Gujarat by them will always be remembered in the history of independent India as a black and blemished history.'
  3. 'I am an atheist in life and I won't choose to have my memory blemished by anyone taking the freedom to meddle with my choices in life, neither with my memory afterlife.'
  4. 'Scorch marks blemished the earth around him, evidence of Naraea's earlier attempts at magic.'
  5. 'Bennett's excellent point scoring record was slightly blemished as he shot two wides from scorable positions and Clare began to pile on the pressure with another Markham point.'
  6. 'Arach and Hawkke turned their head to the door, listening to the woman's pace dying away in the corridor, and then two trails of scarlet blemished her opaline cheeks, as she understood what that silly wench had believed she had seen.'
  7. 'Sri Lanka had a perfect record, but it was blemished a little by reasons beyond their control.'
  8. 'Huge cracks blemished the skis, the bindings were grotesquely twisted, and the poles bent at right angles.'
  9. 'No visible wounds blemished the surface of his skin; except for a profusion of scars, his yellow, slightly brown skin was flawless.'
  10. 'He also refused to be downhearted about his score, even though an early run of birdies was soon blemished.'
  11. 'The latest CD technology attempts to tame the original tinny, shallow sonics that blemished the recording's three previous LP incarnations, but the sound is still only just tolerable.'

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1. to destroy or diminish the perfection of: The book is blemished by those long, ineffective descriptions. noun

2. a mark that detracts from appearance, as a pimple or a scar.

3. a defect or flaw; stain; blight: a blemish on his record.

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"skins can be blemished."

"rights can be blemished."

"records can be blemished."

"stars can be blemished."

"histories can be blemished."

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(blemish)Late Middle English (as a verb): from Old French ble(s)miss-, lengthened stem of ble(s)mir ‘make pale, injure’; probably of Germanic origin.