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Used for emphasis, or to express annoyance.
  1. as submodifier 'she looks so bleeding bored all day'
  2. 'Why must we folk who live in mild old Britain have to put up with competing in every major bloody city during a bleeding heatwave anyway?'
  3. 'We had meandered off on a circuitous journey of legal ground-breaking to reach the bleeding obvious.'
  4. 'You think Gordon Ramsay spends 14 hours in the operating theatre before he makes supper for a whole bleeding family?'
  5. 'Then, with a small smile she said, ‘I don't give a bleeding damn, my dear sir.’'
  6. 'Whatever made that bleeding woman conclude such a thing?'
  7. 'Online personality quizzes, jokey viral e-mails, and now a bleeding chatroom, of all things!'


1. the act, fact, or process of losing blood or having blood flow.

2. the act or process of drawing blood from a person, especially surgically; bloodletting.

3. the extension of color beyond an edge or border, especially so as to combine with a contiguous color or to affect an adjacent area. adjective

4. sending forth blood: a bleeding sore.

5. feeling, expressing, or characterized by extreme or excessive anguish and compassion.

6. British Slang. (used as an intensifier): bleed

More examples(as adjective)

"ulcers can be bleeding."

"variceses can be bleeding."

"gums can be bleeding."

"complications can be bleeding."

"wounds can be bleeding."

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