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(of the eyes) looking or feeling dull and unfocused from sleep or tiredness.
  1. 'bleary-eyed business travellers'
  2. 'Practically everyone I meet these days seems to have bleary eyes, scarlet noses and a croaking voice.'
  3. 'Andrew rolled over and looked at her though still bleary eyes.'
  4. 'He pulled a grimy handkerchief from his pocket and let fly with a wet honk into the rag, then he looked at them with bleary eyes.'
  5. 'The rocking of the rickety, old train and the whoosh and whir of the wheels teased our weary bodies and bleary eyes.'
  6. 'Once she had inhaled enough oxygen, Jynx peered up with bleary eyes only to find a pair of red eyes and a smirk staring down at her.'
  7. 'The next morning brings heavy heads and bleary eyes, and a need for some fresh air.'
  8. 'You turn over in your half-sleep and try to read the numbers, but they blur before your bleary eyes.'
  9. 'He had not been sobbing but her cheeks were moist and his eyes were bleary.'
  10. 'The screen would move in waves in front of my bleary eyes so I'd give up trying to make sense of the dancing letters after a few minutes.'
  11. 'I crawled into the day with bleary eyes and a slothful demeanour.'


1. (of the eyes or sight) blurred or dimmed, as from sleep or weariness.

2. indistinct; unclear: The day begins with a bleary view of one's world.

3. fatigued; worn-out.

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"eyes can be bleary with quinines."

"eyes can be bleary."

"situations can be bleary."

"workers can be bleary."

"travellers can be bleary."

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