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A very large or fiercely burning fire.
  1. 'Authorities are anxious to douse this blaze and begin dealing with its aftermath.'
  2. 'Supposedly this ultra-intense blaze was caused by a man with a cigarette lighter and a ‘carton of flammable liquid’.'
  3. 'Despite the warnings, fires have begun raging again in the center of Suva and the fire department has called back all firefighters on leave to help battle the blazes.'
  4. 'Three fire engines attended the blaze, described by firemen as ‘very serious’, just before midday.'
  5. 'A boy seriously burned in a fire that killed his older brother eight years ago has saved his younger brother and sister from another blaze at their Bradford home.'
  6. 'In July and early August, firefighting crews have battled blazes in nearly every Western state.'
  7. 'The smoke began to pour out of it as the sudden blaze died down.'
  8. 'In the middle of that rooftop blaze, the scene turned into slow motion for him.'
  9. 'Paul last found himself in America three years ago, when he was part of an 11,000-man team put together to tackle a major forest blaze.'
  10. 'A rookie firefighter who was on his first day's duty with Keighley's Blue Watch has been praised for his actions when he was called to an horrific death blaze.'
  11. 'the gardens in summer are a blaze of colour'
  12. 'The girls arrived into school in a blaze of colour wearing football, hurling, soccer and rugby jerseys and helped to raise a terrific 500.'
  13. 'I recently visited Doncaster and their floral displays were a blaze of colour.'
  14. 'All these combined with seasonal foliage and exotic flowers enable superb arrangements to be created, which filled the stage with a blaze of colour.'
  15. 'During the warm and shining spring flower blossoming season, you can enjoy a blaze of colour here, with lovely flowers everywhere.'
  16. 'The sun setting in the far north west went down in a blaze of red and blended so gently into a moonlit night that it seemed as if it hadn't set at all.'
  17. 'The fun will culminate once again in a blaze of colour with an Atlantis carnival parade through the town centre from 10.30 am on Saturday.'
  18. 'It is breathtaking, and brings the city into a blaze of colour on a cold winter's night.'
  19. 'Hector shut his eyes, to see his inner world, a blaze of swirling pearly colours.'
  20. 'Prime times to visit the county are without doubt during the Spring, when the blossoming apple orchards are a blaze of colour, or in the Autumn, during the harvest.'
  21. 'The bulbs were sponsored by local business people and everyone is looking forward to Spring when the road sides should be a blaze of colour.'
  22. 'their relationship broke up in a blaze of publicity'
  23. 'He burst onto the scene in a blaze of very quick and intimidatory bowling.'
  24. 'Debates help them break through the blaze of hyperbolic attacks and confusing countercharges.'
  25. 'But - and here's the surprising bit - it failed to provoke me into a blaze of mouth-frothing, righteous anger.'
  26. 'The festival was launched in a blaze of music, singing and dancing in Riverstown on Friday night last, August 2.'
  27. 'The poky Austrian farm building is filled with a blaze of noise, colour and light.'
  28. 'This is a classic lightning blaze of good-times rock 'n' roll.'
  29. 'This is where my last vestiges of immaturity come out in final blaze of glory.'
  30. 'Sumner's eight phone extensions lit up as a blaze of incoming phone calls fought their way to his attention all with orders for him to execute.'
  31. 'She screamed, and went into a fanatical frenzy, pushing aside her weariness for one last blaze of glory.'
  32. 'It was a three-day-long blaze of celebration and enjoyment.'
Used in various expressions of anger, bewilderment, or surprise as a euphemism for ‘hell’
  1. 'what the blazes are you all talking about?'
  2. 'How in blue blazes were you supposed to know you'd end up on the wrong side of a Mafia don?'
  3. 'What the blue blazes is throat-singing?'
  4. 'How in blue blazes am I to know where this program gets its data from?'


Burn fiercely or brightly.
  1. 'I got back this morning from a weekend away and the gas hob is still blazing away merrily to itself.'
  2. 'She was almost off her feet as she was watching the rocket rising into the sky with orange flames blazing.'
  3. 'Two flatbed military trucks were abandoned with their cabs blazing fiercely as dozens of townspeople converged to loot tires and other vehicle parts.'
  4. 'It's Sunday morning and after burning for three nights our straw-stack fire has stopped blazing.'
  5. 'One more directed push and a fire was blazing merrily, filling the wet dark cave with flickering orange light.'
  6. 'One by one the ten rings blazed brightly with orange and red flame, but Lauren still would not talk.'
  7. 'A fire blazing brightly in the fireplace meant warmth and comfort but at a deeper level also meant survival and the perpetuation of life itself.'
  8. 'Enemy planes make daylight and night attacks on port, scoring a direct hit on supply ship which blazes fiercely till next morning when it is sunk.'
  9. 'A fireplace set in one wall blazed fiercely, keeping the room and the food set on an iron grid before it, warm.'
  10. 'About 5.00 am mark the Paschal Fire will be set alight and it will be blazing brightly in the sky as people file up for the 6.00 am Mass.'
  11. 'he attacked the fire with poker and tongs until it blazed up'
  12. 'The wall, the windows, and everything in the room, except the floors, blazed up.'
  13. 'The inferno that now blazed up showed the whole camp what was happening.'
  14. 'Flames immediately blazed up and filled the den with warmth.'
  15. 'The fire was brought under control only to blaze up again on Wednesday.'
  16. 'The firewood, soaked in oil, blazed up immediately, and his boat became a beacon of flame, drifting downstream towards Lake Tallian.'
  17. figurative 'Barbara's eyes were blazing with anger'
  18. 'His blades, still blazing with a powerful energy, cut through Strife's scorching aura without the slightest resistance.'
  19. 'Blinding white light shone into the room, silhouetting a tall figure standing in the doorway, hands blazing with power.'
  20. 'He turned to Ryan again, his eyes now blazing with anger.'
  21. 'The central region of the small galaxy NGC 1705 blazes with the light of thousands of young and old stars.'
  22. 'The sun blazed down and my sunscreen dealer was calling me again.'
  23. 'In front of him, however, the screen was blazing with color, and the same boy was on the television, pushing his way through a dense forest.'
  24. 'Yesterday, the sun that has faded the Union Jack hanging from the church tower blazed down, and veterans who once had to fight their way in were welcomed as honoured friends.'
  25. 'There was a brilliant pattern of purples and oranges blazing across the sky, with a few small clouds blazing with the sun's reflection.'
  26. 'Telepathic communication was something that she had never thought to use and already her mind was blazing with the new avenues that it opened up.'
  27. 'Globes of light blazed up and down its length, and the white rectangles painted on asphalt glowed unearthly.'
Fire a gun repeatedly or indiscriminately.
  1. 'Because lasting solutions to longstanding conflicts demand dialogue and compromise - very hard to do with guns blazing in one's face.'
  2. 'Since you're on a timer to go from the insertion point to the extraction point, you have to run around with guns blazing.'
  3. 'The gunmen stormed the main entrance with guns blazing, and took several hundred shocked staff, visitors and patients hostage.'
  4. 'Most likely we will see a lot of guns blazing, ridiculously incredible jumping stunts and other Hollywood's Best Stuntmen TV show fodder.'
  5. 'Let me explain to the PM why he needs to take crash courses in combat and go out there in the field with guns blazing.'
  6. 'Certainly no maverick hero is allowed to dash in just in time with guns blazing.'
  7. 'Repression has led to the emergence of a ‘suicide family’ in our midst, complete with women taking to the streets with guns blazing.'
  8. 'A tank, guns blazing, fills the downtown of Jenin with a diesel smokescreen to enforce a curfew order.'
  9. 'They don't coordinate, they haven't blown the bridges, they just blaze away.'
  10. 'Then, in another few seconds, he was joined by the two agents that had come with the Lieutenant Governor, and they blazed away with their riot guns in the same direction.'
Achieve something in an impressive manner.
  1. 'You should be able to check this game out rather cheap, it's not new and I don't think it blazed up the charts.'
  2. 'Now blazing up the airwaves, the girls are preparing themselves for the deal that will take them through to the big time.'
  3. 'The blast of the starting gun seemed to still echo through the Alaskan countryside when the Navy team came blazing up to the first checkpoint.'
  4. 'On the turnover, it was Tallow who made the impressive start as Colm Geary raced in only to blaze the ball over the bar with the goal at his mercy.'
  5. 'Knight headed on to Cormack, who found himself free at the far post again, but he blazed the ball across goal from eight yards.'
  6. 'He straightens up into his delivery and blazes it into your glove so hard, dust rises, curling up like smoke.'
  7. 'Alas the old problems returned as the ball was blazed a yard over.'
  8. 'She collected a high centre from Caroline McGing, despite her two shadows, and blazed the ball to the roof of the net.'
  9. 'Prior's job was simply to show promise, blaze one fastball, maybe win one game.'
  10. 'York had chances, the best coming with two minutes to go when Roz Ramli blazed the ball across the circle and Couttie calmly flicked it into the top corner of the net.'
  11. 'The former Celtic striker picked himself up, dusted himself down, took a deep breath and blazed his spot-kick over the bar.'
  12. 'The ball fell to Nakata who blazed the ball high into the night sky.'
  13. 'Justice was served as the spot kick was blazed over the bar.'
Smoke cannabis.
  1. 'We are a nation of quiet stoners, blazing up and smoking out in peace and harmony.'
  2. 'When I blaze up a doobie, all that happens is I get extremely hungry and mostly sit around giggling at pretty much everything!'


A white spot or stripe on the face of a mammal or bird.
  1. 'The white blaze had always been there, from the tip of her nose between her ears and down her back.'
  2. 'Flocki was a dark-brindle dog with a white chest, front legs and muzzle and a white stripe, known as a blaze, down the center of his face.'
  3. 'I got quick looks at a yellowish honeyeater with a white blaze behind its face.'
  4. 'She's a beauty too, all red with a black mane and tail and a white blaze.'
  5. 'As Johnson had said, there was another mage riding a black stallion with a white blaze on his nose.'
  6. 'He was a palomino with a golden coat, a white blaze, four white stockings, and a cream mane and tail.'
  7. 'Abby was lying down, softly nuzzling a brown filly with soft fur, a blaze like Abby's and a blanket on her rump.'
A mark made on a tree by cutting the bark so as to mark a route.
  1. 'At this site, a line of single blue paint blazes showed the perimeters of the sale area.'
  2. 'On a small section of the trail, which was not logged during the nineteenth century, eighty-five living trees and fifty-eight dead trees with blazes dating from 1644 to 1880 have been identified.'


Set an example by being the first to do something; pioneer.
  1. 'It brought art into everyday life from architecture to furniture design, blazing a trail in painting, glassware, graphic design, jewellery, pottery, metalwork, textiles and sculpture.'
  2. 'Today, the onetime railroad lobbyist is blazing a trail to the solar system with a low-cost plan to launch manned expeditions to the moon and Mars.'
  3. 'Two Yorkshire cities were yesterday praised for spearheading the region's economic revival and blazing a trail for town planners across the country.'
  4. 'Target has blazed a trail nationally in developing the role of Special Constables.'
  5. 'Town and district councillor Chris March said: ‘Warminster was ahead of the game when we introduced CCTV cameras and I believe the police are blazing a trail in community support once again.’'
  6. 'Our perseverance and pioneering spirit in blazing a trail nobody has ever trodden before is no doubt admirable.'
  7. 'Both he and Woods, who played in the same 1995 Walker Cup side, are blazing a trail for ethnic minorities on the US Tour, which is still dominated by golfers of a Waspish background.'
  8. 'The online book and music website, which blazed a trail in making consumers comfortable with the idea of buying goods over the internet, was for years dismissed by analysts as being incapable of generating profits.'
  9. 'They are drawn by ideals of blazing a trail in China's fledgling biotech sector; the company's salaries and benefits can't compare with those in foreign ventures.'
  10. 'These agents have blazed a trail in small savings, providing an example of enthusiasm to their counterparts elsewhere.'
Mark out a path or route.
  1. 'Nothing is more adventurous and thrilling than blazing a trail across unmarked snow like a modern day pioneer exploring unknown lands, schussing into history.'
  2. 'Right now they're blazing a trail through the wilderness in South Carolina and ‘chopping up boulders.’'
  3. 'A hare is be given a short head start to blaze a trail, marking his devious way with shreds of paper, soon to be pursued by a shouting pack of harriers.'
  4. 'It was all we could do to keep up on our laden-down mountain bikes as he blazed a trail and made pleasant conversation in return for which we replied with strained grunts and squeaks.'

More definitions


1. a bright flame or fire: the welcome blaze of the hearth.

2. a bright, hot gleam or glow: the blaze of day.

3. a sparkling brightness: a blaze of jewels.

4. a sudden, intense outburst, as of fire, passion, or fury: to unleash a blaze of pent-up emotions; a blaze of glory.

5. blazes, Informal. hell: Go to blazes! verb (used without object), blazed, blazing.

6. to burn brightly (sometimes followed by away, up, forth): The bonfire blazed away for hours. The dry wood blaze


(blaze)Mid 17th century: ultimately of Germanic origin; related to German Blässe ‘blaze’ and blass ‘pale’, also to blaze, and probably to blemish.


like blazes
with all guns blazing