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(of a surface or background) unrelieved by decorative or other features; bare, empty, or plain.
  1. 'the screen went blank'
  2. 'He would roam the streets looking for nice blank surfaces to paint the letter of the day on.'
  3. 'His essay offers an intriguing interpretation of a Tudor portrait featuring five enigmatically blank panels.'
  4. 'See your own aura by standing about three feet in front of a mirror with a blank wall behind you.'
  5. 'It's a surprising journey to get from this blank surface to the finished thing, and it isn't a straight line.'
  6. 'Police fear the vandals will view clean walls as a blank canvas.'
  7. 'He was an empty vessel, a blank template waiting to be completed.'
  8. 'The blank background beautifully reflects the tonal differences, conjuring up the stark light of the Mediterranean and the murky tones of America.'
  9. 'I have turned away from him and am concentrating on the very blank, very white wall in front of me.'
  10. 'He thought as he was staring at the shockingly blank white walls.'
  11. 'Do you sometimes spend hours staring at a blank wall?'
  12. 'Slip a sheet of blank paper or an entire magazine into the baggie.'
  13. 'When his first son, William, was born, Darwin took an old notebook and began to record his development in its blank pages.'
  14. 'On it he put a sheet of blank paper and a packet of crayons before he pulled over a chair.'
  15. 'I wrote my name on a blank sheet of notebook paper, and tried to push it into the shredder, but I couldn't quite line the paper up with the feed.'
  16. 'First thing I did was to sit down with a blank sheet of paper and write up a ‘wish list’ of all the things I'd like to have in the campaign.'
  17. 'His boss set him to cutting and pasting blank sheets of profile paper into strips of varying dimensions for later use in the field.'
  18. 'Staring confused at the blank envelope I moved to my kitchen counter.'
  19. 'The police brought him in, gave him a blank sheet to write down what he did the day before, and then released him.'
  20. 'One national daily yesterday featured a blank front page, explaining below that it had been reserved for a victory picture that never came.'
  21. 'He went into his room and pulled out a blank sheet of paper and pen and he began to write a reply letter.'
  22. 'blank tax-return forms'
  23. 'He pulled out the drawer of his desk and got out a blank American passport.'
  24. 'If participants did not experience anything unusual, they were instructed to simply return the blank questionnaire.'
  25. 'First, it will be recalled that errors made by customers when completing blank bank giro credit forms led to unacceptable delays in payments being made.'
  26. 'Since 1990, there have been over 19,050 blank passports that have been stolen from Belgium.'
  27. 'She had gotten back to the blank document she had started earlier.'
  28. 'At first she assumed he was coding data, but finally caught him completing blank questionnaires.'
  29. 'This word processor starts up in about three seconds on a decent system and takes about 5MB of memory for a blank document.'
  30. 'Instead, he turned and replaced the invoice with his blank warrant, quickly copying over the address.'
  31. 'How trusted are the people who handle the blank documents, or the databases those documents are tied into?'
  32. 'Student participation was voluntary - students who did not participate were advised to return a blank questionnaire.'
  33. 'My colleague rewinds the tape to find it is blank; the recorder failed.'
  34. 'He caught up with me later in the afternoon and pressed a blank tape into my hand and bashfully asked if I could make him a copy of it.'
  35. 'I missed a bunch of it - I had to take a phone call, and couldn't find a blank tape for the VCR.'
  36. 'Ensure you have a digital video camera with a fully charged battery and plenty of blank tapes.'
  37. 'Before I went out of the car, I made sure that the recorder had a blank tape inside or else my project would be in jeopardy.'
  38. 'Like CDR, blank DVD-R discs are recorded in a DVD-R drive that is controlled by a host computer.'
  39. 'Each student will get a blank tape and video recorder.'
  40. 'It records on more types of blank disks than the others, but its built-in TV tuner is mono, not stereo.'
  41. 'When they took the stage a few hours later, they were armed with a tape recorder and a stack of blank cassettes.'
  42. 'It turned out that the tape was blank and had not been used to record the conversation.'
Showing a lack of comprehension or reaction.
  1. 'His face is blank but his eyes are full of hatred, confusion and fear.'
  2. 'When she arranged a time for me to go into the radio station and record the interview I expected to be greeted with blank looks.'
  3. 'I was met with a stiff child, no answering or responsive hug, no acknowledgement and a blank stare into space.'
  4. 'He arranged his terror-struck features into a blank mask.'
  5. 'Her face was blank; its lack of expression scared him.'
  6. 'Now at that point, faces just sort of go blank, people are dumbfounded.'
  7. 'All I could offer him was a blank stare, emerald eyes clouded with confusion and apprehension.'
  8. 'For a second his dad just stood there with no expression at all, his eyes were blank and empty.'
  9. 'The image of her empty eyes and blank face was burnt into his memory.'
  10. 'He looks momentarily confused, his face going blank until it hardens.'
  11. 'her mind went blank'
  12. 'John, though his memory was blank, seemed to understand the world around him well enough.'
  13. 'Slight anger stirred inside my temporarily blank mind, what about me?'
  14. 'I really should be able to think of loads more bad film titles, but I've gone completely blank.'
  15. 'If you ask someone in attendance to recount these scenes you're likely to get a blank response and a claim of a lack of memory.'
  16. 'My mind went completely blank as the words ran through my head.'
  17. 'While, it's neither advisable nor possible to stop thinking, try practicing keeping the mind blank or empty, even for some fleeting seconds.'
  18. 'Sit in the lotus position on the floor and let your mind go blank. repeat these words.'
  19. 'My brain remained stubbornly blank and I was forced to stalk back into the house without getting in a final shot.'
  20. 'Nobody had their putting stroke in the best mode, resulting in another blank day for the twos pool and another pot to carry forward to next week's outing.'
Complete; absolute (used emphatically with negative force)
  1. 'I'm pleased to see that I'm not the only one frustrated with his blank lack of understanding.'
  2. 'But he was isolated, and something more than a blank refusal was required.'
  3. 'What's interesting about the posts on the website is this blank refusal to accept the true nature of freedom of speech.'
  4. 'You give hugely to the town and the country but when you look for a little back for yourself, you get a blank refusal.'
Used euphemistically in place of an adjective regarded as obscene, profane, or abusive.
  1. 'That whole blanking thing is very ugly, isn't it?'


A space left to be filled in a document.
  1. 'He trekked thousands of miles along the northern coast of North America to fill in the blanks on regional maps.'
  2. 'I'd been accumulating information and photographs, but when it came time to write it I knew I'd have to uncover more to fill in the blanks.'
  3. 'I knew all the key terms and I knew what to put in the blanks, but I just couldn't think straight enough to write anything.'
  4. 'It had colloquial English phrases and you had to fill in the blanks.'
  5. 'She picked up a new gold nib black ink pen and started filling in blanks in the contract.'
  6. 'Early map-makers were happy to leave blanks for terra incognita or to stock those empty spaces with headless cannibals, giant monopeds, Amazons and dragons.'
  7. 'The UN has now called in the ‘motherland’ countries, to try to fill in the blanks on the draft plan.'
  8. 'The teacher must have been quite surprised at the way he filled in the blanks in the questions at the end of each lesson.'
  9. 'Question 1 was a database question, with several blanks, and two queries to be filled in.'
  10. 'The concept is simple enough: take a 9x9 square and fill in the blanks so each number from one to nine appears in each row, column and 3x3 section only once.'
  11. 'We answered all the questions and filled out the blanks in full.'
  12. 'In addition to controlled storage, prescription blanks are serialized, and the dispersal of all prescription pads and storage destination is documented by pharmacy staff.'
  13. 'Prescription blanks must not be stored in patient examination rooms.'
A cartridge containing gunpowder but no bullet, used for training or as a signal.
  1. 'This stage furnishes the ammunition for two .45 Colt sixguns, .45 caliber blanks with enough blast to pop balloons but not send bullets around haphazardly.'
  2. 'When I learned to shoot a gun, I never practiced with real bullets, or even blanks.'
  3. 'She said 1,797 rounds of assorted ammunition, including blanks, and 13 other weapons, including knives, had also been handed in.'
  4. 'By day five, soldiers receive weapon's safety instructions, carry a magazine of blanks and continually conduct weapons safety procedures.'
  5. 'Taking aim again, I pulled the trigger and the blank hit the guard in the chest.'
  6. 'So perhaps it was a real gun and a real head, but does a blank constitute a real bullet?'
  7. 'In addition, officers collected nine guns designed to fire blanks, but capable of being converted to fire live ammunition.'
  8. 'Rubber blanks exploded through the bush I was crouching behind, but none hit me.'
  9. 'In each of the shops, there are display cases full of replica weapons capable of firing plastic or metal ballbearings or blanks.'
  10. 'Unbeknownst to our finalist, four of these bullets are blanks.'
An empty space or period of time, especially in terms of a lack of knowledge or understanding.
  1. 'I've a good memory, a very good memory, but my mind is a total blank.'
  2. 'So while Shakespeare's life is not a total blank, it does contain a lot of empty spaces.'
  3. 'I was so nervous I put my slides upside down on the projector, dropped my folder and had a complete mind blank half way through.'
  4. 'Even though I recognised people, my mind was a total blank.'
  5. 'Today is one of those ‘blogless’ days where my mind is a blank so this will be short!'
  6. 'The stunning reality of the battle pushed Alex's mind into total blank.'
  7. 'She was looking at him with big, round, hopeful eyes, her lips quivering, and his mind was a total blank.'
A piece of metal or wood intended for further shaping or finishing.
  1. 'The hydroforming process forms a heated metal blank into a desired shape by means of hydraulic pressure.'
  2. 'The technique traditionally has involved filing a key blank into a set of teeth that rest against each of the pins in a pin and tumbler lock.'
  3. 'People couldn't believe how easy it was pick many simple locks using little more than a key blank and a screw driver.'
  4. 'The Central Bank expects to sell them to the manufacturers of coin blanks in Europe.'
  5. 'The country's largest stainless steel making outfit, has bagged an order to supply coin blanks to the French national mint.'
A dash written instead of a word or letter, especially instead of an obscenity or profanity.
  1. 'The way we would test them is we would sing it a few times and then leave something out - Astrolabe, Quadrant and blank blank blank will find a new blank to the East.'


Make (something) blank or empty.
  1. 'Whether I've just blanked it out in my head, I just don't remember making that decision.'
  2. 'Swear words were blanked out, but much more offensive racist remarks were left in.'
  3. 'Shouting was a waste of time, so to blank it out I used to stick on the headphones.'
  4. 'The eyes of the 22 alleged thieves were blanked out.'
  5. 'Your address is blanked out, but your name must be included on the roll, otherwise we are unable to confirm your identity when you vote.'
  6. 'A lot of the text in the documents is blanked out, including, intriguingly, the distribution list!'
  7. '‘He deals with bad news by blanking it out,’ she answers for him.'
  8. 'The next three pages of that all-important document are completely blanked out.'
  9. 'I blanked out my mind for a bit just thinking and sorting things out in my head.'
  10. 'The next day the picture of the lorry was in a number of newspapers, and, although they blanked the register and name out, they still publicised the company.'
  11. 'the picture blanked out'
  12. 'Minae bowed her head, her mind blanking at his cold tone.'
  13. 'As soon as he hit the ground, everything blanked out.'
  14. 'After performing the cigar sequence, something landed on my head and I blanked out.'
  15. 'In a ‘zone,’ she blanked out on us and didn't say another single thing the whole time.'
  16. 'I blanked out completely, too tired to think of a lie.'
  17. 'I closed my eyes for a second, and as I tried to breath, my mind blanked out and my hands began to shake.'
  18. 'He completely blanked out, lost in thought again.'
  19. 'My mind blanked out and I was no longer aware of my surroundings, falling into another dream.'
  20. 'He had written it on his calendar, in his planner and left a reminder on his cell phone and his mind still completely blanked out at remembering that piece of news.'
  21. 'Even though he had the uneasy feeling that she was disappointed in him, he felt bereft when her image, too, blanked out.'
Defeat (a sports team) without allowing them to score.
  1. 'A tenacious Minnesota defense helped send the Flyers to their eighth shutout loss of the season, the most since they were blanked eight times in 1969 / 1970.'
  2. 'The Midget Raiders blanked the Eagles 43- last Saturday in Steinbach.'
  3. 'Landmark won games three and four in a row last Thursday as they blanked the Eagles 5- and edged Mitchell 8-7.'
Deliberately ignore (someone)
  1. 'Despite phone calls and emails, our man behind this public-spirited deed was completely blanked by the software empire.'
  2. 'Some days he looks at you and some days he blanks you.'
  3. 'I want to develop our relationship, but sometimes I feel like blanking her calls.'
  4. 'At least this time she said hello to me, most of the time she blanks me.'
  5. 'I either saw someone who was Robyn's doppelganger today, or it was actually Robyn and she blanked me.'
  6. 'I sent an email last night to someone who's been blanking me for the last few days.'
  7. 'I watch him blank the room service waiter, who will presumably have to clean up the tomato sauce mess later.'
  8. 'I haven't seen him for ages but the last two times I've tried to make contact he's blanked me.'
  9. '‘I've been blanking his phone calls,’ says Ritchie.'
  10. 'The actor has slammed his co-star for claiming he deliberately blanked him on the set of the boxing movie.'


1. (of paper or other writing surface) having no marks; not written or printed on: a blank sheet of paper.

2. not filled in, as a printed form: a blank check.

3. unrelieved or unbroken by ornament, opening, decoration, etc.: a blank wall.

4. lacking some usual or completing feature: a blank roll of film.

5. (of a recording medium) containing no previously recorded information: a blank videocassette; a blank floppy disk. Compare prerecorded.

More examples(as adjective)

"verses can be blanker."


(blank)Middle English (in the sense ‘white, colourless’): from Old French blanc ‘white’, ultimately of Germanic origin.


be firing (or shooting) blanks
draw a blank