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The flat cutting edge of a knife, saw, or other tool or weapon.
  1. 'Copper pipe can be cut with a pipe cutter that has a blade designed for cutting copper.'
  2. 'Cutting blades need particular attention, but take care and consult an expert if you're unused to handling sharp implements.'
  3. 'The backerboard can be scored and snapped, or cut with a saw blade designed for cutting concrete and stone.'
  4. 'As with all of of our knives, the blade is incredibly sharp with amazing cutting power for its size.'
  5. 'She grimaced as she held the sharp blade of the knife against her hands.'
  6. 'He kept the knife blade flat against his wrist, hidden in the fold of his sleeve.'
  7. 'There are two distinct operations in putting a really superb cutting edge on a blade.'
  8. 'Coat the cutting blade often with silicone grease to prevent rusting.'
  9. 'He produced a knife with a six-inch blade which he waved at the guard, forcing him to back off.'
  10. 'Lay the clove on a cutting board and smash it with the flat of a knife blade.'
  11. 'One look at the sword, a slender blade as smooth as ice, and she felt her mind sliding into soft clouds.'
  12. 'She crouched, turned, and swung her blade in a wide arc, making a sharp, whistling sound.'
  13. 'Daggers, blades and scimitars like his looked to be the weapon of preference.'
  14. 'Outside the museum is a model of a shearing shed from the colonial period with the blades for shearing and a wool press.'
  15. 'Distinctive long flint blades lay where they had been made around 11,500 BC, in a cold landscape swept by herds of reindeer and wild horse.'
  16. 'They consist of a large number of carefully made large blades and flakes and an unusually high proportion of finished tools including backed knives, scrapers and borers.'
The flat, wide section of an implement or device such as an oar or a propeller.
  1. 'Most of the paddles are homemade, with aluminum shafts and fiberglass blades.'
  2. 'The engine and nose bowl have been restored to display condition while propeller blades from another aircraft have been fitted to the hub.'
  3. 'A light aircraft had lost one of its propeller blades and a second blade was badly damaged, a report has revealed.'
  4. 'The fan, whose rotating blades had been disabled, had strings attached to the fan housing, radiating out from it through 360 degrees.'
  5. 'The car had a single propeller and rotor blades for flight.'
  6. 'They are the size and shape of olives, dark brown, and borne in a big, red, flat pod with lobes arranged like the blades of a propeller.'
  7. 'As you walk to the parking lot, you turn and glance back at the clean lines of the white wings and the black blades of the propeller standing proudly at the nose.'
  8. 'The helicopter's rotor blades began to spin, and before the rebels could even think of rescue, he had taken off.'
  9. 'As the entire fan including blades and chassis is made of clear plastic, the light should internally reflect around inside the fan.'
  10. 'This involves a suction device with guarded blades which removes veins like a vacuum cleaner.'
  11. 'Young men on blades are willing to do anything - take a puck in the face, throw their bodies into places they don't belong.'
  12. 'Lydia is being taught to run on blades'
  13. 'He has been using his running blades - shortened versions of those used by Paralympics track athletes.'
  14. 'The length of an athlete's blades is determined by a formula that includes his height.'
  15. 'She is now able to sprint, jump and skip again using her new running blades'
  16. 'He accused rivals of running on blades that were too long.'
  17. 'Andy has taught himself to ride a bike and is even running using prosthetic blades.'
A shoulder bone in a joint of meat, or the joint itself.
  1. 'The lingual frenum can be located under the tongue and is a vertical band of tissue that attaches the blade of the tongue to the floor of the mouth.'
A long, narrow leaf of grass or another similar plant.
  1. 'Seldom will a blade of grass have been more eagerly awaited.'
  2. 'The soft pat of paws hardly bent a blade of grass.'
  3. 'I did put out a quiver-tip, which rocked back and forth like a blade of grass bowing and stooping before the wind.'
  4. 'Her eyes wandered to the ground and stared at a blade of grass.'
  5. 'He slowly sat up and dusted a blade of grass from off his shoulder.'
  6. 'Everything was either already green - like a snake, bright as a blade of grass, sidling across the footpath - or in the process of becoming so.'
  7. 'Joan chewed thoughtfully on a blade of grass, leaning against a tree with her arms folded behind her head.'
  8. 'It is an exciting moment for me when I see a blade of grass or see a leaf of a tree, and when I listen to birds chattering and to running water in a stream.'
  9. 'For more than three hundred kilometres not a blade of grass was to be seen.'
  10. 'The baby tottered to and fro like a blade of grass in the breeze, unevenly buttoned shirt flaps billowing wildly about.'
  11. 'They climb on leaf blades and clip them off, causing the blades to fall unconsumed to the ground.'
  12. 'The iliac blade tapers and thins ventrally so that its ventral surface forms a sharp ridge.'
  13. 'For one, I could hear insects moving and blades of wheat moving against each other.'
A dashing or energetic young man.
  1. 'Our guide, Thomas, is an enthusiastic young blade.'
  2. 'I should mention that we young blades came from the north side of the bog, a distance of more than two miles.'
  3. 'In the nightclubs of wartime London, young blades trying to impress their girlfriends would turn up sometimes wearing German uniforms.'


Skate using Rollerblades.
  1. 'blading with the wind in your face…that's really nice'
  2. 'Okay, we'll go back to my house and I'll change and we'll go blading.'
  3. 'I really need to watch what I eat and start blading more.'
  4. 'Judy loved ice-skating as much as Doug loved blading.'
  5. 'I bladed to Ian's house - about a-mile-and-a-half from my house!'
  6. 'If you become a really skilled skater, blading backwards will give your legs an extra challenge.'
  7. 'They started walking and blading to the pizza place.'
  8. 'No, actually, you're going to train with me, he said, you're really good at blading.'
  9. 'I was down at the park this morning blading for about two hours.'

More definitions

1. the flat cutting part of a sword, knife, etc.

2. a sword, rapier, or the like.

3. a similar part, as of a mechanism, used for clearing, wiping, scraping, etc.: the blade of a windshield wiper; the blade of a bulldozer.

4. the arm of a propeller or other similar rotary mechanism, as an electric fan or turbine.

5. Botany. the leaf of a plant, especially of a grass or cereal. the broad part of a leaf, as distinguished from the stalk or petiole.

6. the metal part of an ice skate th

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"shapes can be blade."


Old English blæd ‘leaf of a plant’ (also in blade (sense 2 of the noun)), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch blad and German Blatt.