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A thorny Eurasian shrub which bears white flowers before the leaves appear, followed by astringent blue-black fruits (sloes).
  1. 'The birds love the dense thickets and scrub and clumps of bushes like blackthorn that grow in the older sites of the park.'
  2. 'The dark purple berries, fruit of the blackthorn, are best after the first frosts because they break down more easily.'
  3. 'One RUC District Inspector was even wielding his blackthorn stick, the official symbol of his authority.'
  4. 'He took his job very seriously, driving couples from the local public houses with his blackthorn stick.'
  5. 'His father re-emerged with a blackthorn stick, looking ready to do vicious battle; but when he saw his opponent, he began to laugh.'

More definitions

1. a shrub or tree of the genus Crataegus, as C. calpodendron.

2. a walking stick made of a blackthorn tree or shrub.

3. Also called sloe. a much-branched, thorny, Old World shrub, Prunus spinosa, having white flowers and small plumlike fruits.

4. pear haw.

More examples(as adjective)

"bushes can be blackthorn."