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Of the very darkest colour owing to the absence of or complete absorption of light; the opposite of white.
  1. 'her long black hair'
  2. 'Smoothing the mane of her black stallion, she can hear the sigh of her friend.'
  3. 'Bundles of chemical sticks lay ready to be burnt in it, some making black smoke and some white.'
  4. 'In a shallow depression of granite, I noticed what appeared to be a large black insect.'
  5. 'The first attacker was 6ft tall with short blond hair and was wearing black trousers and a white T-shirt.'
  6. 'I quickly strip out of my crisp black suit and dash in the bathroom for a quick shower.'
  7. 'The dashboard glows red and white against its black background.'
  8. 'Some chose to outline their sketch with permanent black marker before adding the color.'
  9. 'The first girl, with short black hair and a light, kind sounding voice scampered up to her.'
  10. 'The video showed a white truck exploding and black plumes of smoke billowing into the air.'
  11. 'There's no need for our older buildings to remain grey, black and white. Colour is good.'
  12. 'I can see the stars and the sky and the moon and the black sky revolving overhead.'
  13. 'The black sky stretched out above her, its hundreds of stars twinkling beneath the wavering light.'
  14. 'It had gotten a lot darker and the sky was completely black except with the assortment of stars.'
  15. 'Realization was finally beginning to dawn on him like a sunrise after an inky black night.'
  16. 'He lay suspended in the sky of a black night, a night without stars, without moon.'
  17. 'Pulling out of the office car park, the sky was black, the rain was pouring and the sun was shining.'
  18. 'The moon shone brightly overhead and millions of stars twinkled in the velvety black sky.'
  19. 'When the rain came the sky was black, there was thunder and lightning and even a brief hail storm.'
  20. 'Sasha looked up and saw a black sky spotted with stars through the spaces in between the trees.'
  21. 'There were no trees overhead, so he was exposed to the full power of the dark clouds, barely visible in the now black sky.'
  22. 'the walls were black with age and dirt'
  23. 'From where Cal stands, looking down, each toe seems to smile with a devilish black arc of under nail dirt.'
  24. 'The decoration on the bridge was spectacular but it was very dirty and black from pollution.'
  25. 'Inside the garage door the concrete was stained black with oil and a car was hoisted on a ramp.'
  26. 'Dirty black steps lead up to a deserted platform, blocked off somewhere behind a car repair yard.'
  27. 'The bees are of the old Irish black bee variety which have been revived by the group of beekeepers.'
  28. 'The crested black macque was called the Celebes or black ape by early scientists, because it appeared to have no tail.'
  29. 'Gypsy moth egg hatch occurs at about the time of budburst of red and black oaks.'
  30. 'Doyle took his coffee black'
  31. 'Alma stood in the kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee, black with just a pinch of sugar.'
  32. 'He drank the last of the black coffee and threw the cup in the nearest trash can.'
  33. 'He reached forward to pour himself a cup of black coffee, and fixed one for Celly as well.'
  34. 'He took a long drink of yet another sweet black coffee and ineffectually wiped a tear from the corner of his eye.'
  35. 'Small amounts of water or black coffee may be safe if taken a sufficient time before your procedure.'
  36. 'He brewed a pot of black coffee and inhaled the beautiful aromas of real beans.'
  37. 'I look at my watch and I see that I have enough time to buy a large cup of black coffee.'
  38. 'I went downstairs to have a black coffee and think things over.'
  39. 'He whistled as he poured some rich, black coffee into a stainless cup on the counter.'
  40. 'That, and a giant cup of straight black coffee, is the extent of his pregame preparation.'
  41. 'You can never take the pile if the top card is a wild card or a black three.'
  42. 'If the two Bennies are red and black, the one which is the same colour as the trump suit beats the other one.'
  43. 'In case there are two or more claimants, the values of their red and black cards are considered separately.'
  44. 'If it contains one or more wild cards, it is a mixed canasta, indicated by stacking the cards with a black card on top.'
  45. 'Here you play any card of a red or black suit to indicate that you are strong in the other suit of the same colour.'
  46. 'If it includes one or more wild cards, it is called a mixed or black canasta; it is squared up with a natural black card on top.'
  47. 'Those who get red cards play against those who get black ones.'
  48. 'Ski on black slopes and possibly double-black (extreme) slopes.'
Belonging to or denoting any human group having dark-coloured skin, especially of African or Australian Aboriginal ancestry.
  1. 'He is part of a new generation of black artists who are bringing their eclectic cultural experiences to dance.'
  2. 'Many black Americans take great pride in their African ancestry.'
  3. 'But I find black people are always open to letting other cultures into their music.'
  4. 'The next enrolled participant is a black woman aged 52, who is a non-smoker.'
  5. 'Islam has been seen as a significant part of the African heritage of black Americans.'
  6. 'This question must be answered by the institutions that are now spending million of pounds in support of black artists.'
  7. 'Less than half of all black citizens think that parliament is interested in what they think.'
  8. 'The buzzer sounds and I smile out at a black African with a briefcase.'
  9. 'We go back in time to trace the tensions between Sudanese, Arabs and black Africans.'
  10. 'Few black miners held leadership positions at the level of president of the union local.'
  11. 'black culture'
  12. 'It is a documentary film about a dance culture born in the poor black districts of Los Angeles.'
  13. 'He is an author of various books on black empowerment and the Zulu culture.'
  14. 'He thought we were stealing black African music, the Lagos sound.'
  15. 'The tour included visiting newly elected members of the African National Congress and black townships.'
  16. 'They borrow from Jamaican culture and immerse themselves in a club culture that owes everything to its black origins.'
  17. 'The other cultural influence was the post-war history of black America.'
  18. 'But they are shocked by the fact that almost all the victims belong to the black underclass.'
  19. 'They identified more with black and Latino American culture than white American culture.'
  20. 'Persons of all faiths and of no faith should support black church outreach efforts.'
  21. 'Its use is often associated with black youth culture, Rastafarianism, and reggae.'
Characterized by tragic or disastrous events; causing despair or pessimism.
  1. 'the future looks black'
  2. 'It was a black mood at a black moment, a spasm that sentient Americans prefer to forget.'
  3. 'This poll is the conclusion of a very black week in this country's politics.'
  4. 'Perhaps however the truth lies somewhere in between and the situation is not as black as some perceive it to be.'
  5. 'While he might feel he stands under a black cloud at present, that flash of light you can see is a silver lining for York.'
  6. 'Eighteen months later, his black moods returned suddenly and led to his near-suicide attempt just days later.'
  7. 'After this incident, Philip seemed friendlier, although he would still have his black moods.'
  8. 'It's cognitive distortions or faulty thought patterns that often plunge us into black moods.'
  9. 'But then young Master Thomas had gone up to Cambridge, and Elsie's black mood had descended.'
  10. 'Could it be that this week's black mood is seeping out through my pores?'
  11. 'I've had no periods of black depression about it, no waking up in cold sweats.'
  12. 'Those moments of wild inspiration have a payback time and it comes in periods of black depression.'
  13. '‘Good place to bury the bodies,’ she joked with black humour'
  14. 'These people are also kind of childish, and if confronted by the world directly seem to only be able to understand it in terms of black humour.'
  15. 'He is not the first director to realise that the playwright's famous study of marital hatred is really a black comedy.'
  16. 'In these works the humour is black, the barbs sharp, but there is also a sense of fellow humanity.'
  17. 'She also revealed the black humour used in the surgery.'
  18. 'The phrases are sharp, uncluttered, often loaded with an understated black humour.'
  19. 'His black humour and satirical wit are cultural as well as personal traits.'
  20. 'The book is fully documented, and written in a vigorous style with touches of black humour.'
  21. 'Vindici exclaims at one point in this, the first British black comedy.'
  22. 'What ensues is a battle of opinions, highly charged action and black humor.'
  23. 'These days whole web sites are devoted to this kind of black humour.'
  24. 'I felt a surge of hatred pass through me, black vicious hatred that I had never felt before.'
  25. 'He had never lied to her a full black lie; but merely a few small white ones that did no damage at all.'
  26. 'She was going to set him free from all of the evil and black hatred he had brought to the world.'
Denoting a covert military procedure.
    (of goods or work) not to be handled or undertaken by trade union members, especially so as to express support for an industrial dispute elsewhere.


      Black colour or pigment.
      1. 'I was very pleased with my eye make-up, and I only used two colours this time - black and gold.'
      2. 'Splashed with brilliant golds, oranges, reds, and blacks, it was an amazing sight to behold.'
      3. 'The classroom, painted in its sober colours of beige and black, is half-full.'
      4. 'Other colours include midnight black, ocean blue, rose pink and olive green.'
      5. 'It was decorated in oranges, yellows and blacks.'
      6. 'It gives a great contrast between the orange colour of the motherboard and the shining black of the internal panels.'
      7. 'Her back was arched and her pale skin stood out starkly against the silky black of her gown.'
      8. 'He said the two things they most wanted in our flag was the silver fern and the colour black.'
      9. 'If I had to make a painting of my life it would only consist of the colour black.'
      10. 'The colours are predominantly warm, green on black, black on gold, rich browns and deep reds.'
      11. 'only one or two of the mourners were in black'
      12. 'First, she changed into all black, including a cap, so she would blend in with the night.'
      13. 'The two men approached, dressed the same as before, all in black with the ski masks on.'
      14. 'I was wearing black for the ceremony as was the custom at the time, and changed into a white satin dress for the reception.'
      15. 'She was startled and looked up to see that the man was dressed in all black with a hood on his face.'
      16. 'The boy wore gray and black, his hair had been shaven, and he stood still, like a statue.'
      17. 'He was wearing all black, his shirt clinging onto his body showing of muscles.'
      18. 'Guns were aimed at him from the men dressed in all black, masks covering their faces.'
      19. 'She was in her light blue skirt and white jacket, he dressed in all black as usual.'
      20. 'Also doctors should be banned from wearing all black, with purple doc martins.'
      21. 'He was slightly tan and wore all black with a long cape that reached the ground.'
      22. 'The cold black of night is penetrated by an alien tone, played upon an inhuman scale.'
      23. 'Parties went on into the black of the night and ended the next morning, before the sun had woken up.'
      24. 'My spot in the grass disappeared and I was left with just darkness and total black.'
      25. 'You could see the black of night in between the shafts and it lit up the whole grove.'
      26. 'Black's king's defences are somewhat weakened'
      27. 'While Black's Queen is busy snacking on pawns, White rushes to bring out all his pieces.'
      28. 'Now Black has two rooks covering his back rank, so one of them can be freed up for central duty.'
      29. 'An attempt to extract the black resulted in a pocketed colour off the black.'
      30. 'I was so angry that I missed an easy black being careless - I actually hate myself for it.'
      31. 'He potted 13 reds and 12 blacks before losing position on the colour.'
      A member of a dark-skinned people, especially one of African or Australian Aboriginal ancestry.
      1. 'Copy the solution of South Africa where blacks and whites come together and elect a president and become one state.'
      2. 'These categories are a product of his mind - here, we never refer to people as whites and blacks.'
      3. 'They set up a special signal to alert members as to whether whites or blacks were in approaching cars.'
      4. 'Thus, blacks and whites are members of a temporarily ‘Integrated’ community.'
      5. 'In Brazil, the African Brazilian population comprises blacks and mulattos.'
      6. 'The company recruited battle-hardened and disciplined South Africans and Zimbabweans, blacks as well as whites.'
      7. 'He has also lambasted the European Union and declared verbal war on whites who tell blacks in Africa how to run free and fair elections.'
      8. 'There would be an outcry and lawsuits if any American city tried such tactics against blacks or gays or members of other minority groups.'
      9. 'The 16-member panel includes eight blacks and eight whites from the business and public sectors.'
      10. 'Germans don whiteface for Carnival, while urban African blacks paint their faces white in rites of passage.'
      The situation of not owing money to a bank or of making a profit in a business operation.
      1. 'I managed to break even in the first six months—quite a short time for a small business to get into the black'
      2. 'The cash is a welcome boost to its coffers, which are in the black for the first time in four years.'
      3. 'He spent the next two years scraping and clawing his way back into the black.'
      4. 'Many City analysts believe the deal will allow the company to move into the black within six to 12 months,.'
      5. 'The club is in the black, albeit modestly so; its bankers should be amenable.'
      6. 'We should demand that all bank charges are dropped while accounts are in the black.'
      7. 'He submits that the formula is working, to the extent that the company moved into the black in January, according to its CEO.'
      8. 'Also, you've learned that staying out of the red and keeping in the black gives you more money to save and invest.'
      Blackcurrant cordial.

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        1. lacking hue and brightness; absorbing light without reflecting any of the rays composing it.

        2. characterized by absence of light; enveloped in darkness: a black night.

        3. (sometimes initial capital letter) pertaining or belonging to any of the various populations characterized by dark skin pigmentation, specifically the dark-skinned peoples of Africa, Oceania, and Australia. African American.

        4. soiled or stained with dirt: That shirt was black within a

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