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A business, especially one connected with entertainment.
  1. 'He's also got one of the best jobs in the biz - he's an entertainment lawyer.'
  2. 'It's in their own interest if they want to get on in the music biz.'
  3. 'In past years the program has provided a boost to young women looking to get valuable experience in the film biz.'
  4. 'Truth is though that the record biz has succumbed to the old-fashioned science of statistical analysis.'
  5. 'What you are trying to do as a consumer is maximize the quality-to-price ratio, or QPR as it is known in the biz.'
  6. 'Getting it wrong is commonplace in the news biz today, both print and electronic.'
  7. 'Usually, these songs don't come from the heavyweight and cool end of the music biz, more the top forty pop 'n' fizz market.'
  8. 'It was truly humbling to be in such great company and to place second after only six months in the blogging biz.'
  9. 'In the news biz, a worthless story is still worth more than no story at all.'
  10. 'If there is one profession where the celebrity children seem to be joining in droves it's the Bollywood biz.'

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1. business: How's the used car biz these days? Her brother's in show biz.

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"units can be biz."


Mid 19th century (originally US): abbreviation.