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(of homologous chromosomes) associated in pairs.
  1. 'Note that the bivalent sex chromosome remaining in the vicinity of the equator appears to be oriented to the poles.'
  2. 'Because only homologous chromosomes pair, allopolyploids strictly exhibit bivalent formation (two chromosomes pair) at meiosis and undergo disomic inheritance for each locus.'
  1. 'The surface of BR is bound with bivalent metal cations, charge amino acids and polar phospholipids to form an asymmetrical distribution of charges on the membrane surface.'
  2. 'A comparison of the effect of monovalent counterions and bivalent counterions is a subject of our future work.'


A pair of homologous chromosomes.
  1. 'On average, each double-crossover bivalent produces one double-crossover chromosome (of four) in the absence of chromatid interference.'
  2. 'Three properties of meiotic chromosomes act to form a bivalent that will undergo proper reductional division.'

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1. Chemistry. having a valence of two. having two valences, as aluminum with valences of two and three.

2. Genetics. pertaining to associations of two homologous chromosomes. noun

3. Genetics. a pair of bivalent chromosomes, especially when pairing during meiosis.

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"states can be bivalent."

"pairs can be bivalent."

"numbers can be bivalent."

"groups can be bivalent."

"features can be bivalent."

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Mid 19th century: from bi- ‘two’ + Latin valent- ‘being strong’ (from the verb valere).