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A black viscous mixture of hydrocarbons obtained naturally or as a residue from petroleum distillation. It is used for road surfacing and roofing.
  1. 'One of the largest integrated petroleum companies in Canada, the company is a major producer of natural gas, natural gas liquids and bitumen, and the country's largest producer of sulphur.'
  2. 'One relatively recent roofing improvement is the development of self-adhered modified bitumen and other self-adhered membrane roofing products.'
  3. 'The extraction process begins here, where solvent and water begin to separate bitumen from sand and clay.'
  4. 'The overflow car park will not be lit and it will be surfaced with reinforced grass rather than bitumen while 160 parking spaces to the north of the clubhouse have been moved to protect the privacy of Knotty Ash Farm.'
  5. 'If the material is accidentally punctured, it can be repaired quickly using mylar tape and bitumen.'
  6. 'Thus, the presence of bitumen in correlative parts of the sections is presumably due to the ability of similar shale lithologies to trap and hold bitumen as hydrocarbons migrate through the basin.'
  7. 'One of the curiosities of the Ironbridge Gorge was a spring of natural bitumen discovered in 1786.'
  8. 'It might turn out that there is enough flat roof at the top of your flat to pour thousands of pounds worth of bitumen, asphalt and lead onto.'
  9. 'Unlike the flowing reserves that are pumped out of Dallas, oil sands are actually deposits of bitumen - a tar-like mixture of petroleum hydrocarbons that are attached to sand.'
  10. 'There are three different application techniques for modified bitumen: torching, hot-mopping and cold-applied.'
  11. 'It is a seriously windy and interesting piece of bitumen.'
  12. 'The grandstands, which ring the southern and western sides of the arena, are old fashioned red brick, with crumbling black bitumen leading to the fence line.'
  13. 'That's in the dry season: In the wet roads are flooded from door to door, so pavement, verge, drain and bitumen merge into a seamless black scum where floating objects best remain unscrutinised.'
  14. 'Behind the wall's remains she could see the streets, littered with the burnt-out husks of cars and buses, many of which lay on their sides on the broken bitumen.'
  15. 'A dusty street would have been ideal, but bitumen was acceptable.'
  16. 'Once out of the prelude stage in Alice the ride avoided any bitumen and wound its way through Arltunga, across the Plenty, deep into north Queensland before arriving at Karanda and the downhill drop into Cairns.'
  17. 'Most of us live in stone houses and aspire to live in converted stone barns, we walk on stone pavements and often drive on roads where beneath the black bitumen lie beautifully dressed stone setts.'
  18. 'An exception is where scrap rubber is incorporated using high percentages in bitumen as scrap rubber reduces road-tyre noise.'
  19. 'The playground would not affect the streetscape as ‘we would rip up bitumen and put down turf and shrubs.’'
  20. 'Riders were hoping for a fast ride on bitumen for the last leg of the trip to Marlo, then back to Orbost, but a howling head wind and light rain changed those plans.'

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1. any of various natural substances, as asphalt, maltha, or gilsonite, consisting mainly of hydrocarbons.

2. (formerly) an asphalt of Asia Minor used as cement and mortar.

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"roads can be bitumen."


Late Middle English (denoting naturally occurring asphalt used as mortar): from Latin.