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Having a sharp, pungent taste or smell; not sweet.
  1. 'The bright green fruits are said to have a sour, sweet, bitter, and astringent taste, with a cooling energy.'
  2. 'In Ayurveda, foods are classified into six tastes - sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent.'
  3. 'I let it sit there for a second or two and then ask myself if the wine tastes sweet, bitter, salty, etc.'
  4. 'I can taste the sharp, bitter tang as I lick my lips.'
  5. 'Gone are the bitter taste and pungent odor of many of the herbs.'
  6. 'They all exhibit sour, salty, sweet, and bitter tastes or can be any combination of the four.'
  7. 'We tried to place how a traditionally sweet dessert could also have an underlying bitter taste.'
  8. 'Korean food relies on the harmony of five flavours: hot, bitter, sweet, salty and sour.'
  9. 'I sniffed at the mix of soap and sharp bitter smells.'
  10. 'American oak has too obvious a flavour and can impart bitter tastes, to cognac anyway, while Slovenian or ‘Trieste oak’ can be too hard.'
  11. 'For dessert, I had a bitter chocolate soufflé, which was slit open at the table so that hot chocolate sauce could be poured inside it.'
  12. 'The topping is tasty crushed fried nuts and bitter chocolate.'
  13. 'Dishes like pheasant braised with apple puree and covered in a bitter chocolate sauce are presented with such finesse that it almost seems a shame to eat them.'
  14. 'I am not an expert on desserts, but the outer crust on the fairly ordinary orange ice cream interior didn't work for me at all, nor did the bitter chocolate sauce.'
  15. 'We were flagging by now, but I managed a pudding, choosing bitter chocolate tart, mango puree and thyme ice cream, for £5.'
  16. 'But I suggest you leave room for pudding and try their famous Trumland tart, made of local Grimbister cheese and bitter chocolate.'
  17. 'Also add the bitter chocolate with melted butter into sauce.'
  18. 'From light and fluffy chocolate mousse or bitter chocolate sorbet to steamed chocolate fudge pudding or rich, dense chocolate cake, there is surely a recipe to suit all tastes.'
  19. 'Bottom line is that you reduce red wine with some honey and a lemon slice, add spices and cream, followed by chopped bitter chocolate, and chill the mixture until set.'
  20. 'A starkly savoury wine, this Vacqueyras has a cool, sweet bouquet and a wash with dark bitter chocolate tones, raspberry and spice.'
Feeling or showing anger, hurt, or resentment because of bad experiences or a sense of unjust treatment.
  1. 'she wept bitter tears of self-reproach'
  2. 'For the rest of us, though, the sense of disappointment is bitter.'
  3. 'The international community failed Rwanda and that must leave us always with a sense of bitter regret.'
  4. 'Remarkably he displays no self-pity and is not overtly bitter over his treatment, although he admits that the drive to prove his innocence ‘has taken over my life’.'
  5. 'He is bitter about his treatment by the media in general.'
  6. 'People go away bitter with a great sense of loss and families are destroyed.'
  7. 'Scott's words on finding that he had been beaten reveal his bitter mortification and sense of failure.'
  8. 'It was anger set to music and given a bitter sense of humour in sketches.'
  9. 'Angus demanded, and I sensed a bitter tone in his voice, something I'd heard from him before but something that had never been directed at me.'
  10. 'Her bitter sense of humour and prudishness masks her loneliness, anger and sense of displacement.'
  11. 'But I tell you this, when she recovers her senses, all Bacchus will give her is bitter tears for her reward.'
  12. 'When the train rattled into the next station, an inspector ran into the carriage and tried to settle the bitter argument.'
  13. 'Unsurprisingly, her first full international against bitter rivals England in 1973 is one she will always remember.'
  14. 'From the very outset there was bitter conflict as to who exactly should be the beneficiaries of liberty, equality and fraternity.'
  15. 'Battles are fought over it, bitter arguments erupt, jealousies flare.'
  16. 'The 61-year-old farmer committed suicide last September following a bitter five-year legal dispute over his farm.'
  17. 'Such terms are the only things I note down in business meetings, for later use in bitter arguments to feign superior intelligence.'
  18. 'In the course of that bitter conflict, Lincoln had been reviled and attacked without mercy.'
  19. 'Typically, the opposing hardliners only strike a deal after a long and bitter conflict in which the terrible costs of continuing strife have been made unmistakably clear.'
  20. 'In our society these two groups happen to be engaged in a bitter conflict about everything from SUV's to Presidents.'
  21. 'For decades, bitter arguments about devolution have bubbled away under the surface of a party fiercely proud of its unionist credentials.'
Painful or unpleasant to accept or contemplate.
  1. 'she knew from bitter experience how treacherous such feelings could be'
  2. 'It was a bitter blow to the League's current pacemakers who had been hoping to stamp their name on the soccer scene this season.'
  3. 'We sense a period of bitter helpdesk experience somewhere in that CV.'
  4. 'But campaigners were dealt a bitter blow when county highways officials confirmed that Government funding would not be available for the bypass.'
  5. 'It's a bitter blow for everyone here on the Islands.'
  6. 'Do we sigh that such tenets have been disproved many times over, both by the arguments of more profound thinkers in the field and by the sour fruits of a bitter experience?'
  7. 'Weeks of ‘treatment’, bitter loneliness, and longing left me emotionally dead.'
  8. 'The news that the American owners of Federal-Mogul have apparently withdrawn their offer to fund a pensions settlement will come as a bitter blow to thousands of people.'
  9. 'While defeat to the bottom team is a bitter blow, and a cruel disappointment at the end of a four game winning sequence, it is not a cue for despair.'
  10. 'The loss of 550 jobs in the down-at-heel Kent seaside town, reducing Hornby to a suite of administrative offices and an echoingly empty factory shed, was a bitter blow.'
  11. 'Overall there was a mood of resentment and disgust - the product of bitter experiences with successive Labor and Liberal governments over the last two decades.'
(of wind or weather) intensely cold.
  1. 'A bitter, cold wind made things unpleasant for the capacity crowd of 75,000, many of whom were at the ground at noon.'
  2. 'The team used six batteries, fought off 50 mph winds and battled bitter cold to reach the 6,288-foot mountain summit.'
  3. 'It was early winter of '82, snow had blanketed the ground and the weather had turned bitter cold, here in the Northeast.'
  4. 'The cold and bitter wind came straight at the face and chilled them to their bones.'
  5. 'A bitter gust of wind swept over the two figures sitting on the shadowed sandstone steps in front of the town hall.'
  6. 'The cold bitter wind howled around them, biting through their blankets and clothes, chilling them to the bone.'
  7. 'A bitter cold wind cut right through his leather jacket and flannel lined jeans, but he didn't notice it at all.'
  8. 'If we can afford it, we escape the cold and bitter winds of northern Alberta to the soul-restoring warmth and relaxation of the tropics.'
  9. 'The record snow fall left behind bitter cold weather all across the region.'
  10. 'He carried me outside and the cold, bitter wind stung at me.'


Beer that is strongly flavoured with hops and has a bitter taste, brewed by top fermentation.
  1. count noun 'the company brews a range of bitters'
  2. 'A pint of English bitter, which has a strength of 3.6%, is two units.'
  3. 'With his expert guidance, I achieved a personal best of not only drinking a pint of nasty nasty bitter quite rapidly, but doing so on a Tuesday.'
  4. 'Now the Inspector likes a drink, particularly Rams' Blood bitter so he was plied with the stuff for the next three nights.'
  5. 'These prices would have been quite expensive in the 1920s, when a pint of bitter could be bought for five old pennies, or two pence in modern money.'
  6. 'In spite of the early kick-off most customers were snubbing the option of coffee and orange juice and opting for lager or bitter.'
  7. 'Once they have been paid, they will head straight for the nearest public house and a pint of best bitter.'
  8. 'Tom, of course, does not take payment in coin of the realm but in pints of Ram's Blood bitter.'
  9. 'We settled back with a very drinkable pint and a half of Theakstons best bitter to peruse the menu.'
  10. 'Throughout the sale, pints of Spitfire bitter, bottles of Budweiser, glasses of red or white wine and glasses of Famous Grouse Whisky will cost just 99p each.'
  11. 'Traditional, warm bitter can sometimes be too watery while strong lager can be too ‘treacly’ and not adhere to a glass's interior.'
Alcohol flavoured with bitter plant extracts, used as an additive in cocktails or as a medicinal substance to promote appetite or digestion.
  1. 'I believe that's a gin martini variation with sweet vermouth, bitters and an orange peel.'
  2. 'I went with the waiter-recommended champagne cocktail with orange bitters.'
  3. 'So now we have a drink named the Martinez that's made with gin, sweet vermouth, and orange bitters.'
  4. 'His Pomegranate Manhattan starts off with Maker's Mark, then adds pomegranate molasses, Italian bitter liqueur Cynar and orange bitters.'
  5. 'On a whim I added some maraschino liqueur and a few dashes of orange bitters to the Auchentoshan, stirred the drink over ice, and sampled it.'
  6. 'Winners this year included drinks made using a Scottish candy with cloves and orange bitters, one with Chartreuse and rosemary, and a highly recommended refresher using peach puree, amaretto and peach bitters.'
  7. 'Some think the drink originated with a concoction of sweet Old Tom gin, vermouth, bitters and maraschino developed by a San Francisco bartender in the 1860s.'
  8. 'The bartender presented the man with Old Tom gin, vermouth, bitters and syrup and called the drink a Martinez.'
  9. 'Bart asked her, if she was such a stickler, did she put bitters in her Manhattans.'
  10. 'My friend swears a European bitters formula has helped her digestion.'

More definitions

1. having a harsh, disagreeably acrid taste, like that of aspirin, quinine, wormwood, or aloes.

2. producing one of the four basic taste sensations; not sour, sweet, or salt.

3. hard to bear; grievous; distressful: a bitter sorrow.

4. causing pain; piercing; stinging: a bitter chill.

5. characterized by intense antagonism or hostility: bitter hatred.

6. hard to admit or accept: a bitter lesson.

7. resentful or cynical: bitter words. noun

8. t

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"people can be bitter at things."

"people can be bitter about ways."

"coffees can be bitter in tastes."

"workers can be bitter at governments."

"solidarities can be bitter at governments."

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Old English biter, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and German bitter, and probably to bite.


to the bitter end